George Soros Supports Hillary Clinton

George Soros is a hedge fund manager based in the US. He was born in Hungary, but he moved to the United Kingdom where he acquired his education. After graduating from the University, Soros decided to look for greener pastures, settling in the United States. Soros has become very successful in the US, and he is also one of the most influential people in the country. He is also one of the richest individuals in the world.

In 2004, George Soros decided to spend more than twenty-seven million on the presidential campaign to defeat the former president of the country, George Bush. After spending this amount, the billion went quite on political funding on Politico, shocking many individuals in the country.

Just recently, the investor scaled back his political donations, becoming one of the leading funders of the Democratic Party. George Soros is also one of the primary boogeymen for the conservatives. The Democrats now have more supporters, and they are looking forward to winning the November elections.

According to news released just recently, the billionaire decided to commit or donate over twenty-five million dollars to boost Hillary Clinton and the rest Democratic causes and candidates on The Federal Election Commission has already approved this news. Democratic fundraising operatives and several interviews with George Soros associates say that the part will have more chances of winning thanks to Soros. Some associates say that they expect the billionaire to give more funds to the campaigns before the Election Day.

The 85-year-old billionaire who is currently based in New York City wanted to attend his first Democratic convention just recently and watch the Democratic presidential candidate; Hillary Clinton makes a speech. The Hungarian-born investor says that he has had a good relationship with Clinton that has lasted over twenty-five years. He wanted to be part of the audience when Hilary accepted her nomination. However, he did not make it to the event. His associates say that the trip was canceled at the last minute because the billionaire had recently returned from active trading, and he stated that he needed time to monitor the current economic climate in Europe strictly.

The fact that he canceled his trip to the event does not mean that George Soros is no longer interest in American politics. In fact, his associates say that at the moment, the billionaire is more engaged politically than he has even been in the past. They say that George believes that Clinton is the best candidate for the position, and he fears that Donald Trump might bring the country down. Soros says that Trump is stocking fear among the citizens, and he is just a project of the ISIS. If Clinton wins the elections, George says that the country will be in safe hands.

All Hair Types Covered By Wen

It can be very overwhelming walking down the hair care aisle at any store. There so many products that it can be frustrating deciding which ones are good for your hair type. There are products on the shelf for fine hair, curly hair, specific colored hair, and the list goes on.

For anyone looking for a reputable product without having to hassle with all of the products at the store, Wen by Chaz may be the right choice. The Wen Cleansing Condition takes the place of five different products and makes the hair care process much easier. One bottle of Wen Cleansing Conditioner is used in place of shampoo, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner, and leave-in conditioner. With one bottle replacing five different products, using Wen can also be a way to save money.

Wen by Chaz is good for every hair texture and hair type. The hassle of finding the right products for your hair is a thing of the past. In addition to being good for all hair types, Wen by Chaz is made of natural products, herbs, and botanicals that will not strip your hair of its natural oils. Your hair is cleaned, hydrated and healthy. WEN by Chaz products are Sephora available and can also be ordered online via Guthy-Renker.

All hair is different and now there is a product out there that covers all hair types. This product can be used every day and will make your hair better than ever. To learn more, visit the Wen Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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Doe Deere Says It’s Good to Think Differently

For some reason, a lot of people seem to have the misconception that the only way to find true happiness is think just like every other person around you. There are precious few individuals that realize that thinking differently can actually be a good thing. Fortunately for many people, Doe Deere is one of those individuals. If it were not for her ability to think differently, there is a better than average chance that her dynamic cosmetics company, Lime Crime, would never have been created in the first place.

In a recent interview, she explains why thinking differently has always worked for her and why it can work for other people, too. Stating that her favorite place in the world is her home country of Russia, she also has the ability to take places she has lived in the United States, such as New York City and Los Angeles, and make them a part of who she is. When she first moved to the United States, she was a promising and budding musician who just happened to enjoy fashion in a very different way from what most people considered normal. She gravitated toward extremely bright colors when it came to things like eyeshadow, lipstick and even hair color. Furthermore, she enjoyed incorporating style in order to complete the look by choosing unique clothing. The problem was, she wasn’t able to find any of the things that allowed her to complete her look the way she really wanted to, largely because they weren’t available.

Eventually, all of this got her thinking about why the only things that were available in the cosmetics industry were very generic, vanilla types of colors. She remembers that she could find beige in virtually anything, but if she wanted something that would help her create a more bold look, it simply wasn’t available for purchase. Not being one to settle for something that was less than what she wanted, she made the decision to make her own cosmetics for personal use. She wanted something that reflected how she thought about herself and the world, and she didn’t want to be forced into conforming to what everyone else deemed acceptable.

Without a doubt, it takes someone that has a great deal of courage to think outside the box, especially when it is not widely considered acceptable. For Deere, there was simply no other solution to pursue. She admits that she has always had a tendency to think differently about a lot of things and that for a while, she would try to keep those thoughts to herself. However, once she figured out that doing so meant hiding who she really was, she decided to start allowing people to see her true personality. She also points out that she finds this to be much more satisfying and wishes that other people would do the same thing. She wants individuals who are struggling with their own identity to understand that life is much more fulfilling when they are no longer afraid to think for themselves and let their personality shine through to the rest of the world.

Best Organic Lip Balms in the Market

Our lips are among the most affected things during cold weather. This kind of weather makes them dry, un-moisturized and even sore. One of the best ways to ensure that your lips are well cared for is by applying an organic lip balm. Organic lip balms contain not only natural antioxidants but also healing ingredients. You can be sure your lips won’t be exposed to any harmful chemicals. Read further to find our best picks.
Evolution of Smooth.

Apart from other organic products such as body lotions and shaving creams, EOS specializes also in lip balms, which are petrolatum and free from gluten and paraben. Certified by USDA, the EOS lip balms are 100 percent natural with recyclable packaging. EOS products are sold from their website as well as in the main pharmacies and stores across North America.

EOS The spheres contain shea butter, Vitamin E, and jojoba oil. They are what you need to moisturize your lips. The most amazing thing is that you won’t have to apply a lot of it yet it will stay on your lips for a long time. Furthermore, the packaging is just adorable. Some of the EOS lip balms to check out on Ulta include the Sweet Mint, Blue Berry Acai, Lemon Drop with SPF 15, and Summer Fruit. Visit their website for more products. Visit their YouTube channel too!

Aubrey Organics

Aubrey Organic ultra-conditioning lip balm contains moisturizing ingredients and Rosa Mosqueta oil, which help in softening and protecting your lips. Some of the organic lip balms you should try to include Tangerine, refreshing Spearmint, Peppermint, and Tea Tree. The Treat ‘Em Right Lip Balm contains Olive, coconut, and jojoba oils and is available in five different flavors.

Jason Natural Cosmetics

The Lips Bee Healthier Lip balm contains shea Butter, Vitamin E, and aloe vera, which moisturize your lips making them smooth. The balm is best for an outdoor sporting event and travel since it protects against the sun and wind. Like other Jason natural cosmetic products, Lips Bee Healthier Lip Balm has a soothing and healing effect on your lips thus protecting them from drying and chapping.



Let Town Residential Help you resolve all your Real Estate Issues

Town Residential is a privately owned firm that offers a variety of real estate services in New York City. The company was established in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger, its current CEO. Andrew Heiberger is a highly experienced individual in matters related to the real estate markets. Previously, he was part of the founding team of Citi Habitants, a real estate company that was purchased by NRT.

Andrew Heiberger leads a team of close to 500 real estate experts who are experienced in giving quality services on estate sales such as marketing and development. The team is dedicated to delivering reliable solutions to any real estate issue be they a need to buy, sell, rent, or lease a property. The team has developed superior strategies that address each customer’s unique needs in a unique way. The firm is also reputed to be among the most affordable real estate dealers implying that their clients will always operate within their budgets.

For the six years that the firm has been in real estate markets, it has formed close links between buyers, sellers, and tenants looking for premises to rent. The relationships are as a result of coordinated services focused on giving quality customer experience through transparent transactions.

Town Residential’s agents will guide property buyers through the various properties being sold. After the buyers find a property that satisfies them, the agents will guide them through the purchase of the premise by helping them satisfy their legal obligations in acquiring the property.

Town Residential also helps property sellers to find buyers for their property. Alongside linking sellers with existing consumers, the firm will also go an extra mile to help the sellers with pricing and renovate the property.

Additionally, Town Residential will help sellers to design property adverts that will capture a broad market. They also guide buyers through the viewing process. Selling properties can be a stressful affair but with Town Residential taking up the challenge, you will be free to sit and relax.

Town Residential experts will guide their clients who are looking for a rental to buy in conducting searches. For the long period they have been working, they are positioned to advise on good places to reside and best places to open up a business. Furthermore, they will identify various vacant residential homes that match the budget of their clients.

Based on the quality of their service, Town Residential is the leading real estate service provider that one can look up to whenever they want quality service.

Adam Goldenberg An Example of Someone Who Knows The Right Balance For Business

If there is anyone that people should learn from when it comes to starting and running a successful business, it is Adam Goldenberg. Adam’s philosophy is about providing some of the best products that people would want. A lot of business owners rely almost completely on marketing in order to get sales. While marketing is very important, it is the product that has to sell in the end. If the product is not well reviewed or liked in the industry, then the sales are going to die out no matter how much marketing is done. While it is possible to get some sales in the beginning, the more important aspect of marketing on is on whether or not there is any longevity for the product.

Adam Goldenberg instead tries to find something that he knows customers will like. For one thing, he looks at the data and the analytic reports in order to find out what products are selling the strongest. He then adjust his product line according to his findings. Meanwhile, he also tries to maintain a unique image for his company on YouTube. After all, one of the factors that influence the success of a business is how unique it is. A company has to offer something that other companies don’t offer.

Adam Goldenberg’s industry of choice is the fashion industry. This is a good choice because it is a huge money making industry. Many women are very interested in fashion. A growing number of men are developing an interest in fashion as well. Therefore, Adam Goldenberg is looking for ways to provide something unique for the men as well. They will be able to enjoy the unique styles that companies like Fabletics for men offer.

One thing about fashion is that it allows people to express themselves. This is something that JustFab is founded on. Adam Goldenberg also wanted to present his own image and not try to imitate others. With JustFab, the products that are offered are very unique which give both men and women something to choose from. With the data and a good sense of style, Adam Goldenberg is going to continue offering something for people to enjoy.

Makari Leads the Industry with Skin Whitening Creams and Rids Skin of Shortcomings

People of color, this is a question for you: How long have you been unable to find lines that cater to your skin tone and general skin care needs? If you answered with forever, you probably have not heard of the luxury skin care line, Makari de Suisse. Founded in Switzerland, this line had one simple goal of helping people of color elevate their skin by making it healthier, visually stunning, and free from any flaws. With the company’s products being seen internationally on shelves in mogul beauty supply stores and sustaining a heavy online presence, Makari tops the industry in a multitude of fashions.

What Products Are Offered by Makari?

Skin care, hair care, and cosmetics are offered by this company. With each product carefully designed with uneven skin pigmentation, acne scars, and stretch marks in mind, the entire line of Makari promises to whiten skin and restore hair to their original health, and they have yet failed to deliver that promise. Though the company originally had only seven essential products, they currently offer sixty, including baby care, makeup, and ten fabulous lotions punctuated with enticing aromas few can resist.

Are These Products Natural or Riddled with Chemicals?

For decades, skin care products for people of color were riddled with the harmful chemical, Hydroquinone. Makari refuses to even consider incorporating this chemical into their products and instead focuses on a more natural plethora of ingredients. Carrot oil, argon oil, and even caviar take precedence in each of their blends, all of which add essential vitamins and nutrients to the skin and hair of those who use these items.

Makari’s Most Known Products

Though each of their gentle, natural items provide consumers with stellar results, this company is infamous for their skin whitening creams. Exfoliating soaps and beautifying milk are only a few of the whitening formulas that Makari can boast of. Surely these products do not detract from the richness of darker skin, but they do result in skin appearing more spry, healthy, and free from imperfections. Skin whitening creams decrease the need to buy expensive cosmetic items by serving multiple, necessary purposes.

Learn more about Makari skin whitening cream:

Keep Smooth Lips Year Round!

Summer of 2016 is coming to an end and it’s time to prepare for the colder months that are soon to come. For us women, sometimes our lips are the first thing someone notices when encountering us! To make sure we keep our lips healthy and moisturized, we need to be using the right Lip Balm. So who says you can’t moisturize and rock a pretty smile?

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) Shimmer Spheres are hands down my favorite Lip Balm products, especially for dry chapped lips. They come in great flavors and feel incredibly soft and smooth when applying to yours lips. What I love most about this specific Lip Balm is the beautiful shimmer tint it leaves allowing you to enhance your gorgeous smile while keeping your lips moisturized. This product is perfect for when you need to add that extra shine to your smile. Shimmer Spheres really seem to have the perfect amount of shimmer to where it doesn’t feel like to much glam but enough to go out on the town! You can find the Shimmer Spheres here and try one for yourself!

For days glamour and shine aren’t a concern I would highly advise trying the EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm’s without the shimmer! Using this Lip Balm certainly gives your lips a healthy organic boost with its all-natural tropical flavors. Both of these Lip Balms contain Vitamin-E to ensure your lips are healthier than ever. The Sphere Shaped container is also easy to screw on and off with great protection for keeping out unwanted dirt and germs. To try out any of the EOS Lip Balms available and see what other flavors and products there is to offer click here:

Making sure your lips are healthy and smooth assures a beautiful smile and confidence. When considering affordability there’s no doubt the EOS Lip Balms are priced just right. You can also try the Sphere’s by picking one up at your local drug store or supermarket. Keeping you lips healthy and smooth year round prevents them from drying out which can cause a rough texture that is certainly unpleasant. Remember, lips are one of the first features noticed. So why not treat them with the best? Follow EOS on Twitter to be updated. Check out their Linked In profile:


IAP Worldwide acquires part of DRS Technology

Ingenuity and purpose worldwide incorporation, popularly known as IAP, is an American company that offers solutions and services mainly to international organizations and the USA government on Recently, they acquired two companies from DRS technology. DRS is an aviation and logistics company that is based in Oklahoma City.

The two companies, TCNS Inc. and A & L Inc. have been acquired and their operations assumed by IAP. A&L is a leading service provider of aircraft repair, logistics support, and mission support services.

TCNS, on the other hand, is a leading provider of information technology, engineering, and support in communication-based activities to the USA department of defense. IAP has stated that acquiring the two companies and merging their services together will integrate their innovative capabilities.

IAP Worldwide is a leader in the provision of international logistics solutions, management of facilities, and professional and technical services. The company has a presence in more than 25 countries throughout the world.

IAP Worldwide Services also stated that acquiring the two companies was part of a growth plan that they are implementing to ensure continuity and efficiency of the company and its operations. This move will help IAP be able to handle double the work they could have handled before thus increasing its business activities and ultimately its revenues and profits.

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

IAP will be able to offer more services to their customers because of the different functions and services that they have added to their catalogs through the companies they acquired. The company aims to introduce a new category to their services, which is where the two companies will work together to offer their services.

The aviation and engineering solutions arm shall also be aligned with their current national programs unit. IAP Worldwide Services chief executive officer stated that the new acquisitions will also help expand the services the company is able to offer their clientele. The services are mainly sold to USA government agencies and organizations of international governments.

The CEO stated that adding more companies under their umbrella and expanding their portfolio proves to the investors and clients that the company has a willingness to continue its operations. It also shows its commitment to continue serving its clients.

The company has vast experience in business that they have acquired throughout the six decades they have been operational. The company has offices in strategic locations in the world. These key places include Washington, Panama, Middle East, and the United Kingdom. Its headquarters are in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services:

Securus Technology-Transforming Prisoner Experience through Data Modernization

Securus Technologies is a prominent provider of criminal and civil justice technology resolutions for public safety, monitoring, investigation, and corrections. The firm is saving clients real time and value by applying prisoner forms and complaint application on Connect Us.

Securus is dedicated to continuously providing technology and features for customers. The Inmate Forms and Complaint form on the ConnectUs is an example of how this company is modernizing their clientele.

Reasons why the new system is beneficial
Correctional organizations prefer paper forms prisoner requests; complaints, handbook acceptance and medical forms and registration forms. Correctional employees spend more time allocating, assembling, directing, classification, replying, replication, filing, archiving and storage.

With the application of client forms, I can say that requests are easily shaped and made accessible to prisoners. Changing a form takes just a few minutes with no printing involved. The ConnectUs Inmate Application Forms and Complaint application has transformed manual paper procedures to digital mechanization. This application has made a real difference for clients.

Inmates benefit from the self-service availability of forms and know-how of viewing the status of forms and complaint and consent or appeal them. The ConnectUs Inmate Forms is beneficial as it saves thousands of dollars on the manual paper cost. Not only does it allow prisoners access to services and features never accessible before, but it also fully oversees what is available to detainees and when. This guarantees employee’s full control on the information that inmates have can access.

Additional information on Securus Technologies
With its head office in Dallas, Texas, it serves around 3,450 members of the public, corrections organizations and law enforcement and over one million inmates all over North America. The company is committed to connecting and helps by providing a prompt response, event management, public data, biometric analysis, investigation, communication, information management, communication, prisoner self-service and observing services and products with an aim of making the world a safer place.