Smooth Flavors for Smooth Lips!

A little less than a decade ago most lip balms and chapsticks could hardly stand apart, let alone on their own. Enter the Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, balms with their pretty pastels and egg shaped dispensers. The EOS balms revolutionary container design is only a comment on the wonderful product inside. All EOS lip balms are made from natural ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oil. In addition to its blissful natural product, EOS balms come in a variety of unique and refreshing flavors.  Check on for more.

Passion fruit, vanilla bean, and sweet mint are just a few flavors that EOS balms offer, follow EOS here.. Passion fruit is tangy but subtle enough that it doesn’t end up flavoring your drinks or food that you may consume whilst wearing it. Vanilla bean smells like a sundae and tastes like soft vanilla cream. The sweet mint revitalizes your lips as well as your spirits with its soft zing of mint, an ingredient known for its awakening qualities. Whether you’re in a fruity mood, have a sweet tooth, or want to feel refreshed, EOS balms have got you covered with their wide array of smooth flavors. So if you’re looking for a new way to smooth your lips, look no further than EOS balms.  For details, head over to

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Jose Auriemo Neto Leads JHSF to Success

JHSF is considered as a leader in its field. The company has a presence in the luxury real estate sector in Brazil. They operate in the residential as well as commercial markets. They are involved in acquisitions, besides the development as well as management of shopping malls. JHSF looks after upscale hotels along with the international executive airport too.

José Auriemo Neto is the president of JHSF. He is considered as the new king of luxury of São Paulo. He is a successful businessman. He is the force behind the super complexes in Brazil today. His name is associated with Hotel Fasano as well as boutique Daslu.

He is the son of Fábio Auriemo who was the president of JHSF. José Auriemo Neto came to him with a novel proposal. He told his father about an 80,000-square-meter plot. This was located on the edge of Marginal Pinheiros. He suggested building a high-end complex on it. His father was not very keen as he did not see any scope in Marginal Pinheiros. But José Auriemo Neto did not give up and decided to move ahead. He took his father on a drive in that area. This is where he explained his plan of having the entrance through the back, which would be a residential area. The shopping mall along with the commercial towers could be accessed through the marginal. This land became the site of the largest real estate complex in Brazil. And José Auriemo Neto became the executive president of JHSF.

Today this complex is called the Parque Cidade Jardim. It has a shopping mall that has 180 stores. There are nine residential towers. It has four offices. There is a mixed space. Here one part of the building has apartments while the other will have a hotel under the brand Fasano. The apartments in the residential towers have prices that range from 1.8 million reais to 16.6 million reais. Four of the residential towers along with the shopping mall will be ready first. The entire Garden City will be completed by 2010. JHSF will be earning 1.78 billion reais through this venture.

Tammy Mazzocco Makes Real Estate Become Real

Tammy Mazzocco is an accomplished residential real estate professional in Pickerington, Ohio, located in the central part of the state. She has been in the real estate business with RE/MAX since 1999 and is with the Judy Gang Team with that company. You can visit her page.

Her passion is in helping families find the home of their dreams in Central Ohio, and she works to that end, showing lots of homes and following up to make sure that prospective buyers have all the information that they need to make a good decision for their home purchase.

Tammy Mazzocco starts her day early with some meditation and stretching exercises, then gets to the office to take care of paperwork and emails. She is then on the phone setting appointments to show houses the rest of the day. About 85 percent of her new business comes from clients and referrals, gut she also likes the leads that come from companies like Zillow and The people who put their names on these websites are interested and are asking for someone to show them homes.

Selling real estate requires a certain bank of knowledge, but once that is mastered it takes work, and that is what Tammy excels in. She spends most of her time with prospective clients, and it pays off. She always tries to put her clients’ needs ahead of her own, as she is very respectful of their time and investment that they are about to make.

Tammy Mazzocco learned early not to take herself too seriously and to not worry about the fear of failure. If you are out showing enough homes failure gets defeated every time. One of Tammy’s key aspect for success is to set goals and then break them down into smaller action steps. With this strategy, it is easier to achieve the action steps, and soon your entire goal is completed.

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EOS Lip Balms that Come with Delicious Flavors and Soothing Spheres

Walking around with caked and cracked lips can be a trying experience. That is why many people, especially ladies, prefer to equip their bags with a lip balm. However, deciding on which type to use can be frustrating because there are countless brands in the market. You need not worry because now you can choose your favorite from a variety of flavors found in EOS lip balms, check over here. These unique balms are natural and contain butter oils. They have been tested by dermatologists and are hypoallergenic. Importantly, the balms packed with antioxidant enriched with vitamin E, and they come in many delightful flavors.


If you want stress-free, soft and beautiful lips, EOS is the perfect product for you. The range of flavors includes; blueberry, coconut milk, passion fruit, raspberry, and pomegranate, just to mention a few. Apart from the many flavors and colors in which they come, EOS lip balms also have different smooth spheres such as soft, smooth, organic, and shimmer smooth spheres. Others are available in multipacks that give you a ready variety from which to choose. Great post to read.


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Smooth Sphere Lip Balm can be found in Vanilla Bean form. They are tantalizing to the lip, and they leave you with a feeling of freshness. Their color is beautiful purple. You can also decide to pick Smooth Sphere Lip Balm which is in the form of Strawberry Sorbet. Their soft color makes them attractive to see, and obviously, they are delicious when applied to the palate. If you love the taste of honey, you can go for Smooth Sphere Lip Balm that has Honeysuckle Honeydew feeling to it. Others include; Smooth Sphere Lip Balm – Summer Fruit, Smooth Sphere Lip Balm – Sweet Mint, and Smooth Sphere Lip Balm – Passion Fruit. You cannot fail to get a flavor that suits you, and what’s more, they are cheap, but their soothing effects last long. Click to read more here on


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A Detailed Focus On Litigation And Karl Heideck

Become a litigator like Karl Heideck

Become a litigator like Karl Heideck

Litigation encompasses all the proceedings that take place between two rival parties in a bid to defend or enforce a particular legal right. The settlement for litigation is usually an agreement between the parties involved. Nonetheless, the case can also be heard by either a judge or jury in court. For a settlement to be reached between a defendant and plaintiff the help of legal professionals, litigators, is imperative.

A litigator is a legal expert tasked with the role of representing either a plaintiff or defendant in handling civil cases and managing the entire litigation. Since litigation is a broad legal field, a litigator’s job description varies considerably. Hence, a litigator can focus on various areas of specialty such as contract, real estate or personal injury. The different phases involved in a litigation process include investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal.

For a person to become a litigator, he or she needs Juris Doctor to practice law. This process generally takes seven years, which includes four years of undergraduate education and three years in law school.

Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is an acclaimed attorney who operates in the Greater Philadelphia Area. He is well-known for specializing in compliance and risk management practices. Aside from his field of specialization, Karl boasts of various skills including legal research, legal writing, employment law, product liability, corporate law and commercial litigation. Additionally, Karl Heideck holds excellent academic credentials including an english and literature degree from Swarthmore College and a J.D, law from Tempe University Beasley School of Law.

Since graduating with a law degree, Karl Heideck has practiced law for more than ten years. He began his career at Conrad O’ Brien as an associate from January to August 2010. Later on, he joined Pepper Hamilton LLP as a project attorney from October 2010 to April 2014. Currently, Karl Heideck is a contract attorney at Hire Counsel. He is charged with the role of reviewing discovery materials for banking litigation and complex securities fraud.

Wen’s Wonder Hair Products – Take Beauty Into Your Hands

While the saying,” beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, holds some water, I strongly believe hair is a key determinant of beauty or rather enhances it. Across all genders, having healthy, soft and easy to comb hair not only brings contentment but also works wonders in boosting esteem levels and confidence. Nevertheless, the dilemma lies on what hair products to use from the wide variety in the market.

I have been in the past struggled to make my hair more manageable but any product I resorted to ended up disappointing me. Well, this is not the case today; Wen hair products by Chaz Dean gave me the long desired solution and has over the years proved to be the best. It has come to my attention that Wen hair care products were initially posted on Bustle and has been quite resourceful worldwide.

Chaz Dean is a top notch Hollywood hair stylist in Los Angeles where he owns a beauty spa and salon. He has closely worked with famous tycoons and celebrated personnel such as Alyssa Milano, Christina Applegate, and Brooke Shields among others. His line of cleansing hair products provides a variety of hair products such as hair treatment, nourishing mousse, anti-fizz styling crème, hair conditioners among others. Check out his Twitter page to learn more.

They are nutrient enriched with natural oils, extracts, peptides and amino acids to provide your hair with all essentials so it can grow in length, volume and with good texture. These products are exclusively high quality products, effective with almost prompt results visible from the onset.

Wen products are the best investment you can ever make for hair products. The product restores strength and hair elasticity, increases hair growth, repair damaged hair, enhances the hair look, improves texture, gets rid of dandruff, hair thickness and volume.

Wen hair products are not only the best but also safe to use by all types of hairs. With over 16 years in the market, it goes without saying it is a Sephora best seller, highly relevant effective and quality products which have made them very popular.

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Richard Blair: A Trusted Name In Wealth Solutions For People In Austin

Richard Blair is a trusted advisor in and around Austin on investment and wealth solutions with decades of quality services. Through his firm Wealth Solutions, Inc, Richard provides a number of services that are cascading the needs of every client. His years of experience in the industry has helped him to understand each of the customer’s requirements and formulating comprehensive plans to address their needs. He advises mainly three types of plans such as income generating options, wealth creating solutions, and retirement needs. Blair offers his advisory services to individuals, families, and small business, and he points out the importance of having a solid investment option for everyone.



He follows a three pillar approach to understand the need the customers and to find a suitable investment option for them. In the first step, a financial road map is laid out, and during the process, the strengths, risk tolerance, growth opportunities, and goals of the clients are understood. In the second step, a long-term strategy is being developed to address the needs of the customers considering his liquidity requirements and investment goals. Richard closely works with the funds and move between various investment options considering the growth prospects of each option. He also diversifies the investment to reduce the risk of any loss when the market is in adverse condition. In the third step, each of the customer’s financial goals is set and approves strategies to meet them. Blair also takes care of their insurance needs considering long-term care, annuities, and life insurance.



Since Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions comes from teaching background, he uses his teaching skills to convince the clients the need for investments and to find the best options for them. He also traces the latest news and developments in the market to serve the customers better. Richard started the firm 1994 to help the individuals and families in Austin area to achieve their financial goals. The firm works as an RIA or Registered Investment Advisory firm.



Richard completed his graduation in Financial Management Services and Finance. He completed some professional and industrial certifications such as CAS, CES, CFS, and RICP in his mission to give quality financial advising services to his clients. Richard is known for integrity to his services and unbiased advisory and investment services with the only goal of protecting the customer’s interests on top of everything. Due to this, many of his new clients are coming from the referral of existing customers – a clear proof of quality service over the years.

Mike Baur – Dedicated Entrepreneur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur as well as a businessman. He helped co-found and continues to help manage a company known as Swiss Startup Factory. Before this, he was in banking for more than twenty years. Some of his past companies in which he worked for were UBS and Clariden Leu. He quit his banking career, however, because he wanted to start investing in startup companies. After doing this, he began his company in 2014 with his business partners Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. He also participated as a member of the jury during a start-up pitching contest located at the University of St. Gallen, which was known as START Summiteer. It was in the beginning of 2016 that his company Swiss Startup Factory partnered with the company CTI and he was named the Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest. He led the Swiss Startup Factory through the accelerator program around this time, as well. Mike Baur’s career from the very beginning in Swiss banking all the way to his startup business investments and his entrepreneurial endeavors were all profiled in the Wall Street Journal.


Baur is frequently a key note speaker at many different universities as well as many different corporates. He is also the key note speaker at different startup events. He has a commitment to giving back the knowledge that he has received throughout the years about accelerating startup ideas throughout Switzerland and also developing digital companies. Through these things, his goal is to impact as well as inspire those in Switzerland to get up the courage to come up with their own startup ideas.


It is clear to see that Mike Baur is passionate about his work. He believes that the best solution to the different challenges of digital transformation is to close the gap between the old economy and the new economy. Because of this and his mission to get this gap closed, he acts as a Digital Board Member in numerous different Swiss companies. Although his biggest passion is his work and educating others, he is also passionate about sports. Baur is especially interested in his hometown sports teams including the hockey club Fribourg Gotteron and the professional Swiss tennis players that perform on the ATP tour. He is not only very impressed but also very fascinated with how much the DNA of those who are top athletes resembles those who have started a top startup company.


Mike Baur is a renowned Swiss businessman and entrepreneur. With almost 20 years’ experience in Swiss Private Banking, he has significantly impacted the industry. Baur is a go-getter who has raised hos standards from a commercial apprentice at UBS Wealth Management and Clariden Leu to an executive board member of a large Swiss Private Bank. He also worked at Sallfort Privatbank AG as the private head banking from October 2012 to March 2014. He is also the vice president of Innovation Lab Fribourg (ILF).

In 2014, at the age of 39, Mike Baur together with his partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer founded the Swiss Startup Factory. Swiss Startup Factory is the lead independent and privately financed early stage ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. Swiss Startup Factory is an accelerator that looks for thriving digital entrepreneurs. The company helps young entrepreneurs to start their companies through an adamant network around Switzerland and around the world at large. Swiss Startup Factory runs a three-month-long startup accelerator program which offers different platforms such as services, mentoring, coaching, and an office in Zurich. The company guides you through the whole process of developing and building your company. They also provide young business owners with an entrepreneurial network to help achieve global market.

Mike Baur has participated in many summits and endorsements. He participated as a jury member at the START Summiteer at the University of St. Gallen. Being the founder of Swiss Startup Factory, he led the company through its accelerator program with Goldbach Group and a partnership with Fintech Fusion in 2016.

Mark Baur is very passionate about his work and strives to inspire and impact young people in Switzerland to start their companies. His main mission is to build a bridge between the old economy and the new economy and solve the challenges of digital transformations. He connects both the technologies to increase the value of his banking platform. For the love of motivating the youth in Switzerland, he has become a frequent speaker at different universities, small and mid-size corporate. In these forums, he has greatly impacted the lives of young entrepreneurs.

Mike Baur is also a sports person. He enjoys hockey and loves his hometown hockey club Fribourg Gotteron. He is also an active fan of the Swiss Tennis Pros on the ATP tour. Baur is also a good listener who values the voice of his colleagues, investors and startup specialists. Mike Baur holds an MBA from the University of Rochester, New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Berne.

Who is White Shark Media?

White Shark Media is a digital marketing company providing a plethora of services to small and medium businesses who want more than the average agency can offer. The company has been in business since 2011, since which time they’ve become one of the most recognized names in the industry.

WSM Services Available

White Shark Media offers services that help your e-commerce or Internet business gain more customers and increased profits. Services offered from WSM include:

– AdWords evaluations

– AdWords management

– PPC management

– SEM evaluations

– SEM management

– Website Creation

– SEO management

– More

White Shark Media provides services al ‘a carte or grouped together and customized to your specifications. WSM wants their customers to get the services they want and need; nothing more, nothing less. They make it easy to excel your business expectations and ideas with their list of services.

Why Choose White Shark Media?

White Shark Media is one of the top digital marketing agencies around because they do things differently than most. They believe in working for the customer, and that means helping secure greater profits and providing one-on-one support with superior services that go above and beyond expectations. The company offers outstanding rates and, as a Premier PMB Google AdWords client, peace of mind when it is needed the most.

What do Others Say?

A good reputation is a important quality when you need a great digital marketing company. Others have plenty to say about WSM, and fortunately, most of what you read is in support of the company. WSM has an awesome reputation and a long list of satisfied clients.