Helane Morrison Became A Danger To Financial Crooks With The SEC

Helane Morrison was the former Regional Director with the SEC Pacific northwest division, based in San Francisco. Morrison is now the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of a financial investment firm, Hall Capital Partners. But while she was with the SEC, Morrison helped file civil lawsuits and prosecute some major financial firms. The SEC had mostly gone after lesser-known entities and small cases, but under Morrison’s leadership even the big corporations could not hide securities violations and fraudulent activities. Morrison has spent much of her career fighting against fraud, but now she’s helping a big company uphold integrity.


Helane Morrison went into law originally, getting her undergrad from Northwestern University, and then completing her J.D. at the University of California at Berkley. Morrison became a clerk for the US Court of Appeals Seventh Circuit, where Richard Posner was judge at the time. She then moved to the US Supreme Court where she also clerked for Justice Harry Blackmun. Blackmun made an impact on Morrison in the manner he ruled on legal hearings, and Morrison decided to adopt his philosophy. Morrison decided to start her law career with Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin law firm, and in a few years she became a partner.


Morrison became interested in financial law, having seen how some hedge fund managers and financiers were taking advantage of their clients. She helped litigate some difficult cases, but was always determined to see justice served. As she became more experienced in financial law and securities enforcement, the SEC decided to have her come work for them. She started out as head of the local enforcement division, became a District Administrator, and eventually the Regional Director. She served at the SEC for about 9 years, but decided it was time to make a good name in the financial industry.


Hall Capital Partners attracted Morrison largely due to the culture and ethics embodied at the firm. It also happens to be managed by two other female executives including CEO Kathryn Hall, and Managing Partner Sarah Stein. Not only has Morrison seen this as an opportunity to break glass ceilings, she also wanted to show that the public could still trust the investment firm to make sound investing decisions. Morrison is happy to bring her legal experience to making sure all transactions uphold the law.


My Life In Color With Doe Deere

I want to live a life that is not just about the ordinary. Instead, I want my life to be full of amazing things and fun. When I look to makeup, I think about how I can bring out my own sense of color and put that stamp on the look that says I know who I am. Finding a company that shares this desire has been a goal of mine. Fortunately, I have been able to get what I need and want in makeup from an online company. In the last few years, I’ve turned to Lime Crime, a makeup retailer run by Doe Deere that is all about living life in color.

Confident And Happy

Part of the point of wearing makeup is helping people feel comfortable with who they are. I know that’s just where I want to be when I pick out makeup. This is why I’ve been very happy to find help for my makeup needs from those at Lime Crime. Just as I really want to help the world see how I view it, so too do those at Lime Crime. Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, is someone who is so obviously confident and happy with what she does. This is one of the great things about shopping at Lime Crime. You get someone in charge who wants others to be as happy as she is in life.

Products That Are Fun

I think what truly attracts me so much with Lime Crime and Doe Deere is the sense that working with her and her company means that I can have products that going to be happy and fun the second I choose to use them. I know she’s shares this philosophy that I have like many other contemporary women. She wants us all to have as much fun as she does when picking out makeup items. She wants us to be able to use such products to get looks that are also happy and also a lot of fun. All of us who choose to follow her (and I think she has lots of fans) know that we’re going to be helped by someone who loves being who she is and wants to have makeup that lets us live our lives in color. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to pick out products from her amazing online makeup site.

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What To Wear With Doe Deere

If you’re looking for a simple answer to the statement in question, it is: whatever you feel comfortable and confident in. Doe Deere knows that fashion rules are a guideline and should not be taken as the absolute word or a bible in the way that you dress. She wants you to know that you are great at dressing yourself and that you can dress however you would like to dress, no matter what the rules say. She also wants you to be able to focus on your confidence with her leadership, so she is giving you some of her favorite rules to break.

Unnaturally colored hair can make a wave in the uptight fashion rule community, but Doe Deere knows that it is no big deal. As someone who has had many different colors of hair, she has been told many times that she should only be wearing black or other neutral colors to avoid her hair clashing with her outfit. She thinks this is ridiculous and continues to wear her same bright clothing, no matter what color her hair is at the time. By choosing to wear what she loves, she is giving herself more confidence to break even more beauty rules.

If you have too many bright colors, you may look clown like. Doe Deere doesn’t think that she ever looks like a clown and chooses to wear many different bright colors all at once. This is a way that she has made herself feel better and the best way to mix up her wardrobe. There are many different options that she chooses for her clothing and many different ways that she chooses to wear them. She knows that colors do not matter and that you should only wear colors you love, no matter how many you are wearing.

By dressing your age, you will make yourself look more presentable, says who. Not Doe Deere. She knows that no matter what your age, you can find an outfit that makes you feel comfortable. That doesn’t mean you only have to wear smart khakis if you’re a mom or tailored suits if you’re a mid-40s businessperson. Be sure that you dress in what you love, not what you’re “supposed” to wear for your age. Life is too short to dress the age that you are right now because you will be a different age by the time tomorrow comes around.

By breaking rules, Doe Deere is setting herself up for confidence. She knows that she has the ability to look however she likes and that she does not have to worry about anything while she is getting dressed in the morning other than what she loves to wear. By making her own fashion choices, she is creating excitement for herself in her wardrobe. She is also showing other girls that she has the confidence to be herself and not worry about what other people think, even if they are fashion experts who have come up with specific rules.

Doe Deere On Beauty and Fashion Rules That Are Meant To Be Broken

There are many fashion and beauty commandments but the one Doe Deere, the owner of Lime Crime, adheres to is this – rules are meant to be broken. Doe Deere has spent her life rallying against established fashion practices and this was the reason why she launched Lime Crime. With her brand, she introduced a world of colors to her customers that were previously unavailable.

Here are some new rules that the rule breaking Doe Deere would love people to adopt –

Bold Is Beautiful – Thanks to the new “Bombshell makeup” look, everyone is doing the bold eye with the bold lip trend and there is nothing wrong that. Doe Deere doesn’t agree with the rule of not mixing the two and is a genuine believer of using makeup that makes one happy without restrictions.

Mixing Colors Is Fun – A lot of people think that using too many colors can look gaudy or garish but Doe Deere says that with a bit of color coordination, anyone can make multiple colors work in an outfit. For instance, lavender and hot pink might be a fashion faux pas according to Vogue but everyone knows they look great together.

Intermingling Patterns Is An Art – Fashion magazines claim that mixing too many patterns can lead to disasters but Doe Deere has a tip that non-traditional fashion lovers would agree with – it is all about keeping it in the same color spectrum. For instance, people can have pink stripes and pink eggshell patterns in the same outfit.

Socks and Open Toed Heels Are Go – Doe Deere has a lot of socks with fun patterns on them. People who love socks have to hide them in closed boots because of the rule of no socks with open toed sandals. But, even during winter, there is no need to follow this cliched rule and instead, people can get maximum use out of there summer sandals by following this Doe Deere rule.

Wild Hair Goes With Everything – Some fashion gurus think that to pull of bright and wild hair colors, it is necessary for the outfit to be all black or neutral but that is simply not true. Doe Deere is a huge fan of bright hair color and she loves colorful outfits that further accentuate that.

Age Appropriate Dressing Is Passe – Doe Deere believes that fashion and beauty work for all ages and people shouldn’t restrict themselves just because they have reached a certain age. Her mantra is – if that mini skirt makes someone happy, age should never be brought into the equation.

Dressing For The Occasion Is Unnecessary – Finally, beautiful clothes and outfits are meant to be savored, according to Doe Deere, and waiting for the “perfect occasion” is a habit to avoid.

Whether it is the Unicorn lipsticks or the makeup palettes, Lime Crime and Doe Deere are all about pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion and beauty norms. Doe Deere also believes in fashion and beauty that transcends boundaries of gender and sexuality. Ultimately, she wants people to be happy and to have fun with their makeup and clothes.