A Lucky Man

Just three months ago I listed my home with the 990 Company and it just sold today! I was absolutely impressed as the last company I hired failed to sell my home. I believe they left it listed for almost 11 months before I decided to switch to the 990 Company. I just remembered being so stressed out with the other real estate company that it was taking a toll on my personal life at home with my wife and kids. With the 990 Company I didn’t even feel a second of stress. Maybe the first day I felt a little off because of my trust issues that were so graciously provided to me by the previous company.

Now that my house is finally off the market I am moving out of state to our new home in New Jersey. I have been waiting my whole life to make this move and it is all because of 990 sells homes. Without them, I would still be sitting at my table, tapping my fingers and basically waiting for pigs to fly. But instead, I am packing up everything in my home and making the big move across the country. My children are absolutely excited to start school somewhere new and even more excited to see snow for the first time. It is something that everyone in my family will experience for the first time together.

Once everything is said and done, I would like to send a thank you letter to 990 for helping my family be able to make this move. The woman we had worked with knew just how important this was to me and I actually believe she worked overtime to help us sell our home quickly. I honestly thought that my house would probably sit on the market for another 3-6 months at least, but I was proved wrong almost immediately. When I woke up today and read my email stating that the house had sold, I couldn’t help but release a few tears. Everything in my life was now complete. I no longer have to wait around for life to start because I can now start my packing and planning for our big move. The only obstacle I have at this moment in time is my two teenagers who are awful at packing!

If for some crazy reason they figure it out on their own, maybe we will get to leave a day earlier. She told me she had a gut feeling that the house would sell soon and she was absolutely right! It did sell and I am one lucky man!