Here’s @jonurbana1 in 40 Characters or Less!

Jon Urbana is a man of many interests as well as talents. From taking pictures and writing blog posts to starting businesses and promoting charities, Jon Urbana has many projects where he invests much time and energy.

Urbana played professional lacrosse for a number of years before deciding it was time to invest in other areas. Combining his love for the sport with an entreprenuerial spirit, Urbana co-founded and still operates the Next Level Lacrosse Camp in Denver, Colorado. It has quickly become one of the most popular and well recognized youth lacrosse camps in the area. After Jon’s successful career for Villanova and establishing a business for himself, Jon is investing plenty of time and energy into Ellipse USA, in addition to new areas and hobbies like taking pictures.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Following Urbana on his twitter account at @jonurbana1 is a great way to keep up with the many projects that he has going on.

Many of Jon Urbana’s tweets are to promote something that he has done on his Tumblr blog. Perhaps he has released a new song at Soundcloud or updated something. For example, in this post, Jon Urbana introduces a new blog post that was written on his website. The tweet mentions a new pic of sweet strawberry and there is a link provided within the tweet that goes to the post.
He also makes videos that showcases some of his more recent activities that complement his business achievements and the aviation license he’s done well with. One of the things that’s gained the attention of the local community, and even other cities like San Jose, is the work he’s doing with two charities: some CrowdRise lobbying for the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society and a partnership with Earth Force.

Some of his other tweets, such as this one, have links to relevant news articles that Jon Urbana has an interest in. In this tweet, Urbana cites an interview article with Johnny Marsh, and also tweets about a news team that reportedly was fired for playing a game called “Cards Against Humanity”.

Another buzzfeed article that Jon Urbana has tweeted about is one referencing 17 cozy throws to cuddle with. When clicked on, the tweet opens up a link to the article that Jon Urbana was referencing, which was originally written at Bloomberg.

Being a sports fan (his favorite teams are all liked on Facebook), Jon Urbana sometimes writes about sports teams and important games. In this tweet, Urbana references a cricket game in which a South African player by the name of Stuart Broad helped to get 17 runs in a game.

Not all articles posted by Jon Urbana are over light topics, in this post, he has a link to a article which discusses his fundraising, and also discusses some news about SpaceX and the need for them to land a rocket on a floating drone.

Some of Jon Urbana’s tweets even link to other social media pages. In this tweet, Urbana talks about a trampoline park in Warsaw. There is a link embedded within the article to a Reddit post.