Jason Halpern Transforms Environments with His Creativity in Property Development

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Jason Halpern, the founder and principal of JMH Development, transforms the environments wherever he works. This unique aspect makes him an outrageously successful real estate developer, especially on renovating properties with historical values. His JMH Development is a leader in developing or owning major commercial and residential properties in the U.S., especially in New York City. Under the guidance of Halpern, the firm follows a unique method of developing high-value and distinctive properties in the modern and luxurious category. It has well-positioned properties in most sought-after markets such as Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Miami Beach. The firm offers comprehensive development solutions that cover all the stages of the process, such as due diligence and strategy, building design, construction, branding and marketing, and more.

Jason Halpern with Model Milana and Richard


Halpern is passionate about the philosophy of the development firm – historic preservation through restoration and adaptive reuse. It is credited for preserving a number of buildings significantly. Some of them are 184 Kent, The Townhouses of Cobble Hill, South Beach Starwood Hotel, 70 Henry, Three Hundred Collins, LIC Hilton Hotels, and more. 184 Kent was a century old warehouse located in Brooklyn, New York. Halpern converted it to a waterfront luxury rental apartment with 340 units. Interestingly, the building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places considering its historic integrity. It won the Building Brooklyn Award – 2011 under the adaptive reuse category. It offers all the modern amenities including state-of-the-art gym, a 17,000 square feet of retail space with an Italian restaurant, Kidville, and Soul Cycle, and more.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

South Beach Star Wood Hotel is another great contribution from the firm. Originally, a Miami motel Ankara, and it renovated, added another eight-storey tower, and converted it to a beachside hotel with unique designs, larger rooms, and modern amenities. It received the ALIS 2015 Award for Limited Service Development in the year. The Townhouses of Cobble Hill is a raw of nine luxury townhouses in one of the most-demanding Brooklyn neighborhoods. Out of the nine, four are historic townhouses while the remaining five are newly built, and all of them offer high-end housing. Three Hundred Collins is a boutique condominium project developed in Miami Beach, Florida.

Jason Halpern with His Wife

Jason follows a motto of “respecting the environment and community in which he develops.” He is also enthusiastic to charitable contributions and works that are supporting the weaker sections and needs of the community. He is the principal investor of Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center established at Westchester Medical Center. It has the equipment and facilities to perform open-heart surgeries, orthopedic surgeries, complex and emergency neurosurgeries, reattachment of severed limbs, treating burn victims, and more. He made JMH Development being part of his philanthropic missions, and the firm entered a partnership with a non-profit group called “water” in 2015. Per the agreement, the company would contribute $20,000 for each of its successful contracts to the group to offer clean and safe water to Nepalese and Ethiopian locals.

Jose Auriemo Neto Leads JHSF to Success

JHSF is considered as a leader in its field. The company has a presence in the luxury real estate sector in Brazil. They operate in the residential as well as commercial markets. They are involved in acquisitions, besides the development as well as management of shopping malls. JHSF looks after upscale hotels along with the international executive airport too.

José Auriemo Neto is the president of JHSF. He is considered as the new king of luxury of São Paulo. He is a successful businessman. He is the force behind the super complexes in Brazil today. His name is associated with Hotel Fasano as well as boutique Daslu.

He is the son of Fábio Auriemo who was the president of JHSF. José Auriemo Neto came to him with a novel proposal. He told his father about an 80,000-square-meter plot. This was located on the edge of Marginal Pinheiros. He suggested building a high-end complex on it. His father was not very keen as he did not see any scope in Marginal Pinheiros. But José Auriemo Neto did not give up and decided to move ahead. He took his father on a drive in that area. This is where he explained his plan of having the entrance through the back, which would be a residential area. The shopping mall along with the commercial towers could be accessed through the marginal. This land became the site of the largest real estate complex in Brazil. And José Auriemo Neto became the executive president of JHSF.

Today this complex is called the Parque Cidade Jardim. It has a shopping mall that has 180 stores. There are nine residential towers. It has four offices. There is a mixed space. Here one part of the building has apartments while the other will have a hotel under the brand Fasano. The apartments in the residential towers have prices that range from 1.8 million reais to 16.6 million reais. Four of the residential towers along with the shopping mall will be ready first. The entire Garden City will be completed by 2010. JHSF will be earning 1.78 billion reais through this venture.


Construcap Leads in the Brazilian Real Estate Market

Construcap is an established company in the Brazilian economy: particularly the building sector and the energy sector. The determination to provide quality services makes the company stand out among the many other companies in the sector. As an ISO certified company, Construcap bases its operations on the Integrated Management System. By this system, its operations are coordinated for purposes of synergy. Through the safety management system (SMS), the environment management system (EMS) and the energy management system (EnMS), Construcap ensures it delivers quality services and considers safety and environmental issues as well.


Construcap offers goods and services to many sectors of the economy of Brazil. The construction industries require the services offered by Construcap. The commercial markets are also fed by Construcap. Additional services offered include: design and building, civil engineering, electro mechanic assembly and structured projects.

Construcap Subsidiaries

Construcap, through its affiliates, gets contracts every now and then. InovaSaude is an example of an affiliate that has won a contract to build three major health clinics in Brazil. This affiliate is also required to procure and supply its new clinics with hospital equipment on jusbrasil.com. It shall also manage all the non-health services offered at the clinics for the next 17 years. These three facilities will be in Sorocaba, San Jose Campos and Sao Paulo.


Youth, who have finished school, are taken in by Construcap for an internship program on YouTube. The undergraduate students, who successfully complete the internship, are inducted into the organization on a full time basis. The training strives to achieve two things in particular. Through the training the interns learn more about the operations of the company, its mission and culture. The second part of the internship dwells on career development. This is where interns utilize their mentors to learn more technical lessons at http://www.exatop.com.br/topografia/k2-items/fabrica-da-fiat-construcap-goiana-pe-em-andamento.html.

Adult Education

Construcap appreciates that people do not have equal opportunities in life. It is for this reason that it aggressively undertakes to tutor its site employees: those who have no formal learning. Once they learn how to read and write, Construcap helps them join institutions and acquire professional skills. Apart from imparting technical skills, Construcap runs a leadership program.

Let Town Residential Help you resolve all your Real Estate Issues

Town Residential is a privately owned firm that offers a variety of real estate services in New York City. The company was established in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger, its current CEO. Andrew Heiberger is a highly experienced individual in matters related to the real estate markets. Previously, he was part of the founding team of Citi Habitants, a real estate company that was purchased by NRT.

Andrew Heiberger leads a team of close to 500 real estate experts who are experienced in giving quality services on estate sales such as marketing and development. The team is dedicated to delivering reliable solutions to any real estate issue be they a need to buy, sell, rent, or lease a property. The team has developed superior strategies that address each customer’s unique needs in a unique way. The firm is also reputed to be among the most affordable real estate dealers implying that their clients will always operate within their budgets.

For the six years that the firm has been in real estate markets, it has formed close links between buyers, sellers, and tenants looking for premises to rent. The relationships are as a result of coordinated services focused on giving quality customer experience through transparent transactions.

Town Residential’s agents will guide property buyers through the various properties being sold. After the buyers find a property that satisfies them, the agents will guide them through the purchase of the premise by helping them satisfy their legal obligations in acquiring the property.

Town Residential also helps property sellers to find buyers for their property. Alongside linking sellers with existing consumers, the firm will also go an extra mile to help the sellers with pricing and renovate the property.

Additionally, Town Residential will help sellers to design property adverts that will capture a broad market. They also guide buyers through the viewing process. Selling properties can be a stressful affair but with Town Residential taking up the challenge, you will be free to sit and relax.

Town Residential experts will guide their clients who are looking for a rental to buy in conducting searches. For the long period they have been working, they are positioned to advise on good places to reside and best places to open up a business. Furthermore, they will identify various vacant residential homes that match the budget of their clients.

Based on the quality of their service, Town Residential is the leading real estate service provider that one can look up to whenever they want quality service.

Greg Hague Comes Up With Brilliant New Real Estate Strategy

The traditional ways in which American sell homes has never undergone any radical changes. Change may be in the air these days thanks to an innovative new approach being established by Greg Hague. Hague feels the traditional way of selling a home is old, tired, and out of date. The classical approach to real estate sales is thought to be one reason why some homes take forever to sell and do not receive the maximum sales price.

Influenced heavily by what he sees in the high-tech consumer world, Hague has come up with the “22-Step Home Launch Formula and 29-Day Fast Sale Plan”. Both of these strategies are designed to help real estate sales embrace modern, 21st century sales approaches.

A lot of actual marketing is infused into the two-pronged plan Hague has devised. The whole process starts with building a feeling of enthusiasm for the property up for sale. Creating enthusiasm in a product is a strategy employed in scores of different marketing plans, but is often absent from stoic real estate listings. Boring real estate marketing plans have a tendency to lead a property to remaining on the market for too long of a time.

By creating enthusiasm, a rush to buy the property results. With a rush of customers, the potential to procure the highest price increases.

Hague hopes to draw attention to his business strategy through his new endeavor Real Estate Mavericks. The endeavor provides a valuable resource for effective coaching. Once someone has been properly coached on how to execute Hague’s approach to real estate deals, fast and profitable sales may not end up being elusive. Both private investors looking to flip homes and those who work in real estate for a living could benefit greatly from Hague’s new real estate coaching program.

Hague’s personal background is an intriguing one. In addition to practicing law, Hague is a best-selling author. His book “How Fathers Change Lives” is filled with helpful insights on the critical importance of fatherhood in people’s lives. He is now looking to share his personal insights and recollections from personal success in real estate.

“Listing a home a week” is part of the fast sale formula and achieving such a lofty goal might not prove elusive. As long as the coaching method is logical and makes sense, learning the skills necessary for attaining these goals remains a possibility. Lucrative profits might be within the grasp of the truly motivated.

New York City Real Estate Reports Reflect Strong Residential And Commercial Growth

NYC real estate reports have revealed a favorable trend for the New York City residential and commercial markets in 2015. The reports revealed (what most local industry professionals already knew) that the NYC real estate market is in a positive growth trend. For example, the Brooklyn region has sold half of its new product inventory before the end of the 3rd quarter; as a result, multifamily transaction rates rose to $1.7 billion within the fiscal year.

Based on various industry reports that were posted on The Real Deal website, the Manhattan region represents the epicenter of the local real estate market. Scores of residential contracts have been signed for luxury units in Manhattan that are priced above $4 million; this year’s residential numbers are the highest since 2006.

The commercial sector also improved by demonstrating a 97 percent increase in one month multifamily sales, which resulted in the total sales volume surpassing $1.7 billion from August to September. Approximately 22 million square feet of commercial/office space was rented throughout the third quarter at the price of $71.00 per square foot. Some regions had more aggressive growth such as the Lower Fifth Avenue, which had an average rent of $1,200 per square foot.

As the New York real estate market exhibits growth, which is anticipated to last for a while, it is important for renters, buyers, investors and property owners to work with real estate professionals who know how to locate, buy and sell quality properties in a crowded NYC market.

Some real estate firms are great at facilitating transactions for international transplants, national transplants and New York locals. Companies such as TOWN Residential have contributed to the development of the New York City real estate market by providing luxury, residential homes and valuable, commercial properties in prime business regions.

New York City is a very competitive market that is going through a surge of positive activity for renters, sellers, investors and for the commercial sector. Some New York real estate firms have an advantage over other firms because they are able to offer exclusive properties that were acquired through a long history of trust from NYC landlords and building companies. Essentially, some firms like TOWN Residential have the inside scoop, and they consistently offer hard-to-find properties nestled in amazing parts of the city and in the surrounding boroughs like Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.