Healing A Reputation In-House

Darius Fisher consistently writes about how companies can save their reputation after a crisis. In an article for The Huffington Post, Fisher delves into familiar territory. Those familiar with Fisher’s works and business endeavors are going to be a bit surprised that the company in crisis he writes about is his own, Status Labs.

Actually, he is writing about a crisis in the past tense. The scenario he muses about occurred in the past. Still, the events provide something other companies can learn from.

An incident occurred in which a former executive of the company brought a lot of bad press onto Status Labs’ shoulders. The actions had nothing to do with the business, but Status Labs was dragged into the mess. So were employees who had nothing to do with the incident. Media attention led to more than just bad publicity for the company. Good employees jumped ship. Who could blame them?

Steps were taken to address the situation and start the process of repairing the company’s reputation. The executive at the center of the storm parted ways with Status Labs. The company also began to do more work in the local community. Joint ventures with other companies were intended to support good causes. Such steps aided in rehabilitating Status Labs in the eyes of the media and the public.

Commitments were made to employees to make sure they would not have to deal with a stressful work environment. With things improved for loyal employees, turnover problems became issues of the past.

Status Labs’ staff now spends most of its time working on the company’s primary activities: building websites, creating online content, and utilizing digital marketing to improve the reputation of those who have suffered from embarrassing or troubling misfortunes. 1,500 clients have turned to Status Labs for help. They received it.

Status Labs also boasts an impressive staff of advisors and a lot of prestige in the local community. The Austin headquarters is part of the local Chamber of Commerce and continues to grow in staff and client size.

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