Beneful Dog Food Filling every Bowl with Nourishment

Purina deals with the sale of dog food to dog owners. One of its highest selling brands of foods is the Beneful Dog food. The food is made from good and reliable ingredients including real meats and vegetables rich in vitamins. The food is full of nutrition and nourishment for pet dogs. It is also complete and balanced with a rich nutritional value. Some of the products and foods offered by Beneful include dry dog food, chopped blends, meadleys, dog snacks and prepared meals. All the dog food made by Beneful has a number of varieties and flavors to choose. The food has a variety of good proteins in form of beef, lamb, chicken as well as pork. It has different textures and chunk sizes ranging from thinly diced blends to bigger chunks as in Hearty Rosters. It also has carrots, barley, green beans and rice. In its baked delights, the company’s dog snacks are first crafted and later oven-baked. They have a range of varieties that most pets love. All baked snacks include flavors like bacon, cheese, peanut butter and beef. It also comes in an assortment of great textures like savory cookies and crispy crackers. All dry as well as wet dog foods have wholesome flavors, balanced nutrition are very healthy. The food contains antioxidants as well as omega-rich ingredients. Each bowl served with Beneful dog food on Target is both refreshing and appetizing for your pet. It is also healthy and satisfying. Nestle Purina is currently looking for an agency like Amazon to handle all creative responsibility concerning the dog food brand. The brand had been until recently handled by Fallon which has not defended its position in continuing to take on the brand. Beneful spent about $40.7 million in the third quarter of 2013. It has been a client of Fallon for almost 25 years. Purina is a pet company that has been in operation for over 80 years. The company deals with placing pets with people and provides all secondary necessities needed to flourish this relationship. One of the company’s main brands is Beneful Dog Food. The company has forged partnerships with other organizations dealing with pet welfare and humane treatment. The company funds and conducts important research centered on the wellbeing of pets and their nutrition.