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Eucatex is a Brazilian company that started and established itself quite a while back in 1954. During this time, it dealt with just producing and selling eucalyptus wood fiber that could even be used to make liners and insulators; these were the ceiling tiles, panels, as well as soft boards. This company was dedicated to caring for the environment but still establishing an aural comfort. By the year 1965, the company had expanded and put up several offices is various Brazilian cities and in Argentina. In one day, Eucatex could produce up to 100ton and therefore, it had enough to export to European countries.

In the present world, says the group is amongst the top supporters of numerous construction and furniture industries. There are now three complex factories that complete the Eucatex Group. They are;

• Plate, Paints and Varnishes in Salto
• Panels and floor works in Botucatu
• A forestry unit

This company is well established, and literary has its hands all over two major industries that include construction and furnishing as well. The products in that this company produces are essential for these two industries. They include;

Laminating flooring Eucafloor
Divilux partitions used to plan rooms and offices as well as doors that are highly admirable and portray great sophistication and strength.

The paints produced offer a great selection. For instance, there is Acrylic Paint, Latex PVA, enamels, floors, oils, enamels, and varnishes. In addition, the professionals are trying hard to meet the needs of their clients who prefer the E-Color system of tinting that has more than two thousand options. It also produces paints that are waterproof.
To have such a successful company, it needs a great leader. This so happens to be Mr. Flavio Maluf, who is a graduate in mechanical engineering. Flavio attained a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from FAAP. He then went ahead and specialized in people management, accounting for non-accountants as well as Rural Management. That is not all as he also specialized in Foreign Trade Principles and Foreign Exchange Principles. With so much knowledge, anything he lays his hands on became a success.

He then became the president as well as the Chairman of the Board of Executive Officers of the Eucatex group. In addition, he is the Vice Chief Executive Officer at Eucatex Trading in Engenharia.

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