Thor Halvorssen Works Night And Day To Help Those In Need

Thor Halvorssen is the outspoken leader of The Human Rights Foundation. He has spent the majority of his adult life championing the freedoms and human rights of those being oppressed by tyrannical governments and dictators.

He began his fight with the freeing of his father from imprisonment by the Venezuelan government. His father was a high ranking official that exposed corruption by the government and was subsequently captured and tortured. Thor himself negotiated the release. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Thor’s mother was a human rights activist too but she was shot and killed during a peaceful protest in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez’s men were the ones responsible for her death. Even Thor’s cousin was not able to escape capture and is still being held prisoner to this day.

According to Crunchbase, these are the reasons why Thor Halvorssen works so hard to give people a fighting chance to live freely and not fear imprisonment and even death.

Thor has a team of devoted human rights activists that run the Human Rights Foundation. They work tirelessly and even set foot in the countries where they hear of people being captured or oppressed. They negotiate in person in some cases which are incredibly dangerous but they believe in taking action rather than sitting behind a desk.

One of his more notable accomplishments aside from helping those in need of his services is the creation of the Oslo Freedom Forum. It is a yearly gathering of people all over the world that are devoted to the human rights movement.

It started as a small gathering and has now turned into a yearly gathering that lasts an entire week. There are a variety of gatherings and activities during the week that are designed to create contacts and connections between activists that are sprinkled all over the globe.  Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

Thor Halvorssen is also a media contributor and is consulted frequently regarding issues in the world today by news agencies and written publications. Thor’s opinion is widely respected and he has managed to grab the ears of influential people in governments all over the world. Thor works night and day to help squash oppression and to let his viewpoints and opinions be heard.