Since the introduction of Smartphones, more apps are being developed every day. Drawbridge recently summarized the most used apps in IOS and Android phones in the last three months of 2014.

During the fourth quarter of 2015, the top used messaging app was tango in October while November and December iFunny and words with friends topped respectively. In the same quarter, the Words with Friends app led having more than 3.3 million unique daily users and 8.6 million unique monthly users.

Most people with Android phones seemed to use the Clean Master app which led last 2015 quarter followed by CM Security Antivirus Applock. The Clean Master led with daily unique users numbered at 49.6 million and monthly unique users at a staggering 151.7 million. CM Security Antivirus Applock had UDU of 24.8 million and UMUof 78.6 million users.

In the first three months of 2016, the same trend is predicted according to Drawbridge. They also foresee the rise in dating app with Valentines around the corner. Dating apps like MeetMe and Skout are expected to be on the increase regarding daily unique users and monthly unique users.

Skout is one of the most used dating apps in the world. It is available in 14 languages and used in 180 countries around the world. Skout is available on both Android and IOS platforms and an internet website.

Skout provides a safe platform to meet your ideal partner. It is divided into two categories for adults and teens.It ensures that there is regulation of what the teens share and receive. The app helps clients find matches in their geographical area and help them connect. The clients first register through Facebook where they set up their profiles.

The app also helps users travelling able to meet new friends in their respective destinations.It may come in handy especially during Valentine. The feature is called Skout Travel and already has 10 million registered users.It works by giving people virtual tours using one’s camera.It may not be a traveling app but serves the purpose when need be. It has been reportedly led to an increase in tourist numbers in Venice.

Skout is rated among the top grossing social networking apps in the world. This recognition may increase in the valentine’s season where many people are expected to download the app. Simple reason being many people desire to be with someone during this season hence will find a way to make the season fantastic. People want an easy and fast app to deal with hence opting for Skout. Hence, the app is expected that during its next 2016 quarter, the profits will have significantly increased.

According to Drawbridge, drawing evidence from Apple and Google store reports, most users of smartphones and tablets spend their time on apps. These apps are mostly Tango, iFunny, and Words With Friends app. The curve of the returns has been going up since the year 2015 and is expected to continue with the same trend in 2016.


Social media has become an active and influential communication tool over the last few years. There are literary hundreds of new social media sites being rolled out by web developers every day. The prevalence of mobile communication gadgets makes it possible for users to download and register on limitless sites.

Step forward Skout. A social media application that facilitates the interaction of users all around the world. The Skout Company developed and programmed this platform in 14 languages and now boasts of a user profile from 180 countries. The Skout website operates more or less like a typical social media site where a user signs up and provides their bio-data. A user also provides accurate customization information such as personal tastes and preferences used in searching for friends with common interests. Skout automatically links with a user’s facebook and email account.The Skout mobile application is available on App Store and Google Play.

The site Skout is designed to connect people from all parts of the world. It recently received an added travel feature that uses Gps to unite tourists and adventure seekers in an area. The travel feature has elevated the popularity and client rating of the app with a cool 10 million members signed up in a year. The travel feature helps users to take a virtual excursion to a site of interest through Gps before an actual visit is set up. The custom Skout screen displays users in proximity to the account holder’s area or users with similar interests.

Skout is now one of the fastest growing social media application in the world. Like all other social media, applications is widely being used by teenagers and young adults. A close social examination reveals that teenage years are that period of self-development. Social relationships continue to grow, and Skout has therefore become a platform for expanding social circles. A significant percentage of teenagers are users on Skout. However, parents are less likely to lose sleep over their children’s indulgence in the app since its rated one of the safest dating sites for teens.

The growth of social media has led to the erosion of some fundamental values, norms, and etiquette. Globalization and the influence of celebrities take the blame for it. The developers of Skout have laid down the law and discouraged anti-social behavior by banning the sharing of graphic, nude or semi-nude images. The site also profiles, groups and places users in respective age groups. Teenage users have their circles while adults in their late twenties have autonomous circles. Ideas and the general context of information, therefore, remain within a peer group.

The company just recently launched another exciting app known as Fuse. It allows users to create their social circles with an insider network. The new app is also gaining popularity with about 1.5 million users registered per month.

Skout to Launch New App Fuse

Skout is a social networking application that has been in developed for the better of the past three years. Though the app isn’t a house hold name yet, on the same wave length as something like Facebook or Instagram, it is still shaking up the foundation for users who love to socially connect on the digital platforms. At the time of this writing Skout has already connected over 500 million people in almost 200 countries. The app itself is almost misleadingly simple but it attacks a niche that has been surprisingly ignored by other developers: connecting strangers to one another. Creating friendships is harder the older you get so it was nice to see the people at Skout take a swing at the task.

What is Skout?
Skout on huffingtonpost is also the name of the company behind the popular app. The company was founded in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Nik Lindstrom. A few years later their self titled app got some serious investment cash flow and this allowed them to push the app on a whole new level. We quickly saw Wiklund and Lindstrom hire developers to gear up the release of their app. Before long it hit the market and has since been growing.

Skout is a simple iOS app that is completely free to download. It initially started out on the internet but transitioned over to mobile usage, presumably so that it didn’t compete with Facebook and Twitter and the like. The app is made profitable by in app purchases as well as customer engagement through advertisements. Users can perform various actions on the app and it requires them to use their ‘points’. Not unlike ‘gems’ or what have you in game apps, these points are made with the intent to get users to keep on purchasing them to do more activities.

Registration on Skout is easy as you have the option to link to your Facebook account. Once inside of Skout all you need to know are a few basic engagement techniques. The home page is grid after grid of online profiles with their pictures displayed which makes the aesthetic very easy on the eyes. You tap a users profile image in order to bring up a list of options and from there you can begin to create actual relationships. The goal here is to contact people you never would have otherwise and to start propagating real fruitful friendships and relationships.

Skout to launch Fuse.
Fuse is a change of pace from the relative anonymity that the Skout app offers. This app works via your cell phone contact list and it cannot be used unless you know the phone number of the person you want to contact. Fuse is like a mixture of conventional texting, group chatting, and Snapchatting. You create a message or take a picture and then set a ‘time limit’ on it.