The Greatest Basketball League of All Times

In the United States of America, basketball is the main sport that attracts almost a third of the sports fun. The game has grown to become one of the world’s greatest sport but more prevalent in the US. The game’s popularity is what has made popular investors like Bruce Levenson to move in with speed to make a killing in the business aspect of the game. However, Levenson of AJC is a great fun of the Atlanta Hawks, basketball team in the NBA league and also a major partner in the ownership of the team. Levenson has put his money where his heart is literary.

The formation of the NBA league that has grown to become the only globally acknowledged basketball league began a while ago in 1946. This league has outlived the challenges of time and it has beaten all the odds along the way to become the great outfit that we see today. The NBA is a super league that has sprung up heroes in the game and every upcoming player yearns for an opportunity to play in a team in this league. From the 1940s, the league has attracted the attention of many fans in the United States and beyond hence the global respect that the team commands.

NBA is the short form of National Basketball Association which is responsible for managing basketball teams in the US and organization tournaments. The coveted ultimate price in the league is the NBA championship title which is a cream for all the American teams that play in the league. The NBA has worked very hard over the years to make the league stand so strong almost various challenges among them the great competition from other leagues in its initial formation stages. For the leagues to withstand and beat the competition, it had to do something.

The greatest threat and the major completion to the NBA, which was initially known as the Basketball Association of America, was the National Basketball Association, NBL. This was the only league among many others that gave the BAA a headache. With other leagues still competing for the same position, the only way to emerge as winners was to do the unthinkable, the two leagues merged to become one major leagues. This is how NBA came into existence and the merger seems to have had a very positive impact on the sport. Form then onward, the NBA league begun to rise.

Today, the world over NBA is the most popular league known in the world of basketball and every aspiring basketball player yearns to join the league. The NBA league features some of the greatest payers of the world and great teams as well including the Atlanta Hawks. The leagues has been attracting good teams because of its strong and effective managerial structures having been able to hold on to the leadership position in the leagues industry for years now.

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