FreedomPop Is Planning To Expand In A Major Way

Most people are familiar with WhatsApp. After all, it has more than 1 billion users worldwide and is owned by none other than Facebook. There is another quickly expanding company by the name of FreedomPop. It’s the MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) who offers the free plans for anybody who wishes to join. The hook with them is the 200 texts, 200 talk minutes and the 200MB of data that they offer for zero dollars to the customer.

You always have the option to upgrade to more data and minutes, but it’s never forced on the customer. It’s all your choice here. The relatively new company’s hope is that you become one of the ones who chooses to upgrade for a fee. If not, that’s totally fine too. They currently boast a 40% rate of people who choose to take the upgrade. Pretty impressive numbers for such a new player in the game.

Their recent announcement to join with WhatsApp is a huge deal for the company. This means that they will be joining forces with a company who already has over 1 billion potential customer. Another thing that makes this a massive move is the fact that Whats App is always free to use. The combination will be very difficult for any competitors to eclipse the market. Surely this is the whole idea for the company’s new announcement.

There is much faith in the FreedomPop brand also. With them already receiving a hefty $50 million in backing from investors. Facebook made a very smart move by purchasing the company WhatsApp for a cool $19 billion. The company obviously is great at spotting trends and how to capitalize on them. The idea is not entirely a new one however. Back in 2014 WhatsApp partnered with German mobile network E-Plus. It came in the form of a SIM card launch aimed at WhatsApp power users looking for unlimited access to the platform.

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Freedompop: Discount Phones and Free Services

Many changes have occurred over the past couple years in mobile technology and services. According to a recent online article by Android Authority, mobile carriers are becoming highly competitive with their pricing due to these changes. Even though we have seen a reduction in plan pricing, people still have to shell out a lot of money for cell phones and mobile plans each month, says the article.

These expenses have mobile customers talking about Freedom Pop, a mobile service that provides talk, text, and data for absolutely free. They even offer free international calling to over 50 countries, reports Android Authority. Customers who sign up for the free plan will enjoy 200 minutes of talk, 500 texts, and 500MB of data. There are no registrations costs and no contracts and customers can use their existing phones. The only cost would be for a phone if someone does not own one.

Lots of customers can do just fine with the free monthly limits; however, there are some who need more minutes, says the article. There are small fees assessed each month for overages.
For $10.99 a month, customers can have unlimited texting and talking, with 500MB of data. Customers who need more data can chose the $19.99 a month plan and they will get 1GB of data. Another premium perk offers voicemail, data rollover, wireless tethering, and MMS support, says the article.

It is easy to get started with Freedompop’s free services. As a special for new customers without phones, FreedomPop is selling Motorola Mote E (Second generation) for just $49.99. These phones are in certified pre-owned condition and usually sell for nearly $250. Along with the phone, customers will get a free month trial of Freedompop’s premium plan of unlimited talk, text, and the 1GB of data. They do not have to sign contracts and can switch to the free plan any time they want during or after the trial, says the article.