Keep Smooth Lips Year Round!

Summer of 2016 is coming to an end and it’s time to prepare for the colder months that are soon to come. For us women, sometimes our lips are the first thing someone notices when encountering us! To make sure we keep our lips healthy and moisturized, we need to be using the right Lip Balm. So who says you can’t moisturize and rock a pretty smile?

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) Shimmer Spheres are hands down my favorite Lip Balm products, especially for dry chapped lips. They come in great flavors and feel incredibly soft and smooth when applying to yours lips. What I love most about this specific Lip Balm is the beautiful shimmer tint it leaves allowing you to enhance your gorgeous smile while keeping your lips moisturized. This product is perfect for when you need to add that extra shine to your smile. Shimmer Spheres really seem to have the perfect amount of shimmer to where it doesn’t feel like to much glam but enough to go out on the town! You can find the Shimmer Spheres here and try one for yourself!

For days glamour and shine aren’t a concern I would highly advise trying the EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm’s without the shimmer! Using this Lip Balm certainly gives your lips a healthy organic boost with its all-natural tropical flavors. Both of these Lip Balms contain Vitamin-E to ensure your lips are healthier than ever. The Sphere Shaped container is also easy to screw on and off with great protection for keeping out unwanted dirt and germs. To try out any of the EOS Lip Balms available and see what other flavors and products there is to offer click here:

Making sure your lips are healthy and smooth assures a beautiful smile and confidence. When considering affordability there’s no doubt the EOS Lip Balms are priced just right. You can also try the Sphere’s by picking one up at your local drug store or supermarket. Keeping you lips healthy and smooth year round prevents them from drying out which can cause a rough texture that is certainly unpleasant. Remember, lips are one of the first features noticed. So why not treat them with the best? Follow EOS on Twitter to be updated. Check out their Linked In profile: