Anthony Petrello – Pushing Nabor Industries to the Limits

Anthony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd. He is a graduate from Harvard University, school of law. He also holds a mathematical degree from Yale University. According to his college roommate Lloyd Grove, Anthony Petrello was brilliant and good in math.

Nabors Industries Ltd started in 1968. It was first named as Anglo Energy. It is found in Hamilton, Bermuda. Nabors provided natural gas, oil and geothermal drilling services. It serves American, African, Far East and Middle Eastern regions. While in this company, Petrello served as a chief operating officer. Since the year 2011, Mr. Anthony has been the Chief Executive Officer at Nabors Industries Ltd.

Moreover, Petrello served as the deputy chair at Nabors Industries for nine years ending 2012. Besides, he has been a director of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC since 2011. Petrello also served at as a director at Texas children’s Hospital, Inc. and

Mr. Petrello’s compensation in the year 2015 was remarkable. He received this sum of money while serving as a chair, president and CEO at Nabors Industries Ltd. From the calculations he received a salary of $1,492,982, bonus of $1,492,982 and a stock of $10,808,769. In addition, he also received other compensations worth$1,325,938. This cumulatively earned him $15,202,689.

Petrello’s eight year old daughter was later diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia. Petrello and his wife are both committed to make sure that their daughter learns many skills. A case in point is the $5 million they gave to Texas Children’s Hospital. In conclusion, Petrello is among the best paid CEOs. In 2014 however, he did not emerge the best paid. This was so because his roles as a chair and CEO were split. Consequently, this limited his executive payment. He however holds the record as the best paid CEO.

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Understanding Real Investment Partnership with Laidlaw & Company

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