Goettl: conquering the heat since 1926

Would you turn down financial advice from a self-made billionaire? Probably not, right? Perhaps you should take the same approach to keeping your home cool? After all, is does affect your finances and comfort. NorCal.news posted an article in which Air Conditioning pioneer and leader Goettl provided an inside track on ways to keep your home cool, things that you probably didn’t know. “Goettl Tells All: Even Though you live in NorCal, I bet you didn’t know this trick about your HVAC system.” The article presents itself from the most practical perspective (your electric bill) otherwise who would care if we could just run our AC units at full blast without a care in the world. Here are a few tips that stood out the most from the article.

  • Keep your unit shaded. Shaded areas are cooler and will result in your unit not having to work as hard.
  • Have your unit tuned up once a year. Mechanical devices need regular maintenance to keep them performing properly.
  • Change the filter: even if your unit is blowing cold air you don’t want the allergens and dust that come along with it.

The bottom line is, take care of your system and it will take care of you and your family.

Goettl was established in Phoenix, Az back in the late 1920’s. The company went on to become an international power by mass producing evaporative coolers, but not just producing them, being innovators in the technology of Air Conditioning. At one point Goettl held over 100 patents. Not surprising, who would know more about AC than a company based out of Phoenix? One of the hottest places in the United States.

“Our Mission is to do the right thing for the customer the first time and provide an unmatched quality of service.”

Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical leading the industry since 1926.