HRF Thor Halvorssen Goes on FOX News to Blast Hillary and Boost Bernie

It was a fascinating three and a half minute discussion about socialism, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and human rights, when Thor Halvorssen sat down the FOX News’ Trish Regan. The Human Rights Foundation founder revealed on The Intelligence Report that he would support a democrat who bears a socialist philosophy rather than one who supports a dictatorship.


Halvorssen admits right away that socialism is “a violation of basic human rights,” and ending poverty comes about through the creation of more wealth and free markets and not by redistributing wealth.


Democrat Bernie Sanders has been labeled the “Socialist Senator” by many, but Halvorssen is still supporting Sanders’ bid for the White House and has written the largest contribution allowable to his campaign.


That might sound crazy but not to the HRF founder, because Halvorssen believes that Sanders’ democratic opponent is on board with the fundamentals of dictatorship. He claims that front-runner Hillary Clinton has pocketed “millions and millions of dollars” from the dictatorships of Algeria, Saudi Arabia and other countries that execute people because they are gay, or bar freedom of the press to its citizens and so forth.


Halvorssen also attacked Republican front-runner Donald Trump, because he is fine with Russia’s Putin and dictator policies.


The HRF founder grew up with experience on these issues when his father was jailed as a political prisoner in Venezuela and mother was shot by the regime of Hugo Chavez. Halvorssen currently has a first cousin imprisoned in Venezuela.


He believes that democratic socialism can exist where there is rule of law. The problem arises when the executive decides to take control of everything.


“I would rather have a democratic socialist than a supporter of dictators in the White House,” Halvorssen emphasized in his closing remarks with FOX News’ Regan.


Thor Halvorssen Asks Nicki Minaj To Hold Off On Angola

Nicki Minaj was recently contracted to perform in Angola by the government, but the Human Rights Foundation sent a letter to Minaj asking her to back out of her concert obligations. There is a long history in Angola of human rights abuses under the Dos Santos family, and HRF founder Thor Halvorssen did not want Minaj to get involved with a family that has such a tainted history. This article explains how Thor Havlorssen reached out to Nicki Minaj to prevent promotion of a country with a poor human rights record.

#1: Why Did Thor Havlorssen Start The Human Right Foundation?

Thor Halvorssen started the Human Rights Foundation to make light of human rights buses around the world. Nations around the world are often slow to action when human rights abuses occur, but the Human Rights Foundation is prepared to speak about any abusive behavior it sees. Thor is willing to speak to world leaders in a way that other world leaders would not, and he uses the Human Rights Foundation banner to ensure that human rights abuses are known to the public.

#2: Why Block Nicki Minaj From Going To Angola

The human rights situation in Angola is deplorable in every sense, but many people around the world are not aware of how ruthless the Dos Santos family is. The Dos Santos family has ruled Angola for several decades, and the situation has taken a backseat to other problems around the world. Nicki Minaj planned to go to Angola for a paycheck, but Thor did not want her to be paid with blood money.

#3: Thor’s Objections Are Well-Founded

Thor Halvorssen does not want anyone with worldwide appeal to work for the government of a country that has abused people the way Angola has. Thor believes that Minaj would be tacetly endorsing the human rights abuses in Angola, and Thor knows that the money she would be paid comes out of the pockets of the people of that nation. The conflict of interest is obvious, and Thor wanted to make light of that as quickly as possible.

The national of Angola has a terrible human right record, and Thor Halvorssen does not want Nicki Minaj or any other entertainer to visit the country. Thor believes that countries like Angola must be exposed for the things they do to their people, and he does not want entertainers to make these countries look popular again.