Michael Zomber: How History Shaped This Samurai-Loving Historian

The name Michael Zomber usually makes people think of the Samurai. Of course, there are others who cannot separate the name from some of the most exquisite antique guns in the market. This makes sense since Zomber has made it his business to preserve and educate people about some of the history regarding weapons and the Samurai. Keep in mind that his collection of antique guns and swords is also one of the most coveted collections in the world. It is not easy to collect such priceless artifacts. It took Zomber around 40 years to collect everything he has, yet he will not tell you that his collection is complete because there are simply many more pieces to find.

Zomber has always had a fascination with history, which is evident due to what he did in his life. Zomber was born in Washington DC, and his childhood was like many others, except he did gravitate to shows, games, and other activities that exposed tidbits of literature and history. It is this passion that he continued to nurture and grow as he grew up. Zomber went on to get his English Literature bachelor’s degree, which was given to him with honors. He also earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He continued to get a master’s degree in English Literature at UCLA. Some might think Zomber had to work hard during his University years, but the truth is he mostly had fun since the subjects covered (that he was attempting to get these degrees in) were subjects he was interested in.

Zomber never thought that he was going to make a living doing what he loves, but he surprised himself. His knowledge of history is so respected that he has been a guest on several programs showed on the History Channel. Zomber has also penned several historical books that have gathered much praise, like Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, Shogun Iemitsu, and Jesus and the Samurai. Zomber was intricate in making his intricate documentary called the Soul of the Samurai. This film was produced with the help of his wife, Andrea. It goes to show that it is possible to share the same passion with a significant other. The couple have two children, and they are surely hoping that the history bug bites them, too. It would be nice if the whole family had the same love.  Check out Michael’s books on Amazon, and follow the man himself on Facebook.