David Mcdonalds Success at the OSI Group

David Mcdoald was a long time union activist and a guide setter at Jones and Laughin Steel Company rolling mills. Additionally, Mcdonald was also an actor based in America from the year 2000 to 2014. While working at Steel Workers Organizing Committee (SWOC), Phillip Murray the acting director named him the union’s secretary-secretary in the year 1936. Four years later Murray was named the President where he sent David Mcdonald to England in 1944 to report on the ongoing war. Later on, Murray passed on and Mcdonald was appointed the acting President.

As the president of the OSI Group, Macdonald has overseen the group’s success for more than 10 years. By the year 2012, the company had expanded its borders to great heights. The company started supplying its products to other countries like China. The group set its first food processing company in Beijing China in the year 1992. As a result, the group became a success with its rise with the Chinese economy for more than 20 years. China highly appreciated their work since they received zero complains from their consumers. Their products included chicken, beef, pork, dehydrated onion, just to name a few.

The group continued with the expansion of its borders under Mcdonalds management whereby they acquired other processing companies like Baho food, a food processing company based in Europe. Mcdonald remarked that, the quality of food offered by the company was exemplary. He further added that, the production of food would increase their level of servicet to great heights. He also discussed of his intended plans to run the Baho Company implying that, the relationship between the companies would improve as their old employees would remain in their positions. He further insinuated that his decision was aimed to ease the burden associated with foreign acquisition.

Macdonald’s Education Background

The OSI’S Group president undertook his education at a Catholic parochial school in the year 1995. He later on enrolled at Carnegie Institute of Technology, which is now part of Carnegie Mellon University, where he fueled his passion in acting, drama, and dancing. Macdolnald has been successful in his career due to his passion and good leadership skills that he has learned over the years.

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Premium Dog Food On Mind of Manufacturers

Premium dog food has been at the forefront of the decision making for dog food makers and with good reason; premium dog foods make up almost $11 billion of the total $24 billion of dog foods overall, which represents a growth of almost 50% of this market segment. Dog food makers are trying to diversify into this growing market and attract a large segment of customers who are not overly concerned with the prices of the products and are more concerned with the quality of the food that they are feeding their pets. The premium dog food market is a long way from the days in which dog food makers tried to raise revenue simply be increasing volume. Organic and natural dog foods are attracting more customers and dog food makers are offering products that promise to be organic and even cage free in some cases, which emulates the health food market for people. Some makers are indicating that the quality of food is on par with human food. Brands such as Purina Beneful have added organic foods to their product line by acquiring smaller competitors like Beneful did with Merrick Pet Care just for their organic food offerings, while small brands like Freshpet are introducing organic dog foods that even need to be refrigerated. That isn’t the only way that dog food makers are attacking the premium care market. Some are offering specialized dog foods that appeal to small segment of the market. Beneful is doing so by offering products on Purina store that are designed for older dogs who may have some digestion problems, while Mars has a line with products that sound like they would be meals offered at your favorite restaurant like Lasagna. Clearly the premium dog food market has a wealth of ideas and strategies that are providing a growing number of options for Amazon consumers and higher quality dog food for the dogs themselves. While these added benefits have a higher cost for consumers, many people have no problem spoiling their dogs, which is leading to this wealth of opportunities for dog food makers as well as the dogs themselves.