Northstar Healthcare/Nobilis Healthcare Expands and Enjoys Growth Expansion

Northstar Healthcare, as part of an expansion into the United States capital markets, has changed their name to Nobilis as an avoidance with other companies receiving funding using the name Northstar. Investors will continue to trade on the TSX under the NHC Northstar Healthcare. Nobilis recently closed a debt financing of $25 million through the Health Care Financial Services of GE Capital. This funding is to cover the debt and their planned expansion costs.

Nobilis Healthcare partners with physicians in the management and ownership of outpatient and acute care facilities and services, operates and manages six outpatient surgical centers in Houston, one in Dallas, Texas, and one in Scottsdale, Arizona. Also managing two imaging centers and one urgent care clinic is also in Houston Texas. They are also focusing on expanding their healthcare services to accommodate more patients’ needs and offer additional services.

The expected growth of this healthcare company has improved since the expansion began. Stock prices had reached a high of $9.34 over a 52-week high. Since the drop in the stock price TSX has enjoyed a 7% increase since the expansion began. The stock price is expected to increase to $10.00 before the climb reaches the expected price. Added promotional advertisements announcing the expansion of services have drawn much attention to Nobilis Healthcare (Northstar Healthcare).

Among the specialties of this institution are the ears, nose, and throat care, including cochlear implantation. Spinal care includes lumbar, cervical, and Interventional spinal surgery. Hand, shoulder and elbow care and surgery, include rotator cuff and carpal tunnel. Steroid injections managing pain, Transforaminal Steroid Injections, including many other spinal therapeutic pain management therapy. Arthroscopic surgery due to wear and tear of the patella, and other repairs and replacements include knee replacement due to arthritic conditions and injury repair. In addition, ACL reconstruction, knee lateral tears and repair, meniscus repair, Achilles repairs and other sports injuries. Nobilis (Northstar) is known for the extensive pain management care through education and various treatment plans and their repertoire of care continues to expand.

The health care physicians pride themselves in personalized care of patients. In determining the best plan for each patient an individual patient care plan designed to treat the entire patient for the continued well-being of each patient’s condition. The Nobilis Healthcare (Northstar) website, is located at Information including addresses of various locations, phone numbers, and information, including contact forms and in-house call centers is listed on the Noblis website. The phone number for direct calls to receive information is 1-713-355-8614.

Education and years of training of surgeons and staff members ensure outstanding health care provided within the family of physicians at Nobilis.