Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner Success

The Tenth Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner held last May was geared towards raising $972, 960. The money was meant to finance the fund’s schools campus that is at Port Elizabeth in South Africa. The pediatric clinic on the school campus will be renovated and expanded to meet the needs of the society. Moreover, the fund will help the school to open its doors to more disadvantaged children in the African society. The above is in line with the Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner, which mainly picks disadvantaged kids and educates them and offers them other forms of support until they begin their careers. Albeit the event took a whole night, the committee raised the desired target.

Andrew Rolfe, who is the chairman of the Ubuntu Fund, treated 300 guests to sumptuous meals and music performed by African based bands. He also presented testimonials of people who had benefited from the fund. Case in point, Sinesipho who spoke after the dinner said that her home was very stressing because the father was always drunk and abusive to them and their mother. He never took responsibility to educate them because every coin he raised went to his drinking. The mother was also constantly stressed from the beating and abuse from her husband. However, Sinesipho got a scholarship From the Ubuntu Gala Fund to school at Port Elizabeth. That turned her life around as she is now about to join law school. She also has convinced the mom to move away from the father’s abuse.

Andrew Rolfe

Other than being the chairman of the Ubuntu Fund Group, Andrew Rolfe is the head of private equity and a managing director of The Towebrook Company. Additionally, he also chairs the portfolios Committee of the Tower Brook. Previously Rolfe was also the President of the Gap Inc. International and Chief Executive at Booker Food Service. He was also the Chairman at Pret A Manger. His leadership acumen is very sharp as has been proven by the various leadership positions which he has so far held.

Rolfe took his Bachelor of Arts studies at Oxford University and later took his MBA at Harvard Business School.