Norka Martinez: An Inspiration to Budding Musicians

Becoming a professional musician has always been a difficult task. The diversification of audience needs and the increase in the number of budding musicians has additionally made establishing a successful career in the music industry harder. Fortunately, Norka Martinez is here to encourage all the aspiring musicians. Her story creates a fresh air of positivity for upcoming musicians looking forward to breaking into the music industry. The Miami-based singer developed a love for singing at a tender age. Since then, she has made it her responsibility to use her talent for the good of others.

Early life and education

Ms. Martinez has supportive parents who have supported her talents and motivated her to follow her dreams. They enrolled her in instrument, dance and singing classes. Her success is a manifestation of her continuous determination, hard work, and personal drive. During her time in France as a student, she was able to strike a strategic balance between education and music.

According to her profile, she was able to juggle her education and music. She would perform in French nightclubs in the evenings after she was through with classes. Additionally, Norka Luque would travel with a street team known as Bad Moon Rising.

She graduated from the French business college and headed to Monaco in search of a job. Luque found a job in the banking sector of Monaco. Unfortunately, she did not like the job. She felt that a banking job did not give her the room to exercise her creativity.

Moving to the United States and meeting Emilio Estefan

Ms. Martinez packed her bags and headed for the United States soon after she quit her banking job. She settled in Miami, the “Capital of Latin America.” While performing in one of the Miami nightclubs, Mr. Estefan spotted her and invited her to the Crescent Moon Studio.

Releasing her first album

With the help of Emilio and other professionals in the Latin music industry, Luque was able to release her first studio album. The album was composed of several songs; however, only three of them became successful. Some of the songs are “As You Do It,” “Milagro” and “Tomorrowland.”

The song “Milagro” became an international hit. It was composed by top Latino music producers such as Luigi Giraldo, Hermanos, and Archie Pena. If you listen to the song, you will realize that it is a perfect combination of reggae, Caribbean and Mediterranean sounds. Find more information on Norka Martinez Luque here: