Premium Dog Food Is Worth And That’s Why I Buy Beneful

It’s no wonder why my dogs are so happy with their lives. A happy dog is a dog that eats a well balanced diet and maintains a regular, active lifestyle. My kids certainly do their jobs getting the dogs all excited about going on walks, and I enjoy the exercise, too. Their diet is one of the main contributing factors to their happiness, so I decided to do some research on what dogs should eat. I found that grains are bad for dogs, so I decided to switch brands of dog food. I now feed my dogs Beneful brand dog food because it is made with real ingredients, and I know it smells better, so it must taste better than the dog food I was buying them before. They seem happier eating the Beneful Chopped Blends that I buy them now. It is filled with real ingredients. I know this because you can actually see the real pieces of chicken, rice and vegetables packed in the container. I’m no sucker for higher priced items, but I just know that Beneful is worth it because they use real ingredients. The reason they have to charge more than the cheap blends is because they pay more for high quality ingredients to be in their foods. Beneful Chopped Blends smells like food that would go on someone’s table. It is the closest dog food I have seen that compares to people food. When I was doing my wikipedia research on dog foods I came across a compelling article that points out just what I was saying earlier. It also indicated that these high quality dog food manufacturers that make the premium dog foods like Beneful have high standards for their practices and the taste of their dog foods. They employ taste testers. In the article, one of the manufacturing chiefs actually takes a bite of the dog food in front of the reporter, and he is pleasantly unsurprised by the taste. Some of this information was published in the Daily Herald. To get the original story, you should visit this site for the article.