Doe Deere Says It’s Good to Think Differently

For some reason, a lot of people seem to have the misconception that the only way to find true happiness is think just like every other person around you. There are precious few individuals that realize that thinking differently can actually be a good thing. Fortunately for many people, Doe Deere is one of those individuals. If it were not for her ability to think differently, there is a better than average chance that her dynamic cosmetics company, Lime Crime, would never have been created in the first place.

In a recent interview, she explains why thinking differently has always worked for her and why it can work for other people, too. Stating that her favorite place in the world is her home country of Russia, she also has the ability to take places she has lived in the United States, such as New York City and Los Angeles, and make them a part of who she is. When she first moved to the United States, she was a promising and budding musician who just happened to enjoy fashion in a very different way from what most people considered normal. She gravitated toward extremely bright colors when it came to things like eyeshadow, lipstick and even hair color. Furthermore, she enjoyed incorporating style in order to complete the look by choosing unique clothing. The problem was, she wasn’t able to find any of the things that allowed her to complete her look the way she really wanted to, largely because they weren’t available.

Eventually, all of this got her thinking about why the only things that were available in the cosmetics industry were very generic, vanilla types of colors. She remembers that she could find beige in virtually anything, but if she wanted something that would help her create a more bold look, it simply wasn’t available for purchase. Not being one to settle for something that was less than what she wanted, she made the decision to make her own cosmetics for personal use. She wanted something that reflected how she thought about herself and the world, and she didn’t want to be forced into conforming to what everyone else deemed acceptable.

Without a doubt, it takes someone that has a great deal of courage to think outside the box, especially when it is not widely considered acceptable. For Deere, there was simply no other solution to pursue. She admits that she has always had a tendency to think differently about a lot of things and that for a while, she would try to keep those thoughts to herself. However, once she figured out that doing so meant hiding who she really was, she decided to start allowing people to see her true personality. She also points out that she finds this to be much more satisfying and wishes that other people would do the same thing. She wants individuals who are struggling with their own identity to understand that life is much more fulfilling when they are no longer afraid to think for themselves and let their personality shine through to the rest of the world.

Doe Deere On Beauty and Fashion Rules That Are Meant To Be Broken

There are many fashion and beauty commandments but the one Doe Deere, the owner of Lime Crime, adheres to is this – rules are meant to be broken. Doe Deere has spent her life rallying against established fashion practices and this was the reason why she launched Lime Crime. With her brand, she introduced a world of colors to her customers that were previously unavailable.

Here are some new rules that the rule breaking Doe Deere would love people to adopt –

Bold Is Beautiful – Thanks to the new “Bombshell makeup” look, everyone is doing the bold eye with the bold lip trend and there is nothing wrong that. Doe Deere doesn’t agree with the rule of not mixing the two and is a genuine believer of using makeup that makes one happy without restrictions.

Mixing Colors Is Fun – A lot of people think that using too many colors can look gaudy or garish but Doe Deere says that with a bit of color coordination, anyone can make multiple colors work in an outfit. For instance, lavender and hot pink might be a fashion faux pas according to Vogue but everyone knows they look great together.

Intermingling Patterns Is An Art – Fashion magazines claim that mixing too many patterns can lead to disasters but Doe Deere has a tip that non-traditional fashion lovers would agree with – it is all about keeping it in the same color spectrum. For instance, people can have pink stripes and pink eggshell patterns in the same outfit.

Socks and Open Toed Heels Are Go – Doe Deere has a lot of socks with fun patterns on them. People who love socks have to hide them in closed boots because of the rule of no socks with open toed sandals. But, even during winter, there is no need to follow this cliched rule and instead, people can get maximum use out of there summer sandals by following this Doe Deere rule.

Wild Hair Goes With Everything – Some fashion gurus think that to pull of bright and wild hair colors, it is necessary for the outfit to be all black or neutral but that is simply not true. Doe Deere is a huge fan of bright hair color and she loves colorful outfits that further accentuate that.

Age Appropriate Dressing Is Passe – Doe Deere believes that fashion and beauty work for all ages and people shouldn’t restrict themselves just because they have reached a certain age. Her mantra is – if that mini skirt makes someone happy, age should never be brought into the equation.

Dressing For The Occasion Is Unnecessary – Finally, beautiful clothes and outfits are meant to be savored, according to Doe Deere, and waiting for the “perfect occasion” is a habit to avoid.

Whether it is the Unicorn lipsticks or the makeup palettes, Lime Crime and Doe Deere are all about pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion and beauty norms. Doe Deere also believes in fashion and beauty that transcends boundaries of gender and sexuality. Ultimately, she wants people to be happy and to have fun with their makeup and clothes.