The Life and Career of Tony Petrello

For the better part of his life, Tony Petrello has been involved with Nabor Industries. At the moment, he occupies the board of directors of the institution. Other than this responsibility, he is also involved with the executive committee of Nabor Industries Board. This means that he has been involved with the company since the year 1991. At the moment, his official position with the company is the chief operating officer and the president. This is a position that he acquired in October 2011. Prior to this, he used to function as the deputy chairman of the board having acquired this position in the year 2003. At the moment, his main responsibility offer strategic planning for the company. He is also responsible for helping the company adapt in these hard economic times particularly concerning competition.

Nabor Industries is not the first company that Tony Petrello worked with. In the past, he used to work with an institution called Baker & McKenzie. He was involved with this firm from the year 1979 to 1991. At this firm, he learned important skills that would prove crucial to Tony Petrello success. These skills include international arbitration, general corporate law as well as taxation. His destiny might have been shaped by the decisions he made as a young man. Tony Petrello holds a degree in Law from Harvard University. At the same time, he holds a master’s degree in mathematics from the prestigious Yale University. Other than Nabor Industries, Tony Petrello serves boards.

For instance, he is currently involved with Stewart & Stevenson LLL as a board member. He is also involved with Hilcorp Energy Company as a board member. With the Texas Children’s Hospital, Tony Petrello serves under the capacity of Board of Trustees. He helps the institution fight neurological disorders, particularly in children. He recently donated over $5 million to the institution to help fund their research. He also pledged an extra $2 million to the institution. In the year 2016 alone, he made an estimated salary of $15 million making him one of the most highly paid executives in the corporate world.

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Eric Lefkofsky – Highly Successful American Entrepreneur

Eric is among one of the top American entrepreneurs known globally for his various ventures, including Groupon and Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky is well-known for his startup firm Groupon, which went on to become a global company connecting merchants offering attractive deals to the consumers directly. Groupon is worth over $2 Billion today, and its growth story continues at a staggering pace, making a positive impact on the consumers-company relationship today.Eric Lefkofsky is also associated with the health and medical research field using Tempus Inc, a firm he recently started. Tempus is based on the idea that the area of cancer research can grow tremendously if there are ways that would allow the physicians and the research scholars to get a hand on molecular, clinical, patient response, and treatment related data, quickly.

The availability of such data can play a crucial role in defining all kind of therapy that should be offered to the patient for faster recovery. The body and the strength of the immune system, as well as the genetic make of each patient, is different, and thus offering a personalized treatment would get much better results than the one size fits all approach treatment. As per the current system that is practiced in most of the hospitals and medical centers, getting data of how many times a particular medicine was prescribed and what were the results seen in a patient after the prescription, would take several months. However, Tempus aims to make the entire process much faster with the help of advanced technology.

Eric Lefkofsky is a Chicago-based entrepreneur and a firm believer in the power of technology. Recently, he wrote a book named Accelerated Disruption, where he said that the companies need to understand the importance of technology and integrate and update it regularly to stay ahead in the competition. Not able to use the technology to your advantage is a significant disadvantage, and even a start-up in the future can take over a company that has been around for long. As the world of technology keeps on developing and innovating, it is important to use it actively to innovate the industry to make it more efficient, effective, and cost-efficient.

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Mike Baur – Dedicated Entrepreneur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur as well as a businessman. He helped co-found and continues to help manage a company known as Swiss Startup Factory. Before this, he was in banking for more than twenty years. Some of his past companies in which he worked for were UBS and Clariden Leu. He quit his banking career, however, because he wanted to start investing in startup companies. After doing this, he began his company in 2014 with his business partners Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. He also participated as a member of the jury during a start-up pitching contest located at the University of St. Gallen, which was known as START Summiteer. It was in the beginning of 2016 that his company Swiss Startup Factory partnered with the company CTI and he was named the Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest. He led the Swiss Startup Factory through the accelerator program around this time, as well. Mike Baur’s career from the very beginning in Swiss banking all the way to his startup business investments and his entrepreneurial endeavors were all profiled in the Wall Street Journal.


Baur is frequently a key note speaker at many different universities as well as many different corporates. He is also the key note speaker at different startup events. He has a commitment to giving back the knowledge that he has received throughout the years about accelerating startup ideas throughout Switzerland and also developing digital companies. Through these things, his goal is to impact as well as inspire those in Switzerland to get up the courage to come up with their own startup ideas.


It is clear to see that Mike Baur is passionate about his work. He believes that the best solution to the different challenges of digital transformation is to close the gap between the old economy and the new economy. Because of this and his mission to get this gap closed, he acts as a Digital Board Member in numerous different Swiss companies. Although his biggest passion is his work and educating others, he is also passionate about sports. Baur is especially interested in his hometown sports teams including the hockey club Fribourg Gotteron and the professional Swiss tennis players that perform on the ATP tour. He is not only very impressed but also very fascinated with how much the DNA of those who are top athletes resembles those who have started a top startup company.


Mike Baur is a renowned Swiss businessman and entrepreneur. With almost 20 years’ experience in Swiss Private Banking, he has significantly impacted the industry. Baur is a go-getter who has raised hos standards from a commercial apprentice at UBS Wealth Management and Clariden Leu to an executive board member of a large Swiss Private Bank. He also worked at Sallfort Privatbank AG as the private head banking from October 2012 to March 2014. He is also the vice president of Innovation Lab Fribourg (ILF).

In 2014, at the age of 39, Mike Baur together with his partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer founded the Swiss Startup Factory. Swiss Startup Factory is the lead independent and privately financed early stage ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. Swiss Startup Factory is an accelerator that looks for thriving digital entrepreneurs. The company helps young entrepreneurs to start their companies through an adamant network around Switzerland and around the world at large. Swiss Startup Factory runs a three-month-long startup accelerator program which offers different platforms such as services, mentoring, coaching, and an office in Zurich. The company guides you through the whole process of developing and building your company. They also provide young business owners with an entrepreneurial network to help achieve global market.

Mike Baur has participated in many summits and endorsements. He participated as a jury member at the START Summiteer at the University of St. Gallen. Being the founder of Swiss Startup Factory, he led the company through its accelerator program with Goldbach Group and a partnership with Fintech Fusion in 2016.

Mark Baur is very passionate about his work and strives to inspire and impact young people in Switzerland to start their companies. His main mission is to build a bridge between the old economy and the new economy and solve the challenges of digital transformations. He connects both the technologies to increase the value of his banking platform. For the love of motivating the youth in Switzerland, he has become a frequent speaker at different universities, small and mid-size corporate. In these forums, he has greatly impacted the lives of young entrepreneurs.

Mike Baur is also a sports person. He enjoys hockey and loves his hometown hockey club Fribourg Gotteron. He is also an active fan of the Swiss Tennis Pros on the ATP tour. Baur is also a good listener who values the voice of his colleagues, investors and startup specialists. Mike Baur holds an MBA from the University of Rochester, New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Berne.


IAP Worldwide is a top international company. The IAP Worldwide Firm specializes in offering services like facilities management, global-scale logistics, and advanced technical and professional services.

The company has been around for more than six decades though it has been a succession of several companies. The company began operating back in 1953 as Pan AM World Services, Inc. It was building and running the United States of America’s 1st space takeoff complex base in Cape Canaveral, FL.

The Pan AM World Services, Inc. carried out and supported tests for over 2,500 launches. They were also involved in the launch of the first manned shuttle program and air-breathing missiles. For the next 4 ½ decades, the firm started providing facilities maintenance aid and other services like airport master planning, engineering services, and construction management. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services | LinkedIn

In 1990, Johnson Controls, Inc. acquired Pan AM Services, Inc. to form Johnson Controls Worldwide Services Inc. The company became the global number one provider of operations, management and maintenance of military bases and business facilities.

During this period, JCWS came up with new and innovative procedures to boost energy productivity while automating a facility’s security and fire systems, environmental control, lighting and also provide technical aid and short-term personnel support for the company’s expanding client base. Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

IAP Worldwide Company was established in Irmo, SC in the year 2004 as a procurement and logistics provider. They first secured a contract with the United States government to supply the country’s army with generators when the army was in Saudi Arabia. They upgraded to ensure a chance to support the USA troops during the Operation Desert Storm.

The IAP is now a proud partner with the U.S. Military. They are still winning global procurement contracts and other contracts for emergency disaster relief, transportation, and mobile & temporary power production services. In this same year, the IAP won government contracts worth approximately $370 million. Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

In 2006, IAP acquired the Johnson Worldwide Services and its Readiness Management Support to become the nowadays IAP Worldwide Services. It then specialized in Global Operations and Logistics, Professional and Technical services, and Base Operations Support Services.

The firm continued offering these services until 2015 when it acquired G3 Systems Limited. G3 is an engineering company based in the UK. It operates both in its home country and globally offering the UK government international and commercial clients. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. – Facebook

By the year 2014, the IAP was already working under a new board of directors and new ownership with a different structure and capitalization. Today, the IAP Worldwide has more than 1600 employees in over twenty countries and more than 110 locations.

They also have more than 175,000 technicians in many military installations in the Middle East and the US.

Securus Technologies talks breach of Integrity

Securus Technologies has recently brought the attention to an act of misconduct from a communications company called Global Tel Link, claiming that they have produced some billing procedures that haven’t exactly been honest. Securus Technologies is a leading company in the inmate and correctional facility line of work, producing many high end technologies and communication devices enhancing the ability for inmates to correspond and communicate with their loved ones and family members. Reports recently indicate that Global Tel Link (GTL) has been adding time to phone calls made throughout the years to collect additional money as well as adding more than one phone call to the bill in efforts to collect even more money when only one phone call was made. They have caused the tax payers to pay an extra $1,234,000 which isn’t what Global Tel Link should’ve collected in the first place. The breach of integrity and dishonesty has sparked an offended community that is speaking up.

Rick Smith who is currently the CEO of Securus Technologies is disappointed in the past acts that have been conducted by Global Tel Link. Securus Technologies has been producing business in the communications field for many years, and take pride in offering services that are honest and hold a high value of integrity. The company isn’t just about making money, they ensure that the customers are being taken care of and that business is being conducted in a professional environment that is held to high standards.

Securus Technologies will be bringing to light many wrongdoings that GTL has conducted. Securus is currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas and they are responsible for 3,450 public safety and law enforcement individuals that conduct communications between over a million inmates. The company holds an accreditation through the Better Busines Bureau (BBB) and is proud to bring excellent services to North America.

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Coriant Makes Technology Come Alive

Technology is constantly evolving and Coriant remains on the cutting edge. Providing users with revolutionary products that make use of the latest innovation available on the market today, the company has emerged as a dominant player within the global market. The company offers a number of customizable options that effectively optimize the existing and future infrastructure needs of companies around the globe. Coriant enables users to improve the efficiency of their IP and optical layer.

With headquarters in Germany and the United States, Coriant has quickly emerged on the worldwide scene as a trusted telecommunications provider. With Marlin Equity Partners as their parent financial backer, they have the resources behind them to develop new technology that is innovative and forward thinking. They provide a comprehensive range of services from Optical LAN and Broadband Access to Intelligent Network Management and Integrated Optical Planning Solutions. They work with each of the their clients individuals to develop a customized solution for any telecommunications related needs that they present with.

Shaygan Kheradpir, who serves as both the Chief Executive Office and the Chairman of the Board, directs Coriant. This is an important position, as Coriant currently has operations in more than 100 countries, meaning that the CEO must maintain a global footprint. Kheradpir came to the company with more than 28 years of direct experience at the executive level in the areas of technology, telecommunications, and financial services. He is seen as a driving force behind the company, and he brings his experience from such multinational companies at GTE to the table.

Holding a Ph.D. in engineering from Cornell University, Kheradpir has the theoretical and intellectual background to lead a global telecommunications company into the future. He has personally patented technology in the areas of media and telecommunications, in addition to serving on the advisory board of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology. Serving in the past on the Cornell University Engineering Council also demonstrates that he has earned the respect of the business and academic community.

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