Delicious Flavors and Protection in EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balm comes in a huge assortment of delicious flavors for your lips. Many are based on fruity flavors, like passion fruit, strawberry sorbet, and blueberry acai. Some are more subtle, like sweet mint and coconut milk. All of them are gluten free, paraben and petrolatum free, and hypoallergenic, and best of all, they taste great on your lips.

All of EOS’s products are clinically tested to make sure they are safe and non-toxic. In fact, they are made with a host of healthy, natural ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and anti-oxidant rich Vitamin E. They are fairly sourced by a company with a commitment to sustainability.

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They have a line of organic choices, each with a fantastic flavor. They also have several “Visibly Soft” flavors, which make you lips look softer. There are also their “Shimmer Smooth” flavors with an enticing shimmery shine on your lips, shop on

All of their products come in the smooth sphere applicator, which makes applying EOS lip balm super easy. Several flavors also come in traditional sticks as well. EOS also has a line of multi packs that give you a choice of flavor and sheen. You will want to try all of their fantastic products, and a multi pack is a great way to get you started. Read more article here.

They are available in a number of stores, and you can also order online. EOS (Essence of Smooth) is a great choice, growing in popularity around the world. The selection and quality of their lip and body care products are second to none, with a real understanding of what modern, younger people want for their cosmetic choices.

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