Orange Coast College

Rowing success requires a great sense of timing and teamwork. Nationals in May 2017 pitted the best teams, including Orange Coast College. Did 11-time champion Orange Coast College (OCC) have what it takes to win its 12th title?

There is No “I” in Team!

Is it possible to get 9 men to act like a machine? Man versus machine is a common theme throughout sports, pitting the likes of Grand Chess Master Kasparov versus Big Blue. The Orange Coast College rowing team seeks to become machine-like. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

As America seeks to become “Great Again,” perhaps it could learn a thing or two from the legendary Orange Coast College rowing team. OCC rower Daniel Amado said that rowing “teaches you physical and mental skills that allow you to overcome anything.” Rowing requires hair-trigger precision.

OCC assistant coach Steve Morris suggested that if the rowing team is “off even by a hair, it disrupts the rhythm.” Steve Morris was the coxswain while at OCC. The coxswain is like Donald Trump – shouting out the orders to get all of the rowers in sync.

2016 Champion Orange Coast College Rowing Team

The record of Costa Mesa, California based Orange Coast College is impressive. In only 60 some years of activity, the team has won 11 national titles. It has had 10 of its students competing in world championships and the Olympics.

Why is Orange Coast College so good?

The rowing team enjoy some of the best weather and water conditions, allowing for them to train year-round. The Orange Coast College rowers and coaches claim that the discipline and friendships have given them the spark to make the team better and better. OCC coach Cameron Brown said “the mental maturation” is just as important as the physical development.

Rowing training involves about 20 hours per week. Orange Coast College team members say “We have high expectations.” One key measure of success is the number of oar strokes per minute. Smaller OCC takes on larger 4-year universities. Only the fastest to complete the 2,000 meter course deserve to be called rowing champions! Can OCC make America great again?