WEN’s Healthy Botanical Formulas Create Shine and Volume for Blogger’s Limp Hair

If you believe that big lather shampoos create voluminous, shiny hair, you would be wrong. Those sulfates and other damaging chemicals found in store bought shampoos and conditioners are actually weakening and harming your mane.
Popular celebrity LA stylist Chaz Dean [see: http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html] knew there had to be a better way, so he developed the no lather shampoo system called WEN by Chaz. His formulas were one-bottle miracle workers, delivering shine, body and bounce to hair of all types in botanical blends.

His celebrity clientele have remained loyal to the brand, and Mr. Dean has not used a lather shampoo on himself nor his star fans since 1993. That alone speaks volumes about WEN by Chaz. Wen can be purchased online on Amazon.com for a fraction of the cost of their competitors. It can also be found on select cosmetics sores including Sephora.

Bustle.com blogger Emily McClure was cursed with limp hair that just lay there, unable to hold a style. She decided to try the WEN system to see if the hair care line could help give her mane a major Hollywood boost. Emily kept a daily hair diary along with hair selfies to chart her progress.

Emily began WEN by Chaz with a morning cleanse each day and followed up with a blow-dry and styling session. When she followed those steps, she achieved smooth, soft, bigger, glossier hair. She loved the results, and her selfies show a pretty woman with a pretty amazing mane. Even her best girlfriends were crushing on Emily’s shiny new hair.

Emily also learned to keep hair on that morning routine. Once, she tried washing with Wen at night, but her hair fell flat upon arising. Another time, Emily skipped washing her hair, and again, her tresses went limp.

Emily has discovered you can’t be lazy on WEN, meaning the product works miracles if you can take the time to follow up blow-drying and styling.

Emily would try WEN by Chaz again.


My Life In Color With Doe Deere

I want to live a life that is not just about the ordinary. Instead, I want my life to be full of amazing things and fun. When I look to makeup, I think about how I can bring out my own sense of color and put that stamp on the look that says I know who I am. Finding a company that shares this desire has been a goal of mine. Fortunately, I have been able to get what I need and want in makeup from an online company. In the last few years, I’ve turned to Lime Crime, a makeup retailer run by Doe Deere that is all about living life in color.

Confident And Happy

Part of the point of wearing makeup is helping people feel comfortable with who they are. I know that’s just where I want to be when I pick out makeup. This is why I’ve been very happy to find help for my makeup needs from those at Lime Crime. Just as I really want to help the world see how I view it, so too do those at Lime Crime. Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, is someone who is so obviously confident and happy with what she does. This is one of the great things about shopping at Lime Crime. You get someone in charge who wants others to be as happy as she is in life.

Products That Are Fun

I think what truly attracts me so much with Lime Crime and Doe Deere is the sense that working with her and her company means that I can have products that going to be happy and fun the second I choose to use them. I know she’s shares this philosophy that I have like many other contemporary women. She wants us all to have as much fun as she does when picking out makeup items. She wants us to be able to use such products to get looks that are also happy and also a lot of fun. All of us who choose to follow her (and I think she has lots of fans) know that we’re going to be helped by someone who loves being who she is and wants to have makeup that lets us live our lives in color. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to pick out products from her amazing online makeup site.

Check out www.doedeere.com to know more about Doe Deere.


The Importance of Checking Claims on Beauty Products

In one article that was released on Bustle, the author talked about checking claims made about a beauty product. It is very important to check claims on a beauty product, especially hair care products. Some products have chemicals in there that will damage hair. As a result, people may lose their hair depending on the product. This is why it is important to do research on the product that one is interested in. As one knows more about the product and the ingredients that make up the product, she gains a better perspective and ability to decide whether or not this product is good for her hair. Read it here: http://www.wen.com/before-after.html

One product that the author checked is Wen hair by Chaz. Wen hair by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean is said to put hair in better condition. The author heard claims that Wen could give people movie star quality hair. Intrigued by those claims, the author decided to try out the product herself. Wen by Chaz came in different varieties. The author chose the Sephora Fig variety and tried it on her hair. While she did find herself amazed at how much the bottle recommended for her hair, she was overall satisfied with the results. Her friends gave her compliments on how shiny her hair was.

WEN hair by Chaz, like other hair care products has proven to be good for the hair. Since it was sourced from natural ingredients, it is pretty safe for the hair. Other hair care products often have chemicals that cause more damage to the hair than good.

One of the best ways to know whether or not a hair care product is good is to read customer reviews. When one reads reviews, she gains perspective on the good aspects and the bad aspects of the product. She also gains it from the perspective of people that are on her level as opposed to the professional reviewers. This helps her determine whether or not she wants to use the hair care product.

Visit WEN Hair Care profile page on Facebook.

The Beauty – Inside and Out – Doe Deere


Doe Deere has it all. With a colorful name, intelligence, appreciation of art, humor, vision, and passion, it is no wonder her company has been soaring since its 2008 launch.

Doe waits for inspiration, but acts decidedly once she’s found it. It is this type of action that makes her a rare leader. She is known for instinctive form of servant leadership in her office. (Which, by the way, looks brilliant!) Her goal is to empower her employees to do the best work possible through inspiration and positive reinforcements. She would not dream of ruling over her team with an out-of-date iron fist rule. It seems her form of leadership is as unique as her line of make-up and beauty products.

Lime Candy’s color palette was originally borne from a separate business. Before becoming the queen of make-up, she sewed and modeled her own clothes. It was then that she found a lack of vibrant make-up. Her main idea was to present a complete look for her clothing. To do this, she needed the unique make-up that she now creates and sells.

It has not always been so easy to be her expressive self. Doe Deere attempted to fit-in for many years. She even sported the corporate attire and mundane, traditional hairstyles. The experience was humbling. She found herself feeling like she was running in a rat race she never signed up for. That’s when she broke free and started to allow her creativity to find expression. That expression came in the form of fashion and personal style from head to toenails.

Back to her roots, Doe Deere has sprung STELLA, a full line of fashion-wear. Doe presents outfits in much the same fashion as her animal-cruelty free make-up. Followers can find vibrant colors, crazy textures, and one-of-a-kind emblems and patterns. Her inspiration comes directly from her own wardrobe. She describes her style as magical. The line is set to come out this fall.

While design and style takes the spotlight to her public life, she admits that her real strength comes from the love and support of her husband. He also happens to be her business partner. The two started in a band together and have rocked every minute from then until now. She knows she would never have had the courage to take such a big step without the constant praise of her life’s partner.

It’s no doubt Doe Deere will continue to bring new trends to the runway. Here’s to the next Doe creation!

Read more: http://centraljerseyworkingmoms.com/the-beauty-of-lime-crime/

What To Wear With Doe Deere

If you’re looking for a simple answer to the statement in question, it is: whatever you feel comfortable and confident in. Doe Deere knows that fashion rules are a guideline and should not be taken as the absolute word or a bible in the way that you dress. She wants you to know that you are great at dressing yourself and that you can dress however you would like to dress, no matter what the rules say. She also wants you to be able to focus on your confidence with her leadership, so she is giving you some of her favorite rules to break.

Unnaturally colored hair can make a wave in the uptight fashion rule community, but Doe Deere knows that it is no big deal. As someone who has had many different colors of hair, she has been told many times that she should only be wearing black or other neutral colors to avoid her hair clashing with her outfit. She thinks this is ridiculous and continues to wear her same bright clothing, no matter what color her hair is at the time. By choosing to wear what she loves, she is giving herself more confidence to break even more beauty rules.

If you have too many bright colors, you may look clown like. Doe Deere doesn’t think that she ever looks like a clown and chooses to wear many different bright colors all at once. This is a way that she has made herself feel better and the best way to mix up her wardrobe. There are many different options that she chooses for her clothing and many different ways that she chooses to wear them. She knows that colors do not matter and that you should only wear colors you love, no matter how many you are wearing.

By dressing your age, you will make yourself look more presentable, says who. Not Doe Deere. She knows that no matter what your age, you can find an outfit that makes you feel comfortable. That doesn’t mean you only have to wear smart khakis if you’re a mom or tailored suits if you’re a mid-40s businessperson. Be sure that you dress in what you love, not what you’re “supposed” to wear for your age. Life is too short to dress the age that you are right now because you will be a different age by the time tomorrow comes around.

By breaking rules, Doe Deere is setting herself up for confidence. She knows that she has the ability to look however she likes and that she does not have to worry about anything while she is getting dressed in the morning other than what she loves to wear. By making her own fashion choices, she is creating excitement for herself in her wardrobe. She is also showing other girls that she has the confidence to be herself and not worry about what other people think, even if they are fashion experts who have come up with specific rules.

Covered in Lime Crime

While watching a burlesque show the other evening, I noticed something a bit different about the host. Her lipstick was extremely glittery. It was addicting to look at, I almost couldn’t look away. It was as if every word she said was magic and I watched her lips shimmer through her stories. Throughout the entire show, her lipstick stayed on point. It didn’t get on her teeth, smear all over her face, or appear to wipe off on the microphone. Even when she drank from her glass, there was no residue left to suggest that her lips were anything less than glitter perfection. I knew I needed this lipstick.

As it turns out, she purchased this from Lime Crime, an online based company on urbanoutfitters.com that is completely animal cruelty free. They don’t make their products from animals, and their company does not use any animals for testing. So, not only was their lipstick perfect enough to last a burlesque host an entire evening, but it was from a morally ethical company as well. So I was now officially convinced, I needed these lipsticks in my own personal collection.

Lime Crime advertise themselves as make-up for unicorns, and I can only imagine that this is because their product is purely magic. I definitely went to this page for their lipsticks, but ended up buying their eye care products as well. Mixing their Carousel Gloss lipgloss with the Zodiac Glitter is like a dream come true. I felt like I was a Lisa Frank art work for adults.

So far, I’ve used these products on a few late-nights out with my lady friends. True to my expectations, both the lip gloss and the eye glitter made it until I came home. When I saw “made it” I don’t mean that I came home with creases in my eye shadow and the inner of my lips bare from ware throughout the day, I mean I came home looking flawless, as if I was ready to head back out on the town again. I was pleasantly surprised, and knew that this was something special.

Even after investing the CEO of the company, I was even more convinced. Turns out, the owner is a female, which is rare in the cosmetic industry. She supports small business that want to move up in the world and sets an example for all the younger fashionistas to follow within her very successful footprints. Clearly, that burlesque host had some great tastes for cosmetics.

Show Off Your Colorful Personality With Lime Crime Makeup

In the world of fashion, it can be a challenge to find a company that speaks to your personal values and still manages to allow you to show off your wild and colorful personality. Few makeup companies offer cruelty-free and vegan makeups in a range of colors beyond the typical seasonal looks or neutral styles. If you are looking to make an entrance when you walk into a room, try searching urbanoutfitters.com and see that the makeup from Lime Crime will give you the look you need to make your dreams come true!

Currently, the pastel goth, grunge, and scene looks have never been more in. Lime Crime is the perfect makeup company to suit the needs of those who love showing off these types of styles. There are nail polishes in lovely pastel shades of blue, pink, and green that greatly complement silver, white, or matching pastel shades of dyed hair.

The liquid to matte lipsticks come in wonderful shades to complement various skin tones, which is a plus. You can wear something vibrant like Squash, which is a ripe golden yellow. Colors like Salem or Shroom have more rose and brown tones to it, which downplays its punch. Whatever look you have, Lime Crime is sure to have a product to please. Get in touch with your inner Grime, FKA Twigs, pastel goth, nu-witch, or Lolita cosplay, without breaking the bank, and being cruelty free.

Lime Crime is an awesome company because it was made by one woman in Los Angeles, with a small budget and a dream. Lime Crime makes true colors, without compromising, being vegan and cruelty free. The web store for the makeup company is refreshing, easy to use, and full of colors. You will feel like you are in a punk rock fairy land, with a soft retro touch.

All of the key coverage to doll up your look can be found with Lime Crime. Lips, eyes, and nails are all covered! Go for a daring smokey looking eyelid with the grunge palette. You can compliment the dramatic eye with some fun and easy to apply zodiac glitter. The company look book offers cool ideas, showcasing models using eyeliner to create fun and cute shapes on their faces. There is so much versatility!