Analyzing the Survival of Yeonmi Park

When North Korean defector Yeonmi Park got the opportunity to share her story on the Daily Mail she did so with grace. Now that her story has been read by a multitude of readers there are some people that are making attempts to discredit her story. Yeonmi Park has become the subject of many conversations in which her autobiography is dissected in great detail. Yet, Yeonmi Park has continued her fight as a human rights activist as others champion her for the bravery that she possessed. The story of North Korean refugees is one that did not really have a voice until Yeonmi Park of youngvoicesadvocates shed light on this. As a young human rights activist she has managed to become a leader that is confronted about the life that she has vividly detailed in the book. She has faced naysayers that have wondered if all the starvation and sexual abuse that is described in the book is true. Readers have even questioned the roles of her parents in the journey that Yeonmi Park has had. Yeonmi has come to her own defense to state that she was young during the time that all of this was happening. She has had no problem stating that there are some things that she just didn’t remember; there are others things – like the sexual abuse – that she would like to forget. Her early beginning is filled with a childhood of unhappiness, but the triumphant departure from North Korean is a joyful ending for readers. Park has admitted that she not may have recalled everything down to the wire, but the overarching theme of the autobiography rings true. It is evident from her interviews that her grasp of the English language has also resulted in a lost in translation. These things are to be expected from someone that does not count English as their first language. Overall, Yeonmi Park has managed to recreate her young life through the pages of a harrowing autobiography.

Does Yeonmi Park Intimidate The North Korean Leadership?

Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector who left the country as a teenager, but she has not kept silent about the life she led while she lived in North Korea. No one in the world can properly imagine how terrible it is to live in North Korea, but Yeonmi has started speaking out about her experiences. The North Korean experience is a terror wrapped in a mystery, but Yeonmi is pulling back the veil with her speeches, videos, podcasts and campaign.

#1: The North Korean Leadership Fears Her

The North Korean leadership fears the truth, and Yeonmi speaks on youtube about the truth every time she is featured. Her book is nothing but the truth about what it means to escape North Korea, and her speeches continue to make the North Korean leadership nervous. Other dissidents have been assassinated in the past, and North Korea spends quite a lot of energy trying to discredit her.

#2: Would North Korea Make An Attempt On Her Life?

North Korea is not above making an attempt on the life of Yeonmi Park, but they have no tried yet. Security measures around the world have gotten stronger over the years, and the last assassination was back in 1997.

#3: North Korea Shouts Back

North Korea spends a lot of time shouting back at Yeonmi, and the energy that North Korea puts into discrediting Yeonmi makes her argument that much stronger. A country that is scared by a small young lady is a country with something to hide, and the world knows that North Korea is retreating into an ever deeper hole that they cannot escape from. This is an indication that Yeonmi is incredibly good at what she does.

#4: Spreading The Word

Spreading the word about North Korea is easy for Yeonmi, and the North Korean people are being held back by a government that seeks to conceal the truth. The truth about the North Korean dictatorship is spreading slowly because of work done by people like Yeonmi, but she has the highest profile in the world out of all the people who are speaking out. There are many white people around the world that are fighting against North Korea, but there are only a few Koreans who are brave enough to spread the word.

Yeonmi Park is a master of spreading information about the people of North Korea who suffer to this very day. She knows the suffering that she left, and the people that she is trying to save will be forever in her debt because she has made something special out of her life. Her words make a difference in the world today, and the people that are suffering the most will be saved because Yeonmi is brave in the face of a government that seeks to silence her.