Since the introduction of Smartphones, more apps are being developed every day. Drawbridge recently summarized the most used apps in IOS and Android phones in the last three months of 2014.

During the fourth quarter of 2015, the top used messaging app was tango in October while November and December iFunny and words with friends topped respectively. In the same quarter, the Words with Friends app led having more than 3.3 million unique daily users and 8.6 million unique monthly users.

Most people with Android phones seemed to use the Clean Master app which led last 2015 quarter followed by CM Security Antivirus Applock. The Clean Master led with daily unique users numbered at 49.6 million and monthly unique users at a staggering 151.7 million. CM Security Antivirus Applock had UDU of 24.8 million and UMUof 78.6 million users.

In the first three months of 2016, the same trend is predicted according to Drawbridge. They also foresee the rise in dating app with Valentines around the corner. Dating apps like MeetMe and Skout are expected to be on the increase regarding daily unique users and monthly unique users.

Skout is one of the most used dating apps in the world. It is available in 14 languages and used in 180 countries around the world. Skout is available on both Android and IOS platforms and an internet website.

Skout provides a safe platform to meet your ideal partner. It is divided into two categories for adults and teens.It ensures that there is regulation of what the teens share and receive. The app helps clients find matches in their geographical area and help them connect. The clients first register through Facebook where they set up their profiles.

The app also helps users travelling able to meet new friends in their respective destinations.It may come in handy especially during Valentine. The feature is called Skout Travel and already has 10 million registered users.It works by giving people virtual tours using one’s camera.It may not be a traveling app but serves the purpose when need be. It has been reportedly led to an increase in tourist numbers in Venice.

Skout is rated among the top grossing social networking apps in the world. This recognition may increase in the valentine’s season where many people are expected to download the app. Simple reason being many people desire to be with someone during this season hence will find a way to make the season fantastic. People want an easy and fast app to deal with hence opting for Skout. Hence, the app is expected that during its next 2016 quarter, the profits will have significantly increased.

According to Drawbridge, drawing evidence from Apple and Google store reports, most users of smartphones and tablets spend their time on apps. These apps are mostly Tango, iFunny, and Words With Friends app. The curve of the returns has been going up since the year 2015 and is expected to continue with the same trend in 2016.

How Skout Makes Users Love Its Website

There is one very important issue that one needs to look at when it comes to creating a website or a program that is successful. That issue is whether or not the customer enjoys the site. For experts, the problem is an easy one to fix. However, it is understandable how many website owners could have a problem in this area.  So one has to wonder how sites like Skout manage to create an enjoyable experience for the user.

One thing that Skout focuses on is not just on how to get people to their site, but also how to get the visitors through their site. Some sites offer a tour for the visitor so that he could get a feel for the site and know where to go for the different types of information that he is looking for. There is also the site map that the webmaster could offer that would help people figure out the site. This will help the user learn how to work the website in a way that benefits him.

There are tools tha