Facebook Advertisement Strategies by CEO Lori Senecal

Social platforms are rapidly growing as a medium of advertisement; most companies now particularly use Facebook to reach the overwhelming diversity of its users. Advertising is a technical practice and calls foreknowledge before its implementation, a case in point is an advertisement on Facebook. To realize effective results in the number of likes, post shares, and client engagement, the company must exercise cohesion among other strategies that promote after sale care for customers.

Feedback on social media is yet another powerful tool that can make advertisement a practical approach. The Proper advertisement is mainly characterized by large audience reach while sustaining profitability. The quality of visual content, overly compelling at sight is desirable for the company to reach more people. The caption is also important for the target audience to get access to the intended information about the product. The good color choice is therefore crucial in developing powerful and engaging content for product or service advertisement.

According to Adweek, advertisement content should communicate the message appropriately; further the content should also be precisely relevant to the graphical content both in print and in a video. A well-developed content should give the viewer an overall experience of the service or product in its context. Interesting to note is that the advert should effectively give solutions to the problem in question along with relevant illustrations to holistically communicate the message.

In a report by NY Times, another important aspect in the advertisement is moderation of brand value in line with reality. Diversity in age, color, purpose, culture, lifestyle, and application are among other key aspects that can fundamentally be considered in coming up with the advertisement. Moreover, it is helpful to create and update Ads regularly to enhance fresh trends.

Lori Senecal is particularly renowned for her creative and digital marketing skills; Lori serves as the chief executive officer at CP&B. Lori Senecal has worked with several leading marketing international companies. Lori so gained brilliance in her advertisement career and served as the president as McCann, NY.

Lori Senecal equally achieved exceptional results in developing strategies and human resource methodologies while working at KBS. Apparently, Lori is a mentor to several international women who are also working towards success.

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