Include EOS Shimmer Lip Balm into Your Makeup Routine

The Evolution of Smooth seems to have a lip balm for every occasion. Active protection formulas for beach trips, organic spheres for everyday use and shimmer spheres when you want a hint of color. Consider using EOS Shimmer Pink Lip balm in your makeup routine. It is formulated with skin nourishing ingredients and can give your lips a natural touch of soft color.

Many lip glosses are formulated with harsh chemicals, dyes and crude oils. Not to mention they often include synthetic fragrances. These ingredients are not good for the skin and should not be worn near the mouth. The Evolution of Smooth has formulated their Sheer Pink Shimmer Lip balm that still adheres to their organic and natural standards, while giving a hint of color the way a conventional lip gloss would without the unpleasant additives.

This lip balm is formulated with a combination of natural conditioning oils such as olive, coconut and jojoba. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. It can keep your lips looking soft and healthy with repeated use. It is a perfect part of a natural makeup routine to be worn during the day. It gives a modest hint of pink that can soften the face. Follow this link.

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The Evolution of Smooth was launched nearly a decade ago and its success continues to rise. EOS lip balms have been seen in countless beauty magazines and in the hands of the most popular celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. Beauty bloggers and other social media giants have ranted and raved about the product. EOS is formulated with natural oils and high quality ingredients which sets itself apart from other competitors that base their products on petroleum for the sake of cutting costs. The can be found in almost any major drug store such as CVS and Walgreens, as well as major retailers.

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