James Dondero Exposes His Strategies of Using Alternative Assets

Sometimes, the path of an investor is not clear and simple as it might sound for people outside of the business. Investing can be hard, risky and demanding of courage, but it can also be extremely gratifying.



Without a doubt, being an investor for a full-time profession can have its ups and downs, but it teaches the world of business and the concepts of financial management like nothing else.



According to the entrepreneur and businessman James Dondero, there are many bold investments that can be done which are extremely beneficial and growth-oriented if executed with intelligence. He is the co-founder of Highland Capital, and one of the most respected professionals in the area.



According to some specialists in the area, alternative assets give an edge to the investors who have the courage of making bets on them.



It is a true challenge though. According to the investor Jim Dondero, part of the investment career is a “puzzle-solver.” Many times, businesspeople have to throw dices and hope for the best, but the best ones will ensure that the chances of failure are minuscule.



The Highland Global Allocation Fund, which was curated by no one else than the investor of the month, Dondero, had a $894 million value to it. By investing in alternative assets, the investment team of Highland Capital Management was able to increase that amount to up to 29.6% over the past year, being one of the biggest investment achievements in 2017.



Apart from being the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, he is also the president of the investment management and advisory company. Before that position, he was the Secretary of Highland Acquisition Corporation since April 25, 2016. Before co-founding the company and becoming an entrepreneur of success, he was the President and Chairman of Board of Directors at NexPoint Hospitality Trust Inc.



While he was already in an excellent position in his last job with NexPoint Hospitality Trust, he knew that he wanted to be a business owner and an entrepreneur, causing changes in the world around him.



His company has already helped tons of corporations manage their investments through alternative assets or through classic bus steady income investments with the help of their assistants and advisors.




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