FreedomPop Gives People Choices

FreedomPop is the company that has managed to change the way that people look at wireless cell phone service. Many people are spending a fortune on cell phones because they have incredibly high data plans. What many people may not recognize so far is that there is a free alternative out there called FreedomPop that allows people to get basic service without paying anything.


This company has become a godsend for so many that have struggled to pay their monthly cell phone bills. Many people believe that the basic service is all that they need because they have wireless routers in their home. They typically use this when they are at home. At any other time people are going to be in places where they are dining or shopping where they already have wireless networks. Even in most office environments people are going to have access to free wireless service where they work. For all of these users there really is no reason for them to spend a lot of money on things like unlimited data. It just makes a lot more sense for them to actually put their money into other things if they are going to consider FreedomPop plans.


There are some of the people that may feel that they have a need for unlimited data, but FreedomPop also has plans available for these users as well. The thing that makes the FreedomPop plan attractive for people that need unlimited data is the price. Many companies like Verizon, even at times where services for data are discounted, are still high above what most consumers would like to pay. This is why FreedomPop founders decided to construct the unlimited data plan that was economically feasible.


There has been a lot of talk about the way that this company has managed to change the way that people look at wireless service for their homes and phone service when you’re out on the go. FreedomPop is one of the few companies that allows people to utilize both phone and wireless service for less than $100 a month. Many people may be paying as much is $200 to $300 for family plans each month. This even includes the amount that is paid on wireless service in the home. That is why many people are interested in what FreedomPop has to offer. They are realizing that this is the best way to save.


Comparative Law Expert Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is the study of the legal system of multiple nations. Along with studying the legal system, individuals will also compare the legal system of these nations as well. When studying comparative law, individuals will often learn about the constitution of a given nation and the laws that it states. They will also learn about the criminal justice system as well as other things such as tax law, business law and property law. As a result, individuals will be in position to get a considerable amount of knowledge about how other nations function through their legal system. The study of comparative law is very beneficial to a number of people such as businesses, government entities and legal professionals. It is also helpful to students as well as legal scholars.  Click


There are a number of experts of comparative law and one of them is Sujit Choudhry. Over the course of many years, Sujit has studied comparative law very closely and has therefore accumulated lots of knowledge about the subject. With his knowledge, he has been able to help provide valuable information to a number of people such as students, educational colleagues and foreign leaders. The first opportunity, Sujit got to apply his legal knowledge was when he served the head of Canada’s Supreme Court. During this experience, he was able to get an in depth look at just how the nation’s legal system was organized. As a result, he used this knowledge in order to advance his career as a legal educator. When getting involved in providing legal education, Choudhry served as a professor at the law school of the University of Toronto. He would eventually reach the level of assistant dean.

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Sujit Choudhry continued his legal career in the United States. When moving to America, he would continue his path of being an educator in law. He would get an opportunity to serve as a professor at the University of California Berkeley. During his stint as professor, Sujit would teach constitutional law as well as further researching the topic. After a couple of years working at the law school, Choudhry would get appointed as the school’s dean. This enabled him to become the first Indian American dean in the school’s history. Along with begin a legal educator, Sujit has used his knowledge of comparative law to help foreign leaders of other nations. His knowledge and expertise led to him helping these foreign leaders drafting a new constitution for their respective nations.

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Whenever we hear of Brazil, the first thing that comes to mind is soccer. Apart from producing the best soccer players worldwide, Brazil has also been able to provide a famous business person. The person of interest is Roberto Santiago, a true entrepreneur by birth. In Roberto’s endeavors, it has been clear to note that his career path in the business field is quite promising. Hence, we will discuss some of his notable achievements as a business person.

To start with, Roberto Santiago is a well-known entrepreneur in Brazil. During his life as an entrepreneur, he launched a shopping mall known as Manaira. The shopping mall is based in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. Apart from owning a shopping mall, Roberto Santiago also owns a shopping center known as Mangeira shopping mall.

Since life is a journey, Mr. Santiago put his career skills into practice at Café Santa Rosa. The job at the café was his first. Since Mr. Roberto is more of an entrepreneur by birth, he invested in a car tonnage company. The car tonnage company uses a form of technology that enhances the manufacture of useful as well as decorative objects. With time, Roberto’s career as a business person has been able to bear fruits. His career path in the business field has shown a lot of promise. Apart from the love of business, Santiago is also a huge fan of sports. As a sports fan, Roberto has been able to achieve various trophies in the kart and motocross championships.

Apart from being a prominent business person in Brazil, Roberto is learned man. As a young man born in Joao Pessoa, Roberto Santiago grew up to pursue an undergraduate degree at University Center of Joao Pessoa (UNIPE). He enrolled for a Bachelor in Business Administration. Afterward, he went ahead and launched a car tonnage company. After starting the company, he decided to get involved in an area known as allotment, hence, he gained more relevant experience in the field of business.

As of today, he is the owner and co-founder of the largest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa- Manaira shopping mall. The mall is dedicated to offering services such as leisure and fun in a variety of ways as well as a more detailed set of options. The main idea behind the concepts employed at the mall is to prove that, not only the sandy beaches make the north-eastern city the place to be, but also the fun and entertainment joints in place. Hence, we can see that apart from Roberto Santiago being a renowned businessperson, he is also a creative person.

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Christopher Burch: A Serial Entrepreneur with an Eye for Investing

Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He studied at Ithaca College where he graduated with a degree in business. He first ventured into entrepreneurship while he was still a college student when he partnered with his brother to start Eagle’s Eye Apparel. The clothing company was started with a $2000 seed investment. They grew it to a $100 million business. The company turned out to be a profitable business and was later acquired by the Swire Group. Burch also founded C. Wonder in 2011. This is an accessories and apparel retailer. The company became a successful venture and was acquired by Xcel Brands a few years later. Burch has served on the boards of some organizations including the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation, Guggenheim Capital, and The Continuum Group. He is an established real estate investor and has developed properties in various locations globally including Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia and Faena Hotel+Universe in Argentina.


Burch discusses the future of technology and fashion in a post that he wrote for Engadget. He starts off by going back in time to identify the most popular products of the last decades. Burch gives an example of the boom box in the 70s, the Walkman in the 80s, and the iPod in the past ten years. He says that these products grew in popularity because they were fashionable. Burch notes that the synthesis between the two fields is happening. Burch also talks about Anouk Wipprech. Anouk is a fashion designer from Netherlands who has embraced technology into her designs. She has been able to create some unique designs such as a dress that paints itself and a dress that makes drinks.


Fashion has been used to develop elegant and functional safety products by some designers. Some of these products include a piece of neckwear that cyclists can wear. It contains an airbag that pops out in the case of an emergency and gloves that enable firefighters to communicate through gestures. Other designers have gone the other way around and used recycled materials to develop fashion designs. This proves that technology is not useless when it is discarded. Emma Whiteside used recycled radiator copper to make a gown whereas Segra used the inner tubes of bicycles to make t-shirts. Chris Burch also cites how popular fashion designer known as Diane Von Furstenberg embraced Google Glass when most people had rejected the glasses because of stigma. Her models wore them on the catwalk which was seen as a move to introduce people to the product.



When Is Wine Ripe For Investments?

Gold, exotic sports cars, antique furniture, real estate; what should you invest in? If you are looking for a real liquid asset, consider fine wine! Imagine yourself with a private wine cellar holding your well-deserved retirement.

Now, you wouldn’t drink in the dark, so you will need some light for your exciting new venture. UKV PLC are the experts, representing the wines of Spain and Italy, the appellations of Bordeaux, Burgundy and the divine Champagne.

All markets fluctuate, some dramatically. However wine futures are among the peak performing class of assets in the last 20 years. UKV PLC is an elite group of wine consultants with expertise in this international market. Just a glance at their website and lively Facebook page will open you to the constantly changing world of wines. From the history of growing grapes and the fascinating international laws involved, to ordering the best wine for the best price in a restaurant, their knowledge and experience jumps off the page.

Master chefs work as hard on pairing meals with the right wine as they do with the right spices and herbs. You can depend on UKV PLC to help you find the perfect wine or champagne for any occasion or purpose.

An independent wine company, UKV PLC is part of a vast network of merchants, traders and brokers. For their clients, it means they are not limited to a single supplier and can buy and sell the finest products from the world market.

Since, global market demand values will determine a fair price, UKV PLC will provide valuations for their clients in the buying or selling of wine, available at any time by request. With all of the above considered, now would be a good time, maybe the best time to invest in some fine wines!

George Street Photo and Video Locations

Starting over 10 years ago in a basement apartment on George Street in Indiana, life long friends Tim Muller, Dan Creviston, and Michael McMahon turned their passions into a business that has grown to have over 40 different locations!

George Street Photo and Video Locations from New York, NY to Minneapolis, MN to San Francisco, CA and all the way in between, there is no way you wouldn’t be able to find an amazing location to take your wedding photos or video with this company.

For those in the northern region of the country, I suggest checking out the Chicago, IL locations they have available. From downtown Chicago to the Spring Valley Nature Sanctuary you can have a little bit of everything. Get the city and country feel all in one place.

For those of you in the southern region, I would suggest taking a look at their Phoenix, AZ location. From the Desert Botanical Garden to their McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park to Tempe and Downtown Phoenix there is no shortage of beautiful scenery and sights for you to capture your special moments.


Fabletics Provides Confidence and Convenience

There’s a new style that’s sweeping the nation and making women feel comfortable and confident. That style is called athleisure. Gone are the days where women got all dolled up to go out and run errands, grab food, go shopping, and do other day to day activities. Women realized that just wasn’t practical. In this day and age, so many of us live busy lifestyles. Therefore we want to throw our hair in a pony tail, throw on some athleisurewear, and go about our day feeling comfortable and sexy.


Athleisurewear is taking clothes that we’d normally wear to the gym and jazzing them up with a certain pair of shoes or a necklace. These are clothing such as simple t-shirts, yoga pants, and a cute sports bra. This style of clothing is practical because we can wear it for errands and then we can hit the gym or workout in it afterwards. No one understands athleisure better than Fabletics.


Fabletics is a subscription-based service that is taking over the internet. It’s a website that features clothing for any body type! Fabletics is always coming out with the latest and greatest styles and prints to help women feel confident. These clothes are so cute that they can be worn out in public. The clothing is also supportive so that it can double as workout gear. Fabletics was started by Kate Hudson and it allows people to shop from the ease of their home. They can sign up so that they can enjoy deals and perks. Otherwise a woman can just log onto the site and shop for what she needs.


There’s been such a love for Fabletics that now there are brick and mortar stores popping up so that people can try on the clothes and get a feel for what they’re like. The Krazy Coupon Lady gave a rave review of Fabletics because where else can you get a complete outfit for only 15 dollars? It can be hard finding the right leggings, sports bra, and shirt to go together. Fabletics takes the guesswork out by pairing the outfit for you! They also make sure to get you the best deal. These great deals are for VIP members. It’s worth it to sign up, however, because they are always giving their VIP members deals and showing them the latest styles.


Overall, Fabletics is giving women back their confidence while allowing them to remain comfortable and supported each and everyday.

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Clay Siegall’s Passion For Science And Patients: Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall received an undergraduate degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in Genetics from the George Washington University. He began his career in various positions at organizations like the National Institute of Health, the National Cancer Institute, and the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.



In 1998, Dr. Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics. He is the company’s President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board. As a scientist, he founded Seattle Genetics with the goal of having an emphasis on targeted cancer therapies. Seattle Genetics was founded on scientific innovation, research, and drug development, all created by a passion for helping patients.



  1. Siegall has led the company to its leadership position it now has in the industry, developing ADCs (antibody-drug conjugates). In 2011, they received FDA approval for its first ADC product, ADCETRIS. Seattle Genetics collaborates with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to make ADCETRIS a global brand, with approval in over 60 countries. Dr. Siegall’s company is also under-way in the development of a pipeline of proprietary ADCs to help treat cancer, including a novel ADC to be used for acute myeloid leukemia treatment.


Under his passionate leadership, the company has entered into numerous strategic licenses for their ADC technology. Their collaborations of licenses involve GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie, Pfizer, and Genentech. Over $325 million have been generated because of these partnerships.



Their partnerships have led to over 20 ADCs being developed in the clinical stages using Seattle Genetics’ innovative technology. Dr. Seigall has also been a leader in the company’s capital-raising activities, helping Seattle Genetics acquire over $1.2 billion through both private and public financings. The company had a successful initial public offering in 2001.



  1. Siegall serves on the Board of Directors at organizations like Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Washington Roundtable, and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical. He has received many awards, like the 2012 Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and the 2013 University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences. Dr. Siegall is an accomplished author with over 70 publications under his belt. He even holds 15 innovative patents.

EOS Sweetens Lips

If you didn’t know it those little balls of lip balm seen at stores everywhere are part of the company EOS or Evolution of Smooth’s answer to lip care. According to, the design of the EOS lip balms have helped create a new way of packaging that is easy to apply and find in the dark reaches of a lot of purses.

The creativity used in their packaging has continued in the flavors offered by the company. In the organic line alone their are nine flavors offered with the little orb color matching the flavor. From pomegranate raspberry, vanilla bean, sweet mint, passion fruit, strawberry sorbet, summer fruit, Amazon‘s best selling honeysuckle honeydew, and blueberry acai to a medicated tangerine. The visibly soft line offers three different flavors and the orb is swirled in white to differentiate from the organic line. In the visibly soft line the choices are vanilla mint, coconut milk, and blackberry nectar.

The active protection lip balm has two delicious flavors, fresh grapefruit, and lemon balm. These flavors are even more enticing as they also offer SPF protection and water resistance which are great for the active, outdoor types that need delicious protection. Three flavors are offered with EOS’s return to their version of the traditional stick balms. Pomegranate raspberry, vanilla bean, and smooth mint keep customers happy while protecting and caring for their lips.

EOS is about making quality products that truly care for the health of their customers. The lip balms offered are fun and fresh flavors that are new to the marketplace and a favorite of customers. EOS products are available on the shelves of Target and Walmart stores. They are also available online on Amazon, eBay and Ulta.

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