Construcap Leads in the Brazilian Real Estate Market

Construcap is an established company in the Brazilian economy: particularly the building sector and the energy sector. The determination to provide quality services makes the company stand out among the many other companies in the sector. As an ISO certified company, Construcap bases its operations on the Integrated Management System. By this system, its operations are coordinated for purposes of synergy. Through the safety management system (SMS), the environment management system (EMS) and the energy management system (EnMS), Construcap ensures it delivers quality services and considers safety and environmental issues as well.


Construcap offers goods and services to many sectors of the economy of Brazil. The construction industries require the services offered by Construcap. The commercial markets are also fed by Construcap. Additional services offered include: design and building, civil engineering, electro mechanic assembly and structured projects.

Construcap Subsidiaries

Construcap, through its affiliates, gets contracts every now and then. InovaSaude is an example of an affiliate that has won a contract to build three major health clinics in Brazil. This affiliate is also required to procure and supply its new clinics with hospital equipment on It shall also manage all the non-health services offered at the clinics for the next 17 years. These three facilities will be in Sorocaba, San Jose Campos and Sao Paulo.


Youth, who have finished school, are taken in by Construcap for an internship program on YouTube. The undergraduate students, who successfully complete the internship, are inducted into the organization on a full time basis. The training strives to achieve two things in particular. Through the training the interns learn more about the operations of the company, its mission and culture. The second part of the internship dwells on career development. This is where interns utilize their mentors to learn more technical lessons at

Adult Education

Construcap appreciates that people do not have equal opportunities in life. It is for this reason that it aggressively undertakes to tutor its site employees: those who have no formal learning. Once they learn how to read and write, Construcap helps them join institutions and acquire professional skills. Apart from imparting technical skills, Construcap runs a leadership program.

Makari Skincare Products that Keep Customers Coming Back

The skincare arena is a highly competitive world. There are tons of products on the market for people to consider, but one of the most impressive companies thus far has been Makari. This is the skin lightening cream company that has made a big impression on women of many different nationalities. People are impressed with the lineup of programs that Makari offers, and it is evident that this company is a leader in this skincare industry.

The Makari Toning Skincare Set, for example, is a package that works well for removing dark spots and sun patches. This is the type of product that is getting a lot of exposure along with the day treatment cream. This product is designed to lighten and remove blemishes. Many African Americans has found value in these products because the skin lightening creams are developed to help even out the skin. The products like these have been bestsellers because these products have been proven to work. The Makari line up has also been popular because these products are considered safe.

There are a plethora of skin lightening products on the market, but some of these products irritate skin. It is the skincare line that people look forward to utilizing because of the reputation that this company has. They know that these products have ingredients that are safe. They also know that there are ingredients in these products that are going to improve the quality of skin. That is what keeps the Makari customers loyal.


Achieve Fulfillment in Life by Enrolling at Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a not-for-profit organization that teaches the doctrines of Kabbalah to enroll students. The teachers at Kabbalah Centre provide learners with spiritual tools founded on Kabbalistic doctrines that learners can then apply as they deem fit in order to improve their individual lives — in doing so, improve the world. Rav Yehuda Ashlag was the founding father of the Centre in 1992. Today, the Centre spans internationally with physical locations in over 40 cities and a widespread online presence.

Interested persons can enroll at any nearby Kabbalah Centre to study Kabbalah. So, what is Kabbalah? Well, it’s an ancient knowledge that provides applied tools for creating happiness and eternal fulfillment. Essentially, we always want good health, financial security and happy relationships. Unluckily, many people are resigned on a given level to the travails of life. One day, you are happy; the next day you are feeling sad. Can situations start well and continue to get better every day rather than fluctuate? Indeed, there’s a way. By studying Kabbalah, you will learn how to negotiate the travails of life and get rid of any form of pain, chaos, and anguish.

At any Kabbalah Centre, students are taught 5 key principles of the Kabbalah wisdom. First, students are encouraged to share in order to receive life fulfillment. Secondly, understanding and balance of the negatives and positives propagated by the ego are emphasized. Third, the existence of spiritual laws that influence people’s lives. Next, the understanding that all humans are one and must be treated with utmost dignity. Lastly, rising from your comfort zone in order to help others enhances positivity in life.

The Kabbalah Centre employs different ways to help learners understand the key Kabbalistic principles. For example, the Centre creates courses, classes, books, audio products as well as online course and lectures. The Centre also organizes spiritual retreats and trips to energy sites, closely associated with renowned Kabbalists. Additionally, the Centre also engages in volunteer initiatives that emphasize sharing including feeding the poor, visiting the sick and cleaning the beaches. Last but not least, the Centre has a mentor program that provides new learners with an experienced tutor or mentor to help them effectively understand the Kabbalistic doctrines and teachings.