Chapstick vs Burt’s Bees vs Evolution of Smooth

Seven years ago was the start of a new transition in lip care health. Lip balms are some of the smallest, cheapest, and most effective products currently available today. There are the “tried and true” which are still around and doing well, but there has been a big shake up as of late. Chapstick has dominated the scene for nearly 100 years and Burt’s Bess have steadily climbed to the top over this extensive period of time. Not to say that these products aren’t good, these products just doesn’t capture the attention of younger age groups and this is where (EOS) comes into the picture.

EOS lip balm which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is a modern day giant in the lip balm sector of lip care products. These vibrantly colored items are receiving large amounts of rave and publicity by mainstream television. The egg shaped containers are easy on the eyes, but the product itself truly delivers on all promises. Evolution of Smooth is the future of lip balms thanks to their natural healing effects and organic ingredients. Many lip balm products have natural ingredients, but they’re in much lessor amounts. Also those other brands are loaded with chemical additives which can cause issues to sensitive skinned individuals. Evolution of Smooth has a good blend of organic ingredients that provides fast relief for your lips and the long line of satisfied customers are a testament of the company’s success.

If things remain on this track, Evolution of Smooth is expected to reach about $2 Billion in sales by the year 2020. The brand has a huge following of under 35 aged individuals and celebrities have been seen applying the product in public. It’s time for a changing of the guard in this oversaturated industry and Evolution of Smooth is leading the way.

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Helane Morrison Became A Danger To Financial Crooks With The SEC

Helane Morrison was the former Regional Director with the SEC Pacific northwest division, based in San Francisco. Morrison is now the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of a financial investment firm, Hall Capital Partners. But while she was with the SEC, Morrison helped file civil lawsuits and prosecute some major financial firms. The SEC had mostly gone after lesser-known entities and small cases, but under Morrison’s leadership even the big corporations could not hide securities violations and fraudulent activities. Morrison has spent much of her career fighting against fraud, but now she’s helping a big company uphold integrity.


Helane Morrison went into law originally, getting her undergrad from Northwestern University, and then completing her J.D. at the University of California at Berkley. Morrison became a clerk for the US Court of Appeals Seventh Circuit, where Richard Posner was judge at the time. She then moved to the US Supreme Court where she also clerked for Justice Harry Blackmun. Blackmun made an impact on Morrison in the manner he ruled on legal hearings, and Morrison decided to adopt his philosophy. Morrison decided to start her law career with Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin law firm, and in a few years she became a partner.


Morrison became interested in financial law, having seen how some hedge fund managers and financiers were taking advantage of their clients. She helped litigate some difficult cases, but was always determined to see justice served. As she became more experienced in financial law and securities enforcement, the SEC decided to have her come work for them. She started out as head of the local enforcement division, became a District Administrator, and eventually the Regional Director. She served at the SEC for about 9 years, but decided it was time to make a good name in the financial industry.


Hall Capital Partners attracted Morrison largely due to the culture and ethics embodied at the firm. It also happens to be managed by two other female executives including CEO Kathryn Hall, and Managing Partner Sarah Stein. Not only has Morrison seen this as an opportunity to break glass ceilings, she also wanted to show that the public could still trust the investment firm to make sound investing decisions. Morrison is happy to bring her legal experience to making sure all transactions uphold the law.


Christanna Bevin Provides a Personal Touch Regarding Her Projects

The business world has many different types of professional services that are offered by companies and individuals. One of the most popular is project management. The idea of project management is to oversee and mange the development and completion of a project. Almost every type of business sector utilizes project management.

The development and completion of a project should never been taken for granted or taken lightly. It is difficult to handle a project management task. There are generally many moving parts and all the parts must fit together in a certain manner. Regarding projects, there are multiple phases and time schedules that must be met to keep a project on schedule. Various phases usually require work done by various types of workers. Therefore, to oversee a project, a company or individual must be able to handle multiple tasks at the same time.

A professional who has proven to be a very good project manager is Christanna Bevin. As a project manager, Christanna Bevin has demonstrated the ability to manage a variety of projects. The areas of specialty that she focuses on are primarily process improvement, change management and capacity building.

Many people who take on project management assignments do not understand all the various components that makeup the project. This is not the case with Christanna Bevin. As the leader of many projects, Christanna Bevin takes the time to make sure that she understands all aspects of the project before she begins the projects.

Also, Christanna Bevin understands that projects are really about people. Yes the projects have to be completed, but the projects are about people. Every aspect of a project is about the people working to complete that aspect of the project. Christanna Bevin works with everyone involved with a project so that everyone involved realizes the overall big picture of the project.

Ultimately project management is about getting projects completed. The projects need to be completed on time, completed within budget, completed correctly, and completed successfully. Christanna Bevin works hard to make sure that every project she oversees is completed in a professional manner and handled in a manner that is acceptable to the client.

Adam Goldenberg Discusses The Story Behind Renaming JustFab

JustFab has become one of the most successful membership based, online fashion retailers in recent years. They sell on trend fashion at a great price. The JustFab brand has numerous subsidiary companies as well. They have the Fabletics, FabKids, and Shoedazzle fashion companies. You won’t be able to find the JustFab company any longer under their name. They were recently rebranded under the name TechStyle.

This decision to rebrand was decided upon by Adam Goldenberg and his partner Don Ressler. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg two started the company under the name JustFab. They changed the company’s name to fit the modern, tech savvy approach of the company. The TechStyle is far more fitting, because the company is mainly tech driven in nature with the online ordering system and they sell fashionable style.

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JustFab raises $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation
JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group

The company has been met with positive and negative reviews. The problem was the membership wasn’t properly described. Adam Goldenberg took fixing this problem to heart. He put effort into further description of how the JustFab memberships work. He differentiated their Fabletics sports wear selection to have guest checkout options, so they would have a more flexible shopping option. The JustFab membership simply is a $39.99 charge each month for an incredible discount on all of the clothing items during the month. Members are permitted to request no charge for the month, if they do not want to shop with their discount. If you do not shop during a month and you forget to skip the fee, the company automatically gives you store credits you can use to shop with. It’s a very simple membership process, and just involves some planning if you feel like you likely won’t shop for a month and you want to skip.

Adam Goldenberg said another new update he has made to the TechStyle company was to set up online customer service, so shoppers can more easily close down a membership. This has simplified the time necessary to take care of closing a membership. It is a far better way to handle closing memberships, and has been met with positive reviews.

Despite the name change and other changes, TechStyle is still set to make $650 million this year. Their new website may be found at: “”.

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EOS- The Lip Balm That Makes You Smile

‘Evolution of Smooth’ lip balms, better known as EOS lip balm, are small, spherical lip care products that have swept the nation for the past several years. You can find them on the shelves of every retailer, and EOS advertisements can be seen on TV and in magazines. Social media outlets like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram love EOS. The company has millions of followers.

EOS lip care products became quickly the second best-selling lip balm in the US. The company came up with a new take on an old product and is the only one that manages to stand out among its competitors. After months of work, the EOS developers decided on a concept that would speak to all of the 5 senses. The end product is soft and round to the feel, sports attractive pastel colors, has an appealing scent to engage the sense of smell, and comes in a variety of flavors. Everything was considered in the development, even the sound the ball makes when closing the lid. With so much focus on detail, no wonder EOS was an instant success. Targeted primarily at female customers, specifically style- conscious women between the ages of 25 and 35, EOS became quickly the new must- have beauty item.

The company has had great success, and it isn’t slowing down. It continues to be an innovator in its field, offering new collections on a regular basis, and has plans for more products you’ll soon find at the store. Visit the website,

The whole story of how EOS started out and the extraordinary path of its creators can be found here:


Thor Halvorssen Works Night And Day To Help Those In Need

Thor Halvorssen is the outspoken leader of The Human Rights Foundation. He has spent the majority of his adult life championing the freedoms and human rights of those being oppressed by tyrannical governments and dictators.

He began his fight with the freeing of his father from imprisonment by the Venezuelan government. His father was a high ranking official that exposed corruption by the government and was subsequently captured and tortured. Thor himself negotiated the release. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Thor’s mother was a human rights activist too but she was shot and killed during a peaceful protest in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez’s men were the ones responsible for her death. Even Thor’s cousin was not able to escape capture and is still being held prisoner to this day.

According to Crunchbase, these are the reasons why Thor Halvorssen works so hard to give people a fighting chance to live freely and not fear imprisonment and even death.

Thor has a team of devoted human rights activists that run the Human Rights Foundation. They work tirelessly and even set foot in the countries where they hear of people being captured or oppressed. They negotiate in person in some cases which are incredibly dangerous but they believe in taking action rather than sitting behind a desk.

One of his more notable accomplishments aside from helping those in need of his services is the creation of the Oslo Freedom Forum. It is a yearly gathering of people all over the world that are devoted to the human rights movement.

It started as a small gathering and has now turned into a yearly gathering that lasts an entire week. There are a variety of gatherings and activities during the week that are designed to create contacts and connections between activists that are sprinkled all over the globe.  Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

Thor Halvorssen is also a media contributor and is consulted frequently regarding issues in the world today by news agencies and written publications. Thor’s opinion is widely respected and he has managed to grab the ears of influential people in governments all over the world. Thor works night and day to help squash oppression and to let his viewpoints and opinions be heard.

Avi Weisfogel: The Diplomatic Dentist

Avi Weisfogel is well known for being active in philanthropy and social media. He is also a highly respected dental expert who is pioneering the treatment of sleep disorders. On his Facebook page, you can get a sense of the type of man he is. He is a dog lover who is active in many groups that aim to help people and promote health around the world.


Avi is highly active in Twitter. He tweets several times a week about global philanthropic crises. He wants all of his followers to be more aware of the suffering and injustice occurring around the world. Avi does not just preach. He also practices helping others with his own time and money. He is an advocate for Operation Smile. It is an organization that aims to help children around the world who suffer from cleft palate syndrome. These children’s lives are at risk because their disfigurement exposes them to increased risk of infection and social stigmatization. Avi manages a GoFund Me page that collects money for this cause. Since Avi networks with thousands of dental professionals around the globe, he has managed to bring in a large amount of funds for this charity.


Avi Weisfogel is better known to many as the founder of Dental Sleep Masters. It is a company that aims to educate medial professionals on how to treat common sleep disorders. Patients come to their dentist to get dental treatment, but many of them also have complaints about difficulty sleeping. Through Dental Sleep Masters, dentists can now treat sleep apnea with a few simple tools that are already available to them. This increases their power to help people and do good in the world.


Avi is a lifelong scholar. From humble beginnings in New Jersey, he got a double degree from Rutgers University. He majored in Psychology and Biology. After graduating, he wanted to further his education. He attended New York University College of Dentistry where he got his DDS. For a total of 16 years, Avi has been treating patients. They have appreciated his care because they honored him with the Dentist of the Year award many times over.