Texas Bankers Association Conference Held In New Orleans This Year

Chief executive officer and president of Nexbank, Mr. John Holt, was a key speaker at the Texas Bankers Association Conference that was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. The event took place on November 7th. John Holt was a panelist on the Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation panel where he offered his insight, expertise and forecast to the Texas banking community.

The meeting of the Texas Bankers Association in Louisiana was only the fifth one since it was launched in 2011. The event is scheduled to be a yearly event. Its goal is to to provide an avenue for bank CEOs, executives, financial advisors and investors to share strategies on how to grow revenue and expand their base of operations. A key part of the conference involved growth through mergers and acquisitions and expansion from organic growth and branching.

NexBank is a Dallas, Texas bank that so far has only one major retail branch. The bank mostly serves institutional, corporate and commercial clients. Its three main services are commercial banking, mortgage banking and investment banking.

Its mortgage banking division, lends not only to interested home buyers looking to purchase a new home but to commercial clients who are looking to purchase a new warehouse, office space or land for commercial development. NexBank’s commercial lending operations involve giving business loans or helping to secure capital for businesses so that they can expand operations or upgrade existing facilities. The bank can also work with small businesses to help them secure small business and government loans. This can result in more favorable terms to the borrower and greater flexibility when paying off loans.

In investment banking, NexBank offers standard services such as mergers and acquisitions. Services also include real estate advisory, corporate finance, operations advisory and recapitalization. NexBank can also help firms restructure to cut down on waste and expenses.

Bruce Levenson And AHBE Seek Damage Relief Against AIG Insurance

AIG, the former insurance provider for the Atlanta Hawks’ previous ownership has come under fire recently. When Bruce Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) sold the team a little over a year ago (http://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2015/04/23/bankers-for-levenson-oversold-atlanta-hawks-by-27/), they had cause to file a claim with AIG relating to losses suffered during such a transaction. Specifically Time Magazine says that Levenson and AHBE want to be compensated for buying out former General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract, an action that was covered in their policy. AIG however, believes differently and so far refuses to acknowledge the claim filed is valid. AHBE and Levenson are taking AIG to court and are seeking not only compensation for Ferry’s buyout, but want payments covering court costs and attorney fees as well.

Bruce Levenson owned the Hawks in partnership with AHBE for 11 years, when he bought the majority shares of the team in 2004, a deal that included the arena and even the purchase of the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers. But prior to buying the Hawks, Levenson had established a career as a successful businessman in the journalism. He had originally studied law at American University, but after graduating from there he and his friend Ed Peskowitz started a media outlet based out of home. That company became Unified Communications Group, a company that published newsletters for various industries including energy, healthcare, mortgage and housing, and technology. UCG is also the owner of Gas Buddy, an app for drivers looking for lower fuel prices.

Levenson has also dedicated much of his time to philanthropy in the Washington DC area, chairing organizations such as Hoop Dreams, and the I Have a Dream Foundation. He’s highly supportive of Jewish political think tank organizations such as BBYO, and the SEED Foundation. He’s contributed greatly to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, sponsoring their Bringing the Lessons Home project. Read more about Bruce’s philanthropic activities on prnewswire.com.


Norka Martinez: An Inspiration to Budding Musicians

Becoming a professional musician has always been a difficult task. The diversification of audience needs and the increase in the number of budding musicians has additionally made establishing a successful career in the music industry harder. Fortunately, Norka Martinez is here to encourage all the aspiring musicians. Her story creates a fresh air of positivity for upcoming musicians looking forward to breaking into the music industry. The Miami-based singer developed a love for singing at a tender age. Since then, she has made it her responsibility to use her talent for the good of others.

Early life and education

Ms. Martinez has supportive parents who have supported her talents and motivated her to follow her dreams. They enrolled her in instrument, dance and singing classes. Her success is a manifestation of her continuous determination, hard work, and personal drive. During her time in France as a student, she was able to strike a strategic balance between education and music.

According to her profile, she was able to juggle her education and music. She would perform in French nightclubs in the evenings after she was through with classes. Additionally, Norka Luque would travel with a street team known as Bad Moon Rising.

She graduated from the French business college and headed to Monaco in search of a job. Luque found a job in the banking sector of Monaco. Unfortunately, she did not like the job. She felt that a banking job did not give her the room to exercise her creativity.

Moving to the United States and meeting Emilio Estefan

Ms. Martinez packed her bags and headed for the United States soon after she quit her banking job. She settled in Miami, the “Capital of Latin America.” While performing in one of the Miami nightclubs, Mr. Estefan spotted her and invited her to the Crescent Moon Studio.

Releasing her first album

With the help of Emilio and other professionals in the Latin music industry, Luque was able to release her first studio album. The album was composed of several songs; however, only three of them became successful. Some of the songs are “As You Do It,” “Milagro” and “Tomorrowland.”

The song “Milagro” became an international hit. It was composed by top Latino music producers such as Luigi Giraldo, Hermanos, and Archie Pena. If you listen to the song, you will realize that it is a perfect combination of reggae, Caribbean and Mediterranean sounds. Find more information on Norka Martinez Luque here:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NorkaLuque

Making Gooee Smart Lighting Your Option

It is always a good idea for you to take steps and measures to reduce the bills that you get for your home every single month. One of the highest bills that you probably have would be the electric bill that you receive each and every month. If this has been a problem for you in the past, you might want to switch to Gooee smart lighting because this is an option that can seriously save you tons of money without you having to worry that it is going to affect the type of lighting in your home. Lots of homeowners as well as business owners who own their own companies are switching to Gooee smart lighting because of the fact that this is an option that works well for them.

One of the best things for you to do is to switch to Gooee smart lighting because of the fact that this is an option that will do well for you and your loved ones. You can actually have greater power over the electric in your home because you are able to manipulate it from a smartphone app that you can easily download for free. You can then turn on or off the lights depending on where you are even if you are nowhere near to your house. Choosing Gooee as the company for the smart lighting options that you have installed is great because this is a company that has truly revolutionize the smart lighting business and had taken the steps needed to improve your experience using this for yourself and your loved ones.

Chicago Based Financial Bank Acquires College Savings Bank

NexBank is a financial institution that is based in Dallas. The company was founded years ago, and it has accomplished a lot. Just recently, NexBank announced that it had purchased the College Savings Bank, an organization that is located in Princeton, New Jersey.
College Savings Bank is a respected bank in New Jersey, and it is recognized for offering consumer 529 Plan College saving programs. NexBank management says that this is a great achievement, and it looks forward to offering customers high-quality services. The deals of the transaction have, however, not been released to the public.

According to a recent report from NexBank, College Savings Bank will not be changing its original name anytime soon. The company will be expected to retain its name and brand, but it will make its operations as a special division of NexBank. John Holt, the current Chief Executive Officer and President of NexBank that this will enable the new branch to function well.

John Hold said that College Savings Bank had worked in the college savings industry since 1987, and people from the city were already used to the services. The bank offers program management services for the Indiana College Choice and the Arizona College Savings Program. Changing the name and brand of the company would affect the operations of the institution significantly.

NexBank Capital is a very popular financial services company that has been operational for several decades. The financial services organization offers consumers in the United States through three core business: mortgage banking, commercial banking, and investment banking. The institution provides these services primarily to the leading financial institutions, individuals, institutional clients and corporations in the nation.
Since the financial services company was started, it has been committed to offering clients high-quality services. In each and every opportunity, NexBank strives to deliver the highest value. The solutions from the company are out of this world, and the professionals employed by the company have a proven record of delivering sophisticated solutions.

Marc Sparks Exposes Investors to Serial Entrepreneurship

Marc Sparks has become very successful as an investor. There is reason that he has been able to become as successful as he is. All of this goes back to his ability to take chances in a lot of different areas. He has become this serial entrepreneur that I believe a lot of people can learn something from.

There are people that are impressed with what he has been able to do because he has opened the door for others. His Spark Tank challenge gives a lot of people the chance to bring forth some socially conscious ideas to the mainstream.

If they win the Spark Tank Challenge they get $5,000 that can help them further promote and build their business. There are a lot of people that get the chance to reach a whole new crowd, and this is all because of what has been done with the Spark Tank.

Many people are impressed with the way that Marc Sparks has been able to go through the trial and error of investing in businesses. These businesses do not always work out, but there is always a learning experience that can be found with each business opportunity.

What all of the investing in various businesses has done is make Sparks a very well-rounded person. He has been able to master the art of doing business well in many different environments. He has been an interesting source of inspiration to all that have been trying to maximize the returns.

According to Timber Creek, what Marc Sparks has essentially shown everyone else is that there are greater opportunities for success when they have the ability to diversify. He could have easily put all of this money into one business idea and wait for something to happen.

This is not what he found to be the most successful avenue though. He has invested in multiple businesses, and he has shown others that his investments have paid off in a great way.

I have seen what he has done in the business world, and I think that he is a great inspiration because he is honest. He shares his blog, and he is never afraid to show people where he has gone wrong with some investments.

When people can see his failures and grow from his mistakes it shows that he is reaching people. He has helped me learn that serial investing can bring forth much greater returns.


4 Tips From A Publicist For Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Reviews is everything these days. One of the factors that can prevent anyone from moving forward with his life is if his reputation is bad. There are a few things that could be done in order to manage one’s own reputation. From a publicist, there are a few tips that one should consider when dealing with his own reputation. The tips that the publicist gives are to be bold with statements, be on the constant lookout for possible attacks, identify the source, and have a defense planned. When it comes to online reputation management, these are the most important to aspects of online reputation management.

While one could just focus on being a good person, there is more to maintaining a good reputation than just that. For one thing, people spread word about a person for various reasons. One thing to consider is that one does not have to do anything bad to someone else in order to get an attack. Often times, there is one person who will spread false information about someone else out of jealousy or just a desire to see the person fall. Either way, the person is not that much in control of what people will say about him. However, he can control what damages are done.

In many cases, one is going to need help with online reputation management. There is no telling where a mention of his brand is going to come from. Therefore, it is important for him to either have a tool that will track every mention or hire someone with the right tools to manage the person’s reputation as well as let the person know where he is facing attacks to his reputation and what he can do to take care of it. For one thing, the client is ultimately responsible for his own reputation.


Marc Sparks the Venture Capitalist Dallas Loves

Marc Sparks is what most folks refer to as a serial entrepreneur, but he is also one of the most well-known venture capitalists in Dallas. Sparks is widely known for his most recent endeavor, which was moving his office space in order to make collaboration easier and more fruitful for entrepreneurs.

Sparks believes that collaboration could be either very poor or it could prove to be super productive in the right environment. Transforming his office space just for helping startups was his sole purpose for moving.

Sparks wanted to optimize the time that entrepreneurs were spending in his office space from day one. Sparks believes that the only way to do this is through an office space that inspires entrepreneurs to think creatively as well as to give them enough space that their entire team can sit and become a “think tank”, while being able to face each other comfortably.

In a recent press release, Sparks talks about what it would be like to try to think creatively in a dark warehouse with no windows to look out of. It’s not very inspiring is it? It isn’t likely that anyone would be inspired, let alone to think about the positive side of their business in a dark and cold environment without windows.

As an entrepreneur that has started multiple businesses, Sparks knows that it takes a strong incubation period in order for a team to be effective in their game plan.

The incubation period gives entrepreneurs the guidance they need for the legal side of their business, design, funding, and much more. The purpose of the collaboration is to gain fresh insight from other entrepreneurs into what is happening, what is changing, and a big part of that is being able to get over the pitfalls and disappointments along the way as well.

Marc Sparks is the Founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital, and his passion is taking great ideas and turning them into a viable business opportunity. His book, They Can’t Eat You, has inspired millions to never give up, and Sparks candidly shares his journey with the reader.

Sparks enjoys working with charities like Habitat for Humanity, as well as working on his own non-profit organization. Sparkey’s Kids donates one thousand laptops to at-risk children through American Can! Academy.

Securus Technologies Receives Honor From Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies looks to connect to what matters. Securus believes that creating a culture that supports associates, along with the needs of the business is important. There are four core values at Securus Technologies; being exceptional, focused, innovative, and trust worthy. Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas. Securus serves more than 3,000 corrections agencies throughout North America, while housing more than a million inmates. Securus Technologies serves a number of different purposes through offering incident management, investigation, bio-metric analysis, and information management. Securus uses a unique growth plan by acquiring organizations, therefore establishing themselves as an industry leader in civil and criminal justice technology solutions. Recently, Securus announced that they received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, receiving an A+ rating. Securus received the honor from the Better Business Bureau by meeting a few different requirements, including building trust, having integrity, and being transparent. Securus has opened a domestic call center that is regarded as one of the largest in the entire industry. This gave Securus more control over their customer service and played a role in Securus earning the accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Rick Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus, believes that the accreditation validates Securus as one of the leaders in the industry.

Cone Marshall’s Contribution towards Strengthening New Zealand’s Tax Transparency Model

A recent media coverage claims that New Zealand seems like a tax haven due to its complex financial transactions and wealthy people. However, New Zealand does not have any feature linking it to a tax haven. A tax haven is known for having complicated financial deals, impose no or nominal taxes, and disallows the interchange of tax information across governments. Considering the above grounds, New Zealand does not qualify as a tax haven. Moreover, it has always maintained its private banking industry highly transparent to adhere to the gold standard transparency model established in 2002.

The model facilitates the interchange of tax information across countries to help enact local tax laws. The 2002 OECD Tax Model listed New Zealand among the first countries to execute the globally endorsed tax laws. Upon the approval of OECD tax model, New Zealand tightened its trustee’s requirements and supported the flow of information across governments for tax purpose. After an extensive consultation with trust and tax advisors, Michael Cullen introduced new tax rules in New Zealand. Under the new regime, trustees remain subject to IRD and are required to file their financial records with New Zealand’s revenue authority. The required records include the money spent and received by a trustee, trust deed, trust’s financial position, and terms of trust settlement and distribution. Moreover, if the trust has a business, trustees are required to keep the record of its accounting system. Failure to maintain these records in New Zealand and written in English attracts hefty penalties.

About Cone Marshall

As a world-class tax and trust law firm, Cone Marshall puts up with the principles of tax and trust transparency. Located in Auckland, Cone Marshall was founded in 1999 by Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. With immense knowledge in international tax laws, Karen Marshall advises legal trustee firms across the world. She worked in the London’s Commercial Litigation department for almost a decade before joining Cone Marshall.In Contrary, Geoffrey Cone has an extensive experience in planning tax and trusts models.

Since its inception in 1999, Cone Marshall assists attorneys, private banks, trustees, and family advisors located outside New Zealand in tax and trust planning. Although New Zealand was described as a tax haven in a recent article, Karen Marshall questions the assertion pointing out that New Zealand follows the agreed principles on tax standards. He also explained that New Zealand’s foreign trusts have increased due to its international recognition as a safe place for one’s assets.