Keep Smooth Lips Year Round!

Summer of 2016 is coming to an end and it’s time to prepare for the colder months that are soon to come. For us women, sometimes our lips are the first thing someone notices when encountering us! To make sure we keep our lips healthy and moisturized, we need to be using the right Lip Balm. So who says you can’t moisturize and rock a pretty smile?

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) Shimmer Spheres are hands down my favorite Lip Balm products, especially for dry chapped lips. They come in great flavors and feel incredibly soft and smooth when applying to yours lips. What I love most about this specific Lip Balm is the beautiful shimmer tint it leaves allowing you to enhance your gorgeous smile while keeping your lips moisturized. This product is perfect for when you need to add that extra shine to your smile. Shimmer Spheres really seem to have the perfect amount of shimmer to where it doesn’t feel like to much glam but enough to go out on the town! You can find the Shimmer Spheres here and try one for yourself!

For days glamour and shine aren’t a concern I would highly advise trying the EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm’s without the shimmer! Using this Lip Balm certainly gives your lips a healthy organic boost with its all-natural tropical flavors. Both of these Lip Balms contain Vitamin-E to ensure your lips are healthier than ever. The Sphere Shaped container is also easy to screw on and off with great protection for keeping out unwanted dirt and germs. To try out any of the EOS Lip Balms available and see what other flavors and products there is to offer click here:

Making sure your lips are healthy and smooth assures a beautiful smile and confidence. When considering affordability there’s no doubt the EOS Lip Balms are priced just right. You can also try the Sphere’s by picking one up at your local drug store or supermarket. Keeping you lips healthy and smooth year round prevents them from drying out which can cause a rough texture that is certainly unpleasant. Remember, lips are one of the first features noticed. So why not treat them with the best? Follow EOS on Twitter to be updated. Check out their Linked In profile:


IAP Worldwide acquires part of DRS Technology

Ingenuity and purpose worldwide incorporation, popularly known as IAP, is an American company that offers solutions and services mainly to international organizations and the USA government on Recently, they acquired two companies from DRS technology. DRS is an aviation and logistics company that is based in Oklahoma City.

The two companies, TCNS Inc. and A & L Inc. have been acquired and their operations assumed by IAP. A&L is a leading service provider of aircraft repair, logistics support, and mission support services.

TCNS, on the other hand, is a leading provider of information technology, engineering, and support in communication-based activities to the USA department of defense. IAP has stated that acquiring the two companies and merging their services together will integrate their innovative capabilities.

IAP Worldwide is a leader in the provision of international logistics solutions, management of facilities, and professional and technical services. The company has a presence in more than 25 countries throughout the world.

IAP Worldwide Services also stated that acquiring the two companies was part of a growth plan that they are implementing to ensure continuity and efficiency of the company and its operations. This move will help IAP be able to handle double the work they could have handled before thus increasing its business activities and ultimately its revenues and profits.

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

IAP will be able to offer more services to their customers because of the different functions and services that they have added to their catalogs through the companies they acquired. The company aims to introduce a new category to their services, which is where the two companies will work together to offer their services.

The aviation and engineering solutions arm shall also be aligned with their current national programs unit. IAP Worldwide Services chief executive officer stated that the new acquisitions will also help expand the services the company is able to offer their clientele. The services are mainly sold to USA government agencies and organizations of international governments.

The CEO stated that adding more companies under their umbrella and expanding their portfolio proves to the investors and clients that the company has a willingness to continue its operations. It also shows its commitment to continue serving its clients.

The company has vast experience in business that they have acquired throughout the six decades they have been operational. The company has offices in strategic locations in the world. These key places include Washington, Panama, Middle East, and the United Kingdom. Its headquarters are in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services:

Securus Technology-Transforming Prisoner Experience through Data Modernization

Securus Technologies is a prominent provider of criminal and civil justice technology resolutions for public safety, monitoring, investigation, and corrections. The firm is saving clients real time and value by applying prisoner forms and complaint application on Connect Us.

Securus is dedicated to continuously providing technology and features for customers. The Inmate Forms and Complaint form on the ConnectUs is an example of how this company is modernizing their clientele.

Reasons why the new system is beneficial
Correctional organizations prefer paper forms prisoner requests; complaints, handbook acceptance and medical forms and registration forms. Correctional employees spend more time allocating, assembling, directing, classification, replying, replication, filing, archiving and storage.

With the application of client forms, I can say that requests are easily shaped and made accessible to prisoners. Changing a form takes just a few minutes with no printing involved. The ConnectUs Inmate Application Forms and Complaint application has transformed manual paper procedures to digital mechanization. This application has made a real difference for clients.

Inmates benefit from the self-service availability of forms and know-how of viewing the status of forms and complaint and consent or appeal them. The ConnectUs Inmate Forms is beneficial as it saves thousands of dollars on the manual paper cost. Not only does it allow prisoners access to services and features never accessible before, but it also fully oversees what is available to detainees and when. This guarantees employee’s full control on the information that inmates have can access.

Additional information on Securus Technologies
With its head office in Dallas, Texas, it serves around 3,450 members of the public, corrections organizations and law enforcement and over one million inmates all over North America. The company is committed to connecting and helps by providing a prompt response, event management, public data, biometric analysis, investigation, communication, information management, communication, prisoner self-service and observing services and products with an aim of making the world a safer place.

Some people do not believe a person should alter their body in any way through plastic surgery. They believe you should keep what you are given or dealt. A person that has large breasts may have a lot of pain in the shoulders and back because of the weight of her breasts. Jennifer Walden would take this person into her office and talk with her. First Jennifer would ask the lady why she was there and then Jennifer would do an examination on the trouble areas. After completing the examination, Jennifer would explain what she could do to help the women. Breast reduction is the term used for this type of surgery. Jennifer would take the time to schedule a follow-up appointment to make sure the woman fully understood what was going to take place.


When the lady goes in for plastic surgery on the breasts, the surgeon will make drawings on the breast know what to remove. On very large breast reduction surgeries, the nipples will need to be removed and sewn back on after the reduction. This can cause the nipples to desensitize. Sometimes the feelings come back and other times they do not come back fully. After the lady is out of surgery she will be in recovery. During recovery, the lady will wear a special type of sports bra. This helps to reduce swelling and discoloration. A woman haveing this surgery will feel tons better after the surgery sites are healed.


Jennifer Walden is a wonderful plastic surgeon that recently moved back to Austin Texas from New York. While in New York, Jennifer learned about nose surgeries. She learned about reconstructions and sinus issues. Jennifer also learned to speak in public. After she got home to Texas with her sons, Jennifer took on the role of public speaker. She prefers to do surgeries and procedures that are less evasive so that the patients do not have so much to heal from. Botox and laser are two of the minimally invasive procedures that can change a person’s life. Jennifer won several awards and continues to be seen as one of America’s top surgeons.

Attorneys for Whistleblowers

Whistle blowers are caught between doing what they feel is right and what they think they may get in trouble for. It is a precarious situation for anyone to be in, but those people that have a lot on the line can understand this to a much higher degree. Some whistleblowers in the past have been thrown in prison and this is a huge reality to people who are considering coming out with information that they possess. Unfortunately, it is because fo this very same dilemma that so many people go through that blocks a lot of important things from becoming public knowledge. There have been a lot of cases over the last several years where whistleblowers have come forward to shed light on things that go against our Constitution and some have even been brought up on huge charges.

If you are considering coming forward with any type of information that may render you a whistle blower, before even telling anyone what your plan is, you need to get yourself a lawyer to protect yourself. Luckily, there are laws in place these days that afford a lot of protection to whistleblowers, which many people that came forward in the past did not have. This includes protection from any employers that an employee may be coming out against, as well as a host of other protections from the law and from the government. Knowing that these protections are afoot can make all the difference in the world when it comes to a person deciding whether they want to come forward or not. Only a qualified attorney that works with these types of cases regularly can give you an accurate portrayal of where you stand, so don’t hesitate to go out and get yourself a top notch whistleblowing attorney.

The mere fact that there have been so many of these cases lately, as more and more people are becoming whistle blowers and exposing corruption, has created a much higher demand for attorneys that specialize in this realm. This is a great thing for any potential whistle blower, as it can be imperative to find a lawyer that specializes in the exact cases you are dealing with. When a lawyer specialize in whistle blowing cases, they will undoubtedly know how to play their hand of cards and will have a much better chance of having a favorable end result for themselves and their clients.

WEN’s Healthy Botanical Formulas Create Shine and Volume for Blogger’s Limp Hair

If you believe that big lather shampoos create voluminous, shiny hair, you would be wrong. Those sulfates and other damaging chemicals found in store bought shampoos and conditioners are actually weakening and harming your mane.
Popular celebrity LA stylist Chaz Dean [see:] knew there had to be a better way, so he developed the no lather shampoo system called WEN by Chaz. His formulas were one-bottle miracle workers, delivering shine, body and bounce to hair of all types in botanical blends.

His celebrity clientele have remained loyal to the brand, and Mr. Dean has not used a lather shampoo on himself nor his star fans since 1993. That alone speaks volumes about WEN by Chaz. Wen can be purchased online on for a fraction of the cost of their competitors. It can also be found on select cosmetics sores including Sephora. blogger Emily McClure was cursed with limp hair that just lay there, unable to hold a style. She decided to try the WEN system to see if the hair care line could help give her mane a major Hollywood boost. Emily kept a daily hair diary along with hair selfies to chart her progress.

Emily began WEN by Chaz with a morning cleanse each day and followed up with a blow-dry and styling session. When she followed those steps, she achieved smooth, soft, bigger, glossier hair. She loved the results, and her selfies show a pretty woman with a pretty amazing mane. Even her best girlfriends were crushing on Emily’s shiny new hair.

Emily also learned to keep hair on that morning routine. Once, she tried washing with Wen at night, but her hair fell flat upon arising. Another time, Emily skipped washing her hair, and again, her tresses went limp.

Emily has discovered you can’t be lazy on WEN, meaning the product works miracles if you can take the time to follow up blow-drying and styling.

Emily would try WEN by Chaz again.