All about George Soros

On August 12, 1930, in Budapest, George Soros was born. The Nazis and the Fascist surrogates were his main fears, hiding from their sight always. His father had disguised their Jewishness with fake identities and forged documents. George Soros survived it all and counter struck some spine-chillingly close shaves. George in his early years as a teenager experienced the Communist dictatorship.

Soros immigrated to England unaccompanied where he later joined the London School of Economics. This gave him an opportunity to discover his wit in the financial markets. After his studies, Soros took a job on the Wall Street. While in New York, he was joined by his parents. Soros’ parents were refugees after the crush of the Hungarian Revolution by the Soviet tanks.

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And Now: Anti-Semitism

George had a knack for doing things: things that were of economic value. His endeavors resulted in him becoming wealthy, and he was ranked as one of the richest people on Forbes at position 35, a position he currently holds. George Soros, Nazi acquired and still acquires his wealth in the fields of currency and stock speculation. He is very adept in the sector making billions of dollars in his investments.

George Soros is a renowned philanthropist. In the Soviet bloc, Soros was instrumental as he delivered vital support to the civil society groups. In the West, Soros did more in efforts of prodding the European Communism away. Soros pioneers pre-democracy initiatives and currently his focus is in Burma. He continues to fund both advocacy groups and institutes of liberal policy. In political history, Soros funded the presidential campaigns of Presidents Barrack Obama and John Kerry.

Despite his humanitarian activities and democracy initiatives, George Soros has been a subject for many critics. Soros has been inappropriately misread and misinterpreted. Such misinterpretations of his philanthropic efforts have led to tropes against him. He has been subjected to anti-Semitism. Additionally, some of Soros’ critics are of the opinion that he is leading his Jewish people to their death camps.

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IT Solutions For Today Are Found At Securus Technologies

There are hundreds even thousands of law enforcement, Public Safety, and Corrections agencies that rely on Securus Technologies to provide the leading Technology Solutions to simplify day-to-day business. According to PR Newswire conducted study, these industries are vitally crucial to the infrastructure of society and require the most extreme attention to detail.

With all the attention to detail, that is necessary in order to maintain and operate a facility of this magnitude lost in compliance the last thing one needs to worry about is their call Management Systems, their telecommunications, or their information technology and or data analytic.

This is an area of expertise where your friends at Securus Technologies comes into play. They specialize in the field of providing Technology Solutions to both civil and Criminal Justice field.

By modernizing the experience of incarceration, this is just one of the many ways in which Securus Technologies is providing cutting-edge technology that is leading the way to the Future. The modernization of incarceration means more efficient monitoring and tracking capabilities.

Providing both the public and corporations with the ability and capabilities to monitor and maintain stability amongst their integrated technology systems saves money and valuable resources. This is a specialty at‘s A+ accredited Securus Technologies. With an incredible amount of both tax and private dollars involved in these facilities, the Technology Solutions implemented are a major importance.

To obtain the best technological solutions for any of these industries, there is only one choice you should consider. That choice, is none other of course, then, Securus Technologies.

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Michael Zomber: How History Shaped This Samurai-Loving Historian

The name Michael Zomber usually makes people think of the Samurai. Of course, there are others who cannot separate the name from some of the most exquisite antique guns in the market. This makes sense since Zomber has made it his business to preserve and educate people about some of the history regarding weapons and the Samurai. Keep in mind that his collection of antique guns and swords is also one of the most coveted collections in the world. It is not easy to collect such priceless artifacts. It took Zomber around 40 years to collect everything he has, yet he will not tell you that his collection is complete because there are simply many more pieces to find.

Zomber has always had a fascination with history, which is evident due to what he did in his life. Zomber was born in Washington DC, and his childhood was like many others, except he did gravitate to shows, games, and other activities that exposed tidbits of literature and history. It is this passion that he continued to nurture and grow as he grew up. Zomber went on to get his English Literature bachelor’s degree, which was given to him with honors. He also earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He continued to get a master’s degree in English Literature at UCLA. Some might think Zomber had to work hard during his University years, but the truth is he mostly had fun since the subjects covered (that he was attempting to get these degrees in) were subjects he was interested in.

Zomber never thought that he was going to make a living doing what he loves, but he surprised himself. His knowledge of history is so respected that he has been a guest on several programs showed on the History Channel. Zomber has also penned several historical books that have gathered much praise, like Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, Shogun Iemitsu, and Jesus and the Samurai. Zomber was intricate in making his intricate documentary called the Soul of the Samurai. This film was produced with the help of his wife, Andrea. It goes to show that it is possible to share the same passion with a significant other. The couple have two children, and they are surely hoping that the history bug bites them, too. It would be nice if the whole family had the same love.  Check out Michael’s books on Amazon, and follow the man himself on Facebook.

JustFab: Summer Styles For the Frugal and Stylish

I’m a very frugal person. I see no reason to buy clothes that will not last a long time or clothes that are simply not my style. I am also a bit of a lazy dresser, even though some people might think I spend a lot of time on my arrangements. The truth is summer styles have never been too kind to me. I usually see mediocre styles that do not work for me. Well, until I found JustFab.

Most clothing I come across is a little too snug, making it hard for me to feel comfortable. I do not know about you, but I like to be free, which I think should be the key to any summer style simply because it is too hot. Thankfully, JustFab is different, and I could not believe it. JustFab’s clothes are made with incredibly breathable materials that are very flexible. I guess this makes sense since they are actively involved in active-wear.

I never thought about it, but that is exactly the kind of clothes that should be summer-wear, especially if you live in hot regions like I do. The Wrap Spaghetti Dress on is one of the pieces that fit me well; this dress flows like a feather on me and is not snug anywhere, yet still shows off my waist. The color is a pastel white, which I felt was kind of luxurious. I especially liked the small layer of genius design near the bottom of the dress. There is a strip design of petite diamonds, which I felt completed the dress.

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JustFab Summer Shop

I also found that the Zipper Linen Culotte bottoms were perfect for those days that you just want to wear some jeans. They are completely breathable and could almost pass as shorts, but they definitely accentuate all the areas you want to show off, like the waist and thighs. These are just some of the clothes I love, and I decided to sign up for JustFab’s subscription service.

Venezuela Experiencing an Economic Collapse

The South American nation Venezuela has been experiencing a significant economic collapse. This collapse has been caused by socialist policies that have been very restrictive in both politics and economics. Venezuela has been ruled by Hugo Chavez from 1998 to 2013 until his death. It is now ruled by his successor Nicolas Maduro who has kept the policies of Chavez intact. While there has been political stability, analyst Norka Luque sees the economy has began to significantly decline and negatively effect the quality of life of its citizens. With a collapsing economy, Venezuela has had to endure a number of negative consequences that have put the nation in a major state of distress.
In Venezuela there are a number of things that are making life very difficult for its citizens. The first thing is a food and water shortage which has made the country unable to keep its people fed. As a result Norka says a number of people are now hunting dogs, cats and birds for food. Since there has been a food and water shortage, these supplies have been rationed in which people can only obtain a certain amount at a given time. There is also a power shortage and therefore people are unable to get an adequate amount of electricity. Getting adequate medical care is also quite difficult as people now need to purchase medicine on the black market. All of these negative consequences have been caused by socialist policies implemented by former President Chavez and his government.



Make a Splash This Summer with JustFab and Your Own Curated Boutique

After months of bundling up the sun is out and it’s now our time to shine; the season of the breezy sundress, casual cut off shorts, and strappy sandals is upon us. However, along with the warmth comes a myriad of events we need to dress for, and even for those who love playing dress up the work of finding the right pieces can be daunting.

Enter, who with a few simple clicks will learn your style preferences and build a new curated online boutique for you to peruse – updated EVERY month! To sweeten the pot, they cut out the middlemen who drive up fashion prices, giving you a great bang for your summer wardrobe buck. You can even perk up your shoe game, in 2013 they merged with the beloved subscription shoe service ShoeDazzle to offer drop-dead-gorgeous footwear on the same platform, making JustFab the world’s largest fashion subscription company online.

JustFab’s current summer shop is stocked with the perfect jaunty tanks, like the adventurous Moroccan tank with a swing style hem in a warm, worldly print, or a more subtle bell sleeved blouse with strategically placed crochet cutouts. Even flirtier, the off shoulder peasant top has a flowy silhouette that would flatter all sizes and is readily available from size XS to XXL.

If you prefer something more fitted, JustFab have a large range of bottoms, one of my favorites being the stripe rib midi skirt that hugs the hips but at an appropriate length with the hem landing just above the knee, perfect for a night out on the town. Another must have are their Lux Marbled Sweatpant, perfectly fitted but with an extremely comfortable 60% cotton fabric that lets you catch those summer blockbuster movies in some serious style without a ton of effort.

Would it really be a summer shop, though, if they didn’t help you get your swimwear game on point? Probably not, but thankfully they’ve got that covered too. While the bold among us will drool over their metallic monokini or colorful printed twist front bikini, they also have options with more coverage that don’t skimp on style. If you want to cultivate that retro pinup look, you will love the mesh high-waisted bikini in black, or get more casual with the printed rope tie tankini with a paisley top and matching blue shorts.

Head on over to yourself and take a look. It really couldn’t be easier to simplify your shopping game and take advantage of their talented curation team’s picks for this summer.


The Importance of Checking Claims on Beauty Products

In one article that was released on Bustle, the author talked about checking claims made about a beauty product. It is very important to check claims on a beauty product, especially hair care products. Some products have chemicals in there that will damage hair. As a result, people may lose their hair depending on the product. This is why it is important to do research on the product that one is interested in. As one knows more about the product and the ingredients that make up the product, she gains a better perspective and ability to decide whether or not this product is good for her hair. Read it here:

One product that the author checked is Wen hair by Chaz. Wen hair by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean is said to put hair in better condition. The author heard claims that Wen could give people movie star quality hair. Intrigued by those claims, the author decided to try out the product herself. Wen by Chaz came in different varieties. The author chose the Sephora Fig variety and tried it on her hair. While she did find herself amazed at how much the bottle recommended for her hair, she was overall satisfied with the results. Her friends gave her compliments on how shiny her hair was.

WEN hair by Chaz, like other hair care products has proven to be good for the hair. Since it was sourced from natural ingredients, it is pretty safe for the hair. Other hair care products often have chemicals that cause more damage to the hair than good.

One of the best ways to know whether or not a hair care product is good is to read customer reviews. When one reads reviews, she gains perspective on the good aspects and the bad aspects of the product. She also gains it from the perspective of people that are on her level as opposed to the professional reviewers. This helps her determine whether or not she wants to use the hair care product.

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