Coriant Makes Technology Come Alive

Technology is constantly evolving and Coriant remains on the cutting edge. Providing users with revolutionary products that make use of the latest innovation available on the market today, the company has emerged as a dominant player within the global market. The company offers a number of customizable options that effectively optimize the existing and future infrastructure needs of companies around the globe. Coriant enables users to improve the efficiency of their IP and optical layer.

With headquarters in Germany and the United States, Coriant has quickly emerged on the worldwide scene as a trusted telecommunications provider. With Marlin Equity Partners as their parent financial backer, they have the resources behind them to develop new technology that is innovative and forward thinking. They provide a comprehensive range of services from Optical LAN and Broadband Access to Intelligent Network Management and Integrated Optical Planning Solutions. They work with each of the their clients individuals to develop a customized solution for any telecommunications related needs that they present with.

Shaygan Kheradpir, who serves as both the Chief Executive Office and the Chairman of the Board, directs Coriant. This is an important position, as Coriant currently has operations in more than 100 countries, meaning that the CEO must maintain a global footprint. Kheradpir came to the company with more than 28 years of direct experience at the executive level in the areas of technology, telecommunications, and financial services. He is seen as a driving force behind the company, and he brings his experience from such multinational companies at GTE to the table.

Holding a Ph.D. in engineering from Cornell University, Kheradpir has the theoretical and intellectual background to lead a global telecommunications company into the future. He has personally patented technology in the areas of media and telecommunications, in addition to serving on the advisory board of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology. Serving in the past on the Cornell University Engineering Council also demonstrates that he has earned the respect of the business and academic community.

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Understanding Real Investment Partnership with Laidlaw & Company

As the world continues to worry and fret not only about the last great recession, but also about what could happen in the coming years, the key to understanding the markets is fairly simple. People can make money with respect to investments in both good times and bad, and even though there are certain levels of volatility that some individuals simply don’t want to deal with at all, as long as you know how to navigate the waters correctly you can still continue to grow your wealth in a bad market. The key to doing so is having some sort of financial professional or expert on your side who truly understands what the best option to do is.
With that in mind, the key to finding some of the best possible returns on the entire market at any given point would be to have an actual financial advisors or investment professional on your side. When it comes to doing just that you have to be prepared to work with some of the best investment banks around. One such bank that has proven their ability and capability of generating wealth on behalf of their clients consistently has been Laidlaw & Company.

While there are obviously many organizations and investment banks which according to Wall Street that have big names and have been in the news for generating returns at one point or another, the key to investments is making big decisions over the long haul. As long as you can look into a company’s history and see that they have been doing it for years, then you can truly understand just how simple it may be to find a great partner to work with. When you look at the history of Liadlaw, it only makes sense to see why people continue to trust them with their life savings and that is simply because of the history Laidlaw can show with respect to investing and generating returns.

HRF Thor Halvorssen Goes on FOX News to Blast Hillary and Boost Bernie

It was a fascinating three and a half minute discussion about socialism, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and human rights, when Thor Halvorssen sat down the FOX News’ Trish Regan. The Human Rights Foundation founder revealed on The Intelligence Report that he would support a democrat who bears a socialist philosophy rather than one who supports a dictatorship.


Halvorssen admits right away that socialism is “a violation of basic human rights,” and ending poverty comes about through the creation of more wealth and free markets and not by redistributing wealth.


Democrat Bernie Sanders has been labeled the “Socialist Senator” by many, but Halvorssen is still supporting Sanders’ bid for the White House and has written the largest contribution allowable to his campaign.


That might sound crazy but not to the HRF founder, because Halvorssen believes that Sanders’ democratic opponent is on board with the fundamentals of dictatorship. He claims that front-runner Hillary Clinton has pocketed “millions and millions of dollars” from the dictatorships of Algeria, Saudi Arabia and other countries that execute people because they are gay, or bar freedom of the press to its citizens and so forth.


Halvorssen also attacked Republican front-runner Donald Trump, because he is fine with Russia’s Putin and dictator policies.


The HRF founder grew up with experience on these issues when his father was jailed as a political prisoner in Venezuela and mother was shot by the regime of Hugo Chavez. Halvorssen currently has a first cousin imprisoned in Venezuela.


He believes that democratic socialism can exist where there is rule of law. The problem arises when the executive decides to take control of everything.


“I would rather have a democratic socialist than a supporter of dictators in the White House,” Halvorssen emphasized in his closing remarks with FOX News’ Regan.


CCMP Capital Was Founded By Esteemed Investment Banker Stephen Murray

Capital investing is a difficult task. Companies that specialize in this task are companies that are able to stay on top of current market opportunities and spot potential investments that others may miss. This is one many reasons why CCMP Capital has thrived in the world of international capital management. Company officials know they can count on their staffers to help locate possible investments that are likely to yield a very high rate of return. This is one of many reasons why they have been able to expand and attract new investors as well as help their existing investors.

The Founding of The Company

CCMP Capital was founded in 1984 under the close supervision of widely respected investment banker Stephen P. Murray. The late Mr. Murray was one of the most honored investment bankers in the world. Under his leadership, the company grew from a small firm with only a few investors to one that is seventeenth in the world today. Murray co-founded the company as a spin off of JP Morgan Chase, one of the nations leading investment banking firms. The company was a combination of the growth equity team and the buyout division of the company’s famous and beloved private equity group.

Their Contemporary Capital

Since the founding of the company over two decades ago, investors have been pleased to see how that it has done well in the world. Today, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital remains one of the nation’s most respected investment houses with an estimated worth in the billions. Company officials have engaged in various kinds of capitalistic ventures including investments in capital equity ventures of all kinds. Staffers here have done their best to help provide expert advice for all those who have chosen to invest wit them. They know that their clients count on them to locate potential investments in many parts of the world as well as the United States.

Offices Across The World

In the last few years alone, the investment firm has seen a great deal of expansion into many areas of investment capital. They now have offices in New York Post as well as Hong Kong, London and Tokyo. Staffers know the importance of being able to stay in touch with fiscal markets both in the United States and those in other parts of the world. The more that fifty staff members are now able to keep a close eye on markets in Europe and Asia as well as that of the U.S. They know that is the best way to help serve their clients and assist them in order to see their capital expand. Staffers here hope to continue to provide the kind of important fiscal help their many clients truly need.

George Soros Falsely Linked to Kasich Campaign

George Soros, chairman of Soros Fund Management, is a very well known supporter of progressive and liberal causes. So when an ad began to circulate that Soros was financially linked to Governor Kasich’s campaign for President of the United States, the natural question on everyone’s mind was why. Why would George Soros, an unapologetic liberal on be in any way tied to a conservative campaign?

As it turns out, the ad was funded by Trusted Leadership. Trusted Leadership is a super PAC on that is supporting Ted Cruz, Kasich’s direct opponent for the republican nomination. The ad Trusted Leadership began broadcasting is quoted as saying “Millionaires working side by side with George Soros are bankrolling his (Kasich’s) super PAC” and are televising phrases like “Hundreds of thousands of dollars from George Soros”. These ads were apparently run to link Kasich to liberal bankrolls in hopes of discrediting his conservative platform.

There are only two donations that have been given to Governor Kasich’s super PAC, one from Scott Bessent and one from Stanley Druckenmiller, that are even remotely linked to George Soros on nytimes. Scott Bessent was the former chief investment officer for Soros Fund Management up until last year. He gave $200,000 to Kasich’s super PAC and $2,700 directly to the governor. Stanley Druckenmiller managed assets for Soros from 1988-2000 and also gave $250,000 to Governor Kasich’s super Pac.

These two professional links to George Soros share very different views with him, if their donation records indicate anything. Bessent, while donating $25,000 to Hilary Clinton’s Ready for Hilary PAC in 2013, has since made a change for the conservative. Before donating to Governor Kasich’s campaign efforts he donated $5,000 to a PAC supporting Jeb Bush and $39,800 to the Republican National Committee. Druckenmiller could not be further from Soros, having a track record of steady conservatism on His donation of $450,000 to Kasich’s super PAC comes as no real surprise considering he has an extensive donation history with the Republican National Committee in addition to supporting Republican candidates.

It was confirmed by Trusted Leadership that those were the two donations being used to link George Soros to the Kasich campaign. The considerable donations Soros has made to liberal causes in comparison to what he is being accused of giving Governor Kasich through conservative contacts make no sense in terms of linking the two. The only thing George Soros is guilty of is working professionally with people who don’t share his political views or liberal opinions. So back to the question at hand–Why would George Soros bankroll a conservative campaign? It turns out, he wouldn’t.

3 Investment Tips For Novice Investors

You can start building up your investment portfolio like most people do, which is to simply invest in companies that you know. Perhaps you are an avid consumer of a certain product. You may want to purchase some stock from that company.

If you are looking for more options, Laidlaw & Company can help you with that. They are an investment banking firm that helps you think outside the box. They’ll help you find the best options available to you.

Below are 3 tips from to help you on investment journey.

1. Take Smart Risks

You will be exposed to ETFs, which are similar to mutual funds but are collective investments that are run almost automatically in accordance to the market. This is partly what makes them relatively safe investments. Of course, this does not mean that your investment will be bulletproof.

You have to know what you are doing, which is why the experts at Laidlaw is there to help you. One thing you may want to stay away from are short ETFs that–if not careful–could put you at risk of exponential losses.

2. Avoid the Single Basket Trap

One of the mistakes that beginners make when investing is concentrating on just one type of investment. This happens because the investor doesn’t know how many options he or she has or because the newbie investor did not take time to research other possibilities.

The people at Laidlaw & Company will take care of all the research so that you can comfortably choose which investments you want to partake in. Diversification is important because this gives you a greater chance of success. You will have multiple streams of income, and all your eggs will not be in one basket.

3. Learn to See Averages

One of the most important lessons is to stop looking at your immediate wins or losses. You should look at the average amount you are winning and losing over a few months. The experts at Laidlaw & Company according to the SEC, should help calculate your winnings and losses correctly. This information could help you set up a specific amount of money that you will use to invest.

All in all, investing is something that you won’t learn overnight, but it is something that offers a blossoming path and Laidlaw & Company is there to help.