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Why Hire Wiki Writers?

Everyone these days goes to sites like Wikipedia when they want to research a topic. It even appears among the top search results when you search for something on the web. Did you know that brands and individuals are using Wikipedia to get their name out there? Some of the most professional people in every industry make a Wiki page attached to their name, so when someone searches their name it will come up with the Wiki page as a result. This is a great way to market yourself, promote your brands and keep a reasonable online image. You want people to see information about you when you get your name searched, so it is best to work with a company that you can trust to get the best articles written about you. That is why I choose to work with Get Your Wiki for all of my Wiki article needs. 

Get Your Wiki is a Wiki writing service that they offer to people who are interested in having an excellent online image and showing the world wide web the best parts of their persona. Get Your Wiki has an entire staff of Wiki experts for hire dedicated to writing and creating articles just for your Wiki page. They even have a staff of Wiki editors for hire set aside to edit those articles, and they maintain them over time, so you won’t have to worry about information becoming out of date as you progress in your career or your business progresses along its path. Essentially, they will update a Wiki article for you whether it is from new information that arises or an inaccurate submissions from other Wikipedia editors.

There was an interesting article that came out about a Wiki writer just recently. In the article from the Telegraph, a female student retaliates against hateful online abuse. How does she get back at the angry trolls? She decides to write Wikipedia articles, but these aren’t just any Wikipedia articles. She is writing articles about female scientists for every angry troll she receives. Emily Temple-wood is a biology student at Loyola University in Chicago. This idea started out simple, and it evolved into an entire movement. The Wiki-Project Women Scientists initiative was created in the same light. Every comment that Emily received that was harassing brought her to create a Wiki page for female scientists, and this has made her an expert on Wikipedia. She has approximated that 90 percent of the Wiki editors are men, and that Wikipedia is becoming less of a masculine driven culture through her efforts. Here’s the full article from the Telegraph.

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The United States Is Falling Into A Global Recession But No One Is Talking About Except George Soros

George Soros is the kind of guy that wants to give back. Soros has lived one of those incredible lives that is filled with pain, agony, and success. He is a holocaust survivor, a former restaurant server, an immigrant and a successful hedge fund investor. He has been so successful at investing that his $27 billion net worth keeps growing every year. But Soros seems to be more than the sum of his past experiences.

Mr. Soros is a social activist and humanitarian that has established foundations around the world to promote human dignity and rights. Soros likes to express his opinions about the state of the global economy. In a recent interview with, he showed the world that Soros is not afraid to say what other economists and politician know but don’t say.

The interview on George Soros revealed the fact that the world is sliding into a global recession that will be as devastating as the global crisis of 2008. The United States seems to plugging along at a modest GDP growth rate, but Soros thinks that will end during the second half of 2016. The U.S. is going into recession mode, and not one word about that recessions has been uttered by any candidate for president or members of Congress. No one is talking about the economic elephant in the room, and Soros thinks that’s insanity functioning at its best.

But there are some economist that backup Soros. The data doesn’t lie, according to those economic mavens. China’s issues are bringing the world down, and the European Union crisis is adding the finishing touches. The United States economic growth is based on technology growth for the most part, not across the board internal and export activity in all industrial sectors. The fact that emerging markets have stalled under the Chinese pressure, and European growth is trapped under a euro debt and migration debacle, adds credence to the Soros prediction.

No one thanks politicians for having enough backbone to announce a pending economic disaster. People want to hear about a dropping unemployment rate and mediocre export growth instead. Crude oil prices are destroying the earnings of large corporations, and when the stock market is acting like a drunken sailor on shore leave, there’s a distinct possibility that a recession is creeping into the United States. Worse than expected earnings, poor stock performance, weak oil prices, recessions in emerging markets, a Chinese meltdown, and the possible demise of the European Union all spell global recession, according to Soros.

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Politicians aren’t talking about this new recession because they don’t know how to stop it. They would rather talk about it after the fact, and act like saviors when they do find a solution.

Seems George Soros knows something we don’t!

George Soros is a Hungarian born billionaire investor through the Soros Fund Management firm. He is also a great philanthropist through the Open Society Foundation. The Open Society Foundation is responsible for supporting democratic causes and human rights. Soros endured the Nazi occupation of Hungary a child before he fled to England where he studied at the London School of Economics. George Soros later worked as a stock analyst and a trader in the New York. He is a right person after the success he achieved in his predictions on the financial market movements and his good spending having donated a total of $7 billion.
Actually, George Soros became a billionaire by making right investment decisions. In the last quarter reported by The Street, Soros Fund Management dumped all its shares in NRG Energy, Chevron, and Chesapeake Energy.
Need to invest like a billionaire? Then start with a billion dollars. That’s the best way. For the non-billionaires, the best way is to observe their selling and buying decisions on the street. Consider if you should sell the energy stocks in favor of the more growth opportunities in the other sectors. Major clues as to whether George Soros is acting prematurely or reading the writings on the wall will be provided for the week ahead and prove if he really knows something we don’t!
The prices of energy have been swinging this year on the flimsiest of news. In fact, it has driven intraday volatility in the equity markets. The prices of oil surged last week after Russia, and Saudi Arabia agreed to the surprise accord to have oil production frozen in order to boost the prices of oil. However, the prices of oil quickly tumbled after Iran rejected the idea of freezing oil.
Most investors have been forced to guess as to which way the unpredictable and the troubled energy sector will drive the stocks. For you to be sure that the low energy prices are placing more disposable income in the consumers’ pockets which definitely explains the confidence of consumer resilience this year. You need to keep in mind that United States spends approximately $1.4 trillion yearly on energy which accounts for 8.2% of the gross domestic product.
The recent statistics from the Goldman Sachs reveal that the energy sector accounts for approximately one-third of the S&P capital expenditures and around 25% of the combined research and development and CapEx spending.