Premium Dog Food On Mind of Manufacturers

Premium dog food has been at the forefront of the decision making for dog food makers and with good reason; premium dog foods make up almost $11 billion of the total $24 billion of dog foods overall, which represents a growth of almost 50% of this market segment. Dog food makers are trying to diversify into this growing market and attract a large segment of customers who are not overly concerned with the prices of the products and are more concerned with the quality of the food that they are feeding their pets. The premium dog food market is a long way from the days in which dog food makers tried to raise revenue simply be increasing volume. Organic and natural dog foods are attracting more customers and dog food makers are offering products that promise to be organic and even cage free in some cases, which emulates the health food market for people. Some makers are indicating that the quality of food is on par with human food. Brands such as Purina Beneful have added organic foods to their product line by acquiring smaller competitors like Beneful did with Merrick Pet Care just for their organic food offerings, while small brands like Freshpet are introducing organic dog foods that even need to be refrigerated. That isn’t the only way that dog food makers are attacking the premium care market. Some are offering specialized dog foods that appeal to small segment of the market. Beneful is doing so by offering products on Purina store that are designed for older dogs who may have some digestion problems, while Mars has a line with products that sound like they would be meals offered at your favorite restaurant like Lasagna. Clearly the premium dog food market has a wealth of ideas and strategies that are providing a growing number of options for Amazon consumers and higher quality dog food for the dogs themselves. While these added benefits have a higher cost for consumers, many people have no problem spoiling their dogs, which is leading to this wealth of opportunities for dog food makers as well as the dogs themselves.

Here’s @jonurbana1 in 40 Characters or Less!

Jon Urbana is a man of many interests as well as talents. From taking pictures and writing blog posts to starting businesses and promoting charities, Jon Urbana has many projects where he invests much time and energy.

Urbana played professional lacrosse for a number of years before deciding it was time to invest in other areas. Combining his love for the sport with an entreprenuerial spirit, Urbana co-founded and still operates the Next Level Lacrosse Camp in Denver, Colorado. It has quickly become one of the most popular and well recognized youth lacrosse camps in the area. After Jon’s successful career for Villanova and establishing a business for himself, Jon is investing plenty of time and energy into Ellipse USA, in addition to new areas and hobbies like taking pictures.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Following Urbana on his twitter account at @jonurbana1 is a great way to keep up with the many projects that he has going on.

Many of Jon Urbana’s tweets are to promote something that he has done on his Tumblr blog. Perhaps he has released a new song at Soundcloud or updated something. For example, in this post, Jon Urbana introduces a new blog post that was written on his website. The tweet mentions a new pic of sweet strawberry and there is a link provided within the tweet that goes to the post.
He also makes videos that showcases some of his more recent activities that complement his business achievements and the aviation license he’s done well with. One of the things that’s gained the attention of the local community, and even other cities like San Jose, is the work he’s doing with two charities: some CrowdRise lobbying for the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society and a partnership with Earth Force.

Some of his other tweets, such as this one, have links to relevant news articles that Jon Urbana has an interest in. In this tweet, Urbana cites an interview article with Johnny Marsh, and also tweets about a news team that reportedly was fired for playing a game called “Cards Against Humanity”.

Another buzzfeed article that Jon Urbana has tweeted about is one referencing 17 cozy throws to cuddle with. When clicked on, the tweet opens up a link to the article that Jon Urbana was referencing, which was originally written at Bloomberg.

Being a sports fan (his favorite teams are all liked on Facebook), Jon Urbana sometimes writes about sports teams and important games. In this tweet, Urbana references a cricket game in which a South African player by the name of Stuart Broad helped to get 17 runs in a game.

Not all articles posted by Jon Urbana are over light topics, in this post, he has a link to a article which discusses his fundraising, and also discusses some news about SpaceX and the need for them to land a rocket on a floating drone.

Some of Jon Urbana’s tweets even link to other social media pages. In this tweet, Urbana talks about a trampoline park in Warsaw. There is a link embedded within the article to a Reddit post.

Greg Hague Comes Up With Brilliant New Real Estate Strategy

The traditional ways in which American sell homes has never undergone any radical changes. Change may be in the air these days thanks to an innovative new approach being established by Greg Hague. Hague feels the traditional way of selling a home is old, tired, and out of date. The classical approach to real estate sales is thought to be one reason why some homes take forever to sell and do not receive the maximum sales price.

Influenced heavily by what he sees in the high-tech consumer world, Hague has come up with the “22-Step Home Launch Formula and 29-Day Fast Sale Plan”. Both of these strategies are designed to help real estate sales embrace modern, 21st century sales approaches.

A lot of actual marketing is infused into the two-pronged plan Hague has devised. The whole process starts with building a feeling of enthusiasm for the property up for sale. Creating enthusiasm in a product is a strategy employed in scores of different marketing plans, but is often absent from stoic real estate listings. Boring real estate marketing plans have a tendency to lead a property to remaining on the market for too long of a time.

By creating enthusiasm, a rush to buy the property results. With a rush of customers, the potential to procure the highest price increases.

Hague hopes to draw attention to his business strategy through his new endeavor Real Estate Mavericks. The endeavor provides a valuable resource for effective coaching. Once someone has been properly coached on how to execute Hague’s approach to real estate deals, fast and profitable sales may not end up being elusive. Both private investors looking to flip homes and those who work in real estate for a living could benefit greatly from Hague’s new real estate coaching program.

Hague’s personal background is an intriguing one. In addition to practicing law, Hague is a best-selling author. His book “How Fathers Change Lives” is filled with helpful insights on the critical importance of fatherhood in people’s lives. He is now looking to share his personal insights and recollections from personal success in real estate.

“Listing a home a week” is part of the fast sale formula and achieving such a lofty goal might not prove elusive. As long as the coaching method is logical and makes sense, learning the skills necessary for attaining these goals remains a possibility. Lucrative profits might be within the grasp of the truly motivated.

Premium Dog Food Is Worth And That’s Why I Buy Beneful

It’s no wonder why my dogs are so happy with their lives. A happy dog is a dog that eats a well balanced diet and maintains a regular, active lifestyle. My kids certainly do their jobs getting the dogs all excited about going on walks, and I enjoy the exercise, too. Their diet is one of the main contributing factors to their happiness, so I decided to do some research on what dogs should eat. I found that grains are bad for dogs, so I decided to switch brands of dog food. I now feed my dogs Beneful brand dog food because it is made with real ingredients, and I know it smells better, so it must taste better than the dog food I was buying them before. They seem happier eating the Beneful Chopped Blends that I buy them now. It is filled with real ingredients. I know this because you can actually see the real pieces of chicken, rice and vegetables packed in the container. I’m no sucker for higher priced items, but I just know that Beneful is worth it because they use real ingredients. The reason they have to charge more than the cheap blends is because they pay more for high quality ingredients to be in their foods. Beneful Chopped Blends smells like food that would go on someone’s table. It is the closest dog food I have seen that compares to people food. When I was doing my wikipedia research on dog foods I came across a compelling article that points out just what I was saying earlier. It also indicated that these high quality dog food manufacturers that make the premium dog foods like Beneful have high standards for their practices and the taste of their dog foods. They employ taste testers. In the article, one of the manufacturing chiefs actually takes a bite of the dog food in front of the reporter, and he is pleasantly unsurprised by the taste. Some of this information was published in the Daily Herald. To get the original story, you should visit this site for the article.

The Progress of CCMP Capital under the Reign of Stephen Murray

Steve Murray was an experienced investor who resided in New York City, USA. Mr. Stephen was born on 2nd August 1962. He was a well-known private investor. Murray led to great contributions of growth and development of New York capital market. Stephen was married to Tami Murray. He pursued his tertiary education in the Business school of Columbia and the Boston College in 1984. Steve Murray was also a known philanthropist. Murray tied his life to better his career and the socio-economic sustainability of the people around him.

Steve Murray is the former President and the Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital primarily focuses on the transactions associated with buyouts and equity growth. He also holds a masters’ in degree administration.

CCMP Capital is a privately owned enterprise that contains its headquarters in New York City. CCMP Capital offers quality advisory services to esteemed clients at a global level. The firm is highly trusted by its customers due to the friendly and professional customer services provided by the staff members.

From 1984, Steve Murray CCMP Capital has managed net investments of an approximate sixteen billion dollars. This firm incorporates the available resources and the capital market to come up with the best the customers would ever wish in the Company. The financial institution has more than one hundred qualified staff who observes the professional codes of ethics while dealing with the clients.

CCMP Capital primarily focuses on making investments to healthcare department, chemical and energy industry, industrial sector, and the consumer perspective. The CCMP Capital technical team has managed to create a good reputation of the company to the public by offering services in an affordable and efficient manner.

CCMP Capital majorly focuses on the equity growth and buyouts investments in the healthcare department and energy industry. This firm has extended selling points to various countries including Europe and North America. The Company combines the strength of all technical teams and the professional staff to bring about a significant expertise in the industry and smooth operations of the firm. The staff has also been highly committed and dedicated to achieving growth and efficiency of operations.

CCMP Capital is a venture name that comprises of Chemical Ventures, the Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital, which is also known as J.P Morgan, and the Partners. CCMP Capital began working independently in 2006. CCMP Capital professional investors currently manage the J.P Morgan holdings.

There Is Hope For A Brighter Tomorrow For Those Living With Autism

Autism Rocks is a charity organization that was established in 2014 by Sanjay Shah. The foundation’s focus is to research for a cure for autism. The Go Fund Me campaign for Autism Rocks is a nonprofit to assist in the research and development of medicines, physical therapies, and applied behavior analysis for the children who are stricken by this terrible disease. Private concerts have taken place in London with top names in the music industry as the conductive to garnish interest in this cause. These are invite only concerts; they are not open to the public.

Sanjay Shah and his wife, Usha, noticed that their small son was not keeping any food down and had been sick for around a week. They took him to a hospital where they were recommended that they take their son for further testing and in doing so found out that he was autistic. Shah, a millionaire, was able to pay for the treatment his son would need, but realized immediately that if he had not had the money, his son would have suffered for years with no help. He and his wife decided to take leadership roles in this not only their son, but the sons and daughters of other people who were not in a financial position to assist their children, but he felt the main focus should be on researching the cause of autism.

He started Austism Rocks because of his love for music, but also because he felt he was in a position to get help from people in high places. He knew of many superstars in the music industry and felt this was the best way to get the word out about autism and to ask for donations.

Autism is a developmental disease that affects the brain and the signals it sends to your body. With organizations like Autism Rocks,the Go Fund Me campaign for Autism, and people like Sanjay Shah involved in searching for a cure for autism, hopefully one day in the not too distant future, our children will be spared from this terrible disease.

Thor Halvorssen Asks Nicki Minaj To Hold Off On Angola

Nicki Minaj was recently contracted to perform in Angola by the government, but the Human Rights Foundation sent a letter to Minaj asking her to back out of her concert obligations. There is a long history in Angola of human rights abuses under the Dos Santos family, and HRF founder Thor Halvorssen did not want Minaj to get involved with a family that has such a tainted history. This article explains how Thor Havlorssen reached out to Nicki Minaj to prevent promotion of a country with a poor human rights record.

#1: Why Did Thor Havlorssen Start The Human Right Foundation?

Thor Halvorssen started the Human Rights Foundation to make light of human rights buses around the world. Nations around the world are often slow to action when human rights abuses occur, but the Human Rights Foundation is prepared to speak about any abusive behavior it sees. Thor is willing to speak to world leaders in a way that other world leaders would not, and he uses the Human Rights Foundation banner to ensure that human rights abuses are known to the public.

#2: Why Block Nicki Minaj From Going To Angola

The human rights situation in Angola is deplorable in every sense, but many people around the world are not aware of how ruthless the Dos Santos family is. The Dos Santos family has ruled Angola for several decades, and the situation has taken a backseat to other problems around the world. Nicki Minaj planned to go to Angola for a paycheck, but Thor did not want her to be paid with blood money.

#3: Thor’s Objections Are Well-Founded

Thor Halvorssen does not want anyone with worldwide appeal to work for the government of a country that has abused people the way Angola has. Thor believes that Minaj would be tacetly endorsing the human rights abuses in Angola, and Thor knows that the money she would be paid comes out of the pockets of the people of that nation. The conflict of interest is obvious, and Thor wanted to make light of that as quickly as possible.

The national of Angola has a terrible human right record, and Thor Halvorssen does not want Nicki Minaj or any other entertainer to visit the country. Thor believes that countries like Angola must be exposed for the things they do to their people, and he does not want entertainers to make these countries look popular again.

What To Wear With Doe Deere

If you’re looking for a simple answer to the statement in question, it is: whatever you feel comfortable and confident in. Doe Deere knows that fashion rules are a guideline and should not be taken as the absolute word or a bible in the way that you dress. She wants you to know that you are great at dressing yourself and that you can dress however you would like to dress, no matter what the rules say. She also wants you to be able to focus on your confidence with her leadership, so she is giving you some of her favorite rules to break.

Unnaturally colored hair can make a wave in the uptight fashion rule community, but Doe Deere knows that it is no big deal. As someone who has had many different colors of hair, she has been told many times that she should only be wearing black or other neutral colors to avoid her hair clashing with her outfit. She thinks this is ridiculous and continues to wear her same bright clothing, no matter what color her hair is at the time. By choosing to wear what she loves, she is giving herself more confidence to break even more beauty rules.

If you have too many bright colors, you may look clown like. Doe Deere doesn’t think that she ever looks like a clown and chooses to wear many different bright colors all at once. This is a way that she has made herself feel better and the best way to mix up her wardrobe. There are many different options that she chooses for her clothing and many different ways that she chooses to wear them. She knows that colors do not matter and that you should only wear colors you love, no matter how many you are wearing.

By dressing your age, you will make yourself look more presentable, says who. Not Doe Deere. She knows that no matter what your age, you can find an outfit that makes you feel comfortable. That doesn’t mean you only have to wear smart khakis if you’re a mom or tailored suits if you’re a mid-40s businessperson. Be sure that you dress in what you love, not what you’re “supposed” to wear for your age. Life is too short to dress the age that you are right now because you will be a different age by the time tomorrow comes around.

By breaking rules, Doe Deere is setting herself up for confidence. She knows that she has the ability to look however she likes and that she does not have to worry about anything while she is getting dressed in the morning other than what she loves to wear. By making her own fashion choices, she is creating excitement for herself in her wardrobe. She is also showing other girls that she has the confidence to be herself and not worry about what other people think, even if they are fashion experts who have come up with specific rules.