Analyzing the Survival of Yeonmi Park

When North Korean defector Yeonmi Park got the opportunity to share her story on the Daily Mail she did so with grace. Now that her story has been read by a multitude of readers there are some people that are making attempts to discredit her story. Yeonmi Park has become the subject of many conversations in which her autobiography is dissected in great detail. Yet, Yeonmi Park has continued her fight as a human rights activist as others champion her for the bravery that she possessed. The story of North Korean refugees is one that did not really have a voice until Yeonmi Park of youngvoicesadvocates shed light on this. As a young human rights activist she has managed to become a leader that is confronted about the life that she has vividly detailed in the book. She has faced naysayers that have wondered if all the starvation and sexual abuse that is described in the book is true. Readers have even questioned the roles of her parents in the journey that Yeonmi Park has had. Yeonmi has come to her own defense to state that she was young during the time that all of this was happening. She has had no problem stating that there are some things that she just didn’t remember; there are others things – like the sexual abuse – that she would like to forget. Her early beginning is filled with a childhood of unhappiness, but the triumphant departure from North Korean is a joyful ending for readers. Park has admitted that she not may have recalled everything down to the wire, but the overarching theme of the autobiography rings true. It is evident from her interviews that her grasp of the English language has also resulted in a lost in translation. These things are to be expected from someone that does not count English as their first language. Overall, Yeonmi Park has managed to recreate her young life through the pages of a harrowing autobiography.

Doe Deere On Beauty and Fashion Rules That Are Meant To Be Broken

There are many fashion and beauty commandments but the one Doe Deere, the owner of Lime Crime, adheres to is this – rules are meant to be broken. Doe Deere has spent her life rallying against established fashion practices and this was the reason why she launched Lime Crime. With her brand, she introduced a world of colors to her customers that were previously unavailable.

Here are some new rules that the rule breaking Doe Deere would love people to adopt –

Bold Is Beautiful – Thanks to the new “Bombshell makeup” look, everyone is doing the bold eye with the bold lip trend and there is nothing wrong that. Doe Deere doesn’t agree with the rule of not mixing the two and is a genuine believer of using makeup that makes one happy without restrictions.

Mixing Colors Is Fun – A lot of people think that using too many colors can look gaudy or garish but Doe Deere says that with a bit of color coordination, anyone can make multiple colors work in an outfit. For instance, lavender and hot pink might be a fashion faux pas according to Vogue but everyone knows they look great together.

Intermingling Patterns Is An Art – Fashion magazines claim that mixing too many patterns can lead to disasters but Doe Deere has a tip that non-traditional fashion lovers would agree with – it is all about keeping it in the same color spectrum. For instance, people can have pink stripes and pink eggshell patterns in the same outfit.

Socks and Open Toed Heels Are Go – Doe Deere has a lot of socks with fun patterns on them. People who love socks have to hide them in closed boots because of the rule of no socks with open toed sandals. But, even during winter, there is no need to follow this cliched rule and instead, people can get maximum use out of there summer sandals by following this Doe Deere rule.

Wild Hair Goes With Everything – Some fashion gurus think that to pull of bright and wild hair colors, it is necessary for the outfit to be all black or neutral but that is simply not true. Doe Deere is a huge fan of bright hair color and she loves colorful outfits that further accentuate that.

Age Appropriate Dressing Is Passe – Doe Deere believes that fashion and beauty work for all ages and people shouldn’t restrict themselves just because they have reached a certain age. Her mantra is – if that mini skirt makes someone happy, age should never be brought into the equation.

Dressing For The Occasion Is Unnecessary – Finally, beautiful clothes and outfits are meant to be savored, according to Doe Deere, and waiting for the “perfect occasion” is a habit to avoid.

Whether it is the Unicorn lipsticks or the makeup palettes, Lime Crime and Doe Deere are all about pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion and beauty norms. Doe Deere also believes in fashion and beauty that transcends boundaries of gender and sexuality. Ultimately, she wants people to be happy and to have fun with their makeup and clothes.

New York City Real Estate Reports Reflect Strong Residential And Commercial Growth

NYC real estate reports have revealed a favorable trend for the New York City residential and commercial markets in 2015. The reports revealed (what most local industry professionals already knew) that the NYC real estate market is in a positive growth trend. For example, the Brooklyn region has sold half of its new product inventory before the end of the 3rd quarter; as a result, multifamily transaction rates rose to $1.7 billion within the fiscal year.

Based on various industry reports that were posted on The Real Deal website, the Manhattan region represents the epicenter of the local real estate market. Scores of residential contracts have been signed for luxury units in Manhattan that are priced above $4 million; this year’s residential numbers are the highest since 2006.

The commercial sector also improved by demonstrating a 97 percent increase in one month multifamily sales, which resulted in the total sales volume surpassing $1.7 billion from August to September. Approximately 22 million square feet of commercial/office space was rented throughout the third quarter at the price of $71.00 per square foot. Some regions had more aggressive growth such as the Lower Fifth Avenue, which had an average rent of $1,200 per square foot.

As the New York real estate market exhibits growth, which is anticipated to last for a while, it is important for renters, buyers, investors and property owners to work with real estate professionals who know how to locate, buy and sell quality properties in a crowded NYC market.

Some real estate firms are great at facilitating transactions for international transplants, national transplants and New York locals. Companies such as TOWN Residential have contributed to the development of the New York City real estate market by providing luxury, residential homes and valuable, commercial properties in prime business regions.

New York City is a very competitive market that is going through a surge of positive activity for renters, sellers, investors and for the commercial sector. Some New York real estate firms have an advantage over other firms because they are able to offer exclusive properties that were acquired through a long history of trust from NYC landlords and building companies. Essentially, some firms like TOWN Residential have the inside scoop, and they consistently offer hard-to-find properties nestled in amazing parts of the city and in the surrounding boroughs like Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

Categories of Dog Food Products Manufactured By Beneful Company

Beneful is a registered and licensed company to make varieties of dog food products. Beneful has been in the production business for more than ten years now. The company offers produces quality dog food products and treats. The company has qualified staff who aids in the manufacture of food with different tastes and textures.

Beneful Company is licensed by the Association of American Feed Control Officials to offer manufacture and distribution of dog food products. This company produces wet dog food and dry dog food. Production of dog food also depends on the age of your puppy. That is, either puppy or adult dog.

The Beneful chopped blends dog food

Beneful Chopped Blends dog food falls under the category of wet food. Beneful Chopped dog food comprises of lamb, rice, and meat by-products. The product also contains carrots and chicken flavor to keep your dog coming for more.

Beneful Chopped Blends dog food also contains calcium ions that help to strengthen your dog and in muscle building on This food product contains 100% balanced diet to keep your dog active than ever.

Beneful Chopped blend meat by-products provide your dog with proteins nutrients that help in body building.

Beneful beef stew wet dog food

Beneful on purina beef stew wet dog food contains ingredients such as meat, barley, and vegetables. This dog food product contains wholesome grains that enrich your dog with carbohydrates for energy provision in your dog’s body.

This dog food product meets the AAFCO standards on pets nutrients profile hence fit for your dog. The product also contains calcium ions to help your dog in stronger bone formation. Beneful beef stew dog food contains flavors such as carrots and added color to make sure your dog stays happy all day long.

It is advisable to feed your dog one cup twice a day to keep him healthy.

Beneful incredibites dog food

Beneful incredibites dog food product helps to nourish your dog both at internal and external perspective. Beneful incredibites dry dog food comprises of chicken by-products that help your dog to stay healthy than ever. Beneful incredibites comprises of calcium preservative that keeps the food fresh.

It is recommended to supply your dog with fresh water after feeding him to make him happy.

Beneful playful life

Beneful playful life dry dog food is the best food product that contains the most nutrients. This food product comprises of both meat by-products and eggs. The food is fully balanced and recommended by AAFCO.

In conclusion, Beneful Company has been manufacturing quality pet products for the benefit of pet owners. Beneful has achieved so much success and recognitions for its professionalism.