Beneful Dog Food Filling every Bowl with Nourishment

Purina deals with the sale of dog food to dog owners. One of its highest selling brands of foods is the Beneful Dog food. The food is made from good and reliable ingredients including real meats and vegetables rich in vitamins. The food is full of nutrition and nourishment for pet dogs. It is also complete and balanced with a rich nutritional value. Some of the products and foods offered by Beneful include dry dog food, chopped blends, meadleys, dog snacks and prepared meals. All the dog food made by Beneful has a number of varieties and flavors to choose. The food has a variety of good proteins in form of beef, lamb, chicken as well as pork. It has different textures and chunk sizes ranging from thinly diced blends to bigger chunks as in Hearty Rosters. It also has carrots, barley, green beans and rice. In its baked delights, the company’s dog snacks are first crafted and later oven-baked. They have a range of varieties that most pets love. All baked snacks include flavors like bacon, cheese, peanut butter and beef. It also comes in an assortment of great textures like savory cookies and crispy crackers. All dry as well as wet dog foods have wholesome flavors, balanced nutrition are very healthy. The food contains antioxidants as well as omega-rich ingredients. Each bowl served with Beneful dog food on Target is both refreshing and appetizing for your pet. It is also healthy and satisfying. Nestle Purina is currently looking for an agency like Amazon to handle all creative responsibility concerning the dog food brand. The brand had been until recently handled by Fallon which has not defended its position in continuing to take on the brand. Beneful spent about $40.7 million in the third quarter of 2013. It has been a client of Fallon for almost 25 years. Purina is a pet company that has been in operation for over 80 years. The company deals with placing pets with people and provides all secondary necessities needed to flourish this relationship. One of the company’s main brands is Beneful Dog Food. The company has forged partnerships with other organizations dealing with pet welfare and humane treatment. The company funds and conducts important research centered on the wellbeing of pets and their nutrition.

Yeonmi Park: A Refugee with a Voice

Yeonmi Park was 13 years old when her entire world collapsed. Although she had grown up in the impoverished nation of North Korea, her family’s circumstances hadn’t always been so awful. Although their house didn’t always have electricity, many of the other houses in their town didn’t, either. But when Yeonmi reached the tender age of 13, his father found himself in some trouble. Specifically, he had been selling metal to China in a bid to support his family. One of his fellow North Koreans caught wind of the deal and reported Mr. Park to the authorities. It was not long before he was sentenced to hard labor in a prison camp, which has been a death sentence for many North Koreans. The Park family’s fortunes changed dramatically after this horrific turn of events. Yeonmi, her mother, and her sister were all starving. The women would go outside and attempt to find things in their backyard that they could eat. Many times, all they could find was grass. Yeonmi was extremely malnourished when her mother made a very difficult decision; the Park women were going to flee North Korea. It was a very bold proposition, one that could get them killed if they were caught. But the women went through with the plan anyway, figuring that they had nothing to lose.  However, the women did not realize at the time that their problems were only going to get worse. They became victims of human trafficking, and eventually life in China became so bad for them that they decided to make their way to Mongolia—yet another dangerous trip. When they arrived in Mongolia, they would be able to present themselves as refugees at the South Korean embassy. Incredibly, their second escape also succeeded. Yeonmi Park now lives in South Korea with her family. Although her father passed away due to untreated cancer that began in his North Korean work camp, all of the Park women have been reunited. Yeonmi lives the life of a normal 22-year-old woman now, but she has never forgotten her fellow North Koreans. Yeonmi Park has become an activist on NKNews, making impassioned speeches about all of the injustices that were dealt to her and her family, simply as a result of being North Koreans. In September of 2015, she released her memoir In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. In it, she chronicles all of the difficulties that she has already faced during her young life. However, she also discusses the inner strength that has propelled her through so many difficult periods in her life. From television interviews to public speaking engagements, to her book on Amazon, Yeonmi Park seems determined to let the world in on the secretive regime of Kim Jong-Un and how this dictator really treats the citizens of North Korea.

Dan Newlin Continues to Seek Justice for the Community

Dan Newlin didn’t start out becoming an attorney; in fact he started his career as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) in New Chicago, Indiana. He always had a passion for public service and later became a police officer in New Chicago, Indiana. Unfortunately after dealing with frost bite for many years, he went on to becoming a Deputy Sherriff for Orange County. He was assigned to the Patrol Division, Fugitive Division and Tourist Policing Division. It wasn’t until several encounters with people that were treated unfairly made him change careers to better the community of those around him. Dan Newlin witnessed a woman who was treated fairly by the insurance company who did not want to assist with medical bills of a careless driver that caused her to lose her unborn child. He also met a couple who were in a bad car accident and neither one received any help from the insurance company to pay for a rental car.

Today Dan Newlin has established his own law firm called The Law Offices of Dan Newlin. The law firm has been in business since October 2001 and is located in Orlando, Fl. He also has an office that is located in Illinois. Dan Newlin and his partners have recovered over 150 million dollars on their behalf. They continue to fight for injury and accident victims. Dan Newlin wants justice and will go the limits to getting everything the victims deserves for their injuries. He has represented over 10,000 people from the state of Florida and will continue to represent many more. A graduate of Florida State University’s’ College of Law, Dan Newlin continues to help the community while keeping his motto – For the Injured, Not the Powerful.

Freedompop: Discount Phones and Free Services

Many changes have occurred over the past couple years in mobile technology and services. According to a recent online article by Android Authority, mobile carriers are becoming highly competitive with their pricing due to these changes. Even though we have seen a reduction in plan pricing, people still have to shell out a lot of money for cell phones and mobile plans each month, says the article.

These expenses have mobile customers talking about Freedom Pop, a mobile service that provides talk, text, and data for absolutely free. They even offer free international calling to over 50 countries, reports Android Authority. Customers who sign up for the free plan will enjoy 200 minutes of talk, 500 texts, and 500MB of data. There are no registrations costs and no contracts and customers can use their existing phones. The only cost would be for a phone if someone does not own one.

Lots of customers can do just fine with the free monthly limits; however, there are some who need more minutes, says the article. There are small fees assessed each month for overages.
For $10.99 a month, customers can have unlimited texting and talking, with 500MB of data. Customers who need more data can chose the $19.99 a month plan and they will get 1GB of data. Another premium perk offers voicemail, data rollover, wireless tethering, and MMS support, says the article.

It is easy to get started with Freedompop’s free services. As a special for new customers without phones, FreedomPop is selling Motorola Mote E (Second generation) for just $49.99. These phones are in certified pre-owned condition and usually sell for nearly $250. Along with the phone, customers will get a free month trial of Freedompop’s premium plan of unlimited talk, text, and the 1GB of data. They do not have to sign contracts and can switch to the free plan any time they want during or after the trial, says the article.

Kenneth Griffin Shows how Effective Management Can be of Benefit to Investment Banks

Few financial institutions can be compared to the influence investment banks have had on the economy of different countries. Investment banks played a central role in enhancing the financial sectors in Europe and America in the 19th and the 20th centuries. In its early stages, investment banks were known to provide financing for new businesses by raising and deploying the investment capital.

Currently, investment banks are known to work with high-income individuals, companies and governments to address their investment challenges. Individual and corporate investors purchase securities through the investment banks. In addition, investment banks provide financial advice, trade securities in addition to managing financial assets. They also aid companies during mergers and acquisitions.

A good example of an investment bank is Citadel LLC, which is the biggest in the world in terms of alternative assets management. Ken Griffin founded the company in 1990.Kenneth is a well-known investment professional within the financial sector. Kenneth Griffin started his investment career at Harvard University when he was still a fresh man after being inspired by a Forbes magazine article. He established his first hedge fund while as a second year student. The fund zeroed in on convertible bond arbitrage.

Initially, Kenneth did not have adequate seed capital to roll out his services in the market. To this end, he had to borrow from friends and relatives on The contributions were adequate to help him start his business operations. The business had great success in the stock market crisis of 1987. The success of his first venture led to his establishment of a second hedge fund before graduating with a degree in economics in 1989. By the time he was graduating, Kenneth was managing funds worth over $1 million.

Kenneth went on to build Citadel LLC. Today, it is considered the most successful hedge fund in the world. Its estimated investment capital stands at $25 billion. In 2012, he was identified as one of the highest earning hedge fund managers and was in the list of Forbes 400. Kenneth Griffin supports several causes. He has donated over $500 million. The biggest beneficiary was Harvard University where he donated $150 million as financial aid to be used by undergraduate students on a need base. Kenneth Griffin also serves in various boards that are investment oriented. These boards include the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation. In addition, he is a member of G100, which is composed of 100 chief executive officers that meet occasionally to talk about the global economy.

Investment bankers have shown optimism for the future of investment banks. Their insights have helped in improving the financial success of the different corporations and the government agencies. For any investment bank to be successful, it has to employ realistic strategies and employ a competent team of employees to implement such strategies. In addition, proper adherence to the set regulations will aid many investment banks register higher productivity and gradual profitability margins.