QNet is Going to Make Some Big Moves

QNet is making waves all across the globe. The e-commerce company has established itself in 100 countries promoting direct selling. With direct selling, products and services are offered through an affiliate seller who is not located at a retail store. Entrepreneurs thrive in countries all over the world and QNet is riding the wave of success these affiliate members have contributed to.

If there was one region in the world where QNet sees a great deal of future success, it would be India. QNet has captured a lot of attention in the Indian press thanks to its intention to move 100% of its manufacturing and production to India. The move was somewhat surprising. No, the fact that QNet would choose to start moving production to India is not all that surprising. India has a thriving economy and is a major location for those interesting in outsourcing. What is surprising is QNet is moving 100% of its production so quickly.

QNet is most definitely not abandoning other markets. The company recently signed a marketing and branding agreement with the Manchester City Football Club. Surely, QNet is not looking to diminish its presence anywhere in the world. Switching the location of manufacturing to India is likely to cut down the costs of production by upwards of 10%.

By cutting down on the high costs of producing items for sale, the profit margin on the sales increase. This is not only good for QNet’s bottom line, but also for the pockets of those affiliate entrepreneurs working with the company. High-quality merchandise that comes with a reasonable price is going to be attractive in the market. Cutting production costs helps get a price that all-desirable reasonable level.

This is not to suggest that QNet is only interested in using India as a manufacturing hub. QNet has plans to expand its sales force in India and launch a niche marketing strategy designed to capitalize on consumers very interested in wellness products. Maximizing buyers and sellers in India could prove to be a major benefit to QNet’s revenue figures.

QNet is also pressuring the Indian government to increase regulation and oversight over direct selling and network marketing (multi-level marketing) in order to make the landscape more honest.

Northstar Healthcare/Nobilis Healthcare Expands and Enjoys Growth Expansion

Northstar Healthcare, as part of an expansion into the United States capital markets, has changed their name to Nobilis as an avoidance with other companies receiving funding using the name Northstar. Investors will continue to trade on the TSX under the NHC Northstar Healthcare. Nobilis recently closed a debt financing of $25 million through the Health Care Financial Services of GE Capital. This funding is to cover the debt and their planned expansion costs.

Nobilis Healthcare partners with physicians in the management and ownership of outpatient and acute care facilities and services, operates and manages six outpatient surgical centers in Houston, one in Dallas, Texas, and one in Scottsdale, Arizona. Also managing two imaging centers and one urgent care clinic is also in Houston Texas. They are also focusing on expanding their healthcare services to accommodate more patients’ needs and offer additional services.

The expected growth of this healthcare company has improved since the expansion began. Stock prices had reached a high of $9.34 over a 52-week high. Since the drop in the stock price TSX has enjoyed a 7% increase since the expansion began. The stock price is expected to increase to $10.00 before the climb reaches the expected price. Added promotional advertisements announcing the expansion of services have drawn much attention to Nobilis Healthcare (Northstar Healthcare).

Among the specialties of this institution are the ears, nose, and throat care, including cochlear implantation. Spinal care includes lumbar, cervical, and Interventional spinal surgery. Hand, shoulder and elbow care and surgery, include rotator cuff and carpal tunnel. Steroid injections managing pain, Transforaminal Steroid Injections, including many other spinal therapeutic pain management therapy. Arthroscopic surgery due to wear and tear of the patella, and other repairs and replacements include knee replacement due to arthritic conditions and injury repair. In addition, ACL reconstruction, knee lateral tears and repair, meniscus repair, Achilles repairs and other sports injuries. Nobilis (Northstar) is known for the extensive pain management care through education and various treatment plans and their repertoire of care continues to expand.

The health care physicians pride themselves in personalized care of patients. In determining the best plan for each patient an individual patient care plan designed to treat the entire patient for the continued well-being of each patient’s condition. The Nobilis Healthcare (Northstar) website, is located at http://www.nobilishealth.com/. Information including addresses of various locations, phone numbers, and information, including contact forms and in-house call centers is listed on the Noblis website. The phone number for direct calls to receive information is 1-713-355-8614.

Education and years of training of surgeons and staff members ensure outstanding health care provided within the family of physicians at Nobilis.

Adam Sender: Well Ahead of the Curve

Art investing is one of the most elusive careers in the entire world. It is one where your gut is the motivating factor, and the logic of it stems directly from your instincts. When a person is a very sensual and is very much in touch with their feelings and emotions, it can make them very expressive. When someone like an artist expresses themselves with a camera or a painting on canvas, it can be extremely inspiring to those who witness the art.

Art is a world where inspiration is the ruler and money is secondary. It is the passion that a particular investor has for a piece that makes it worth all of the money that it is worth on the market.

Let’s say I am an art collector and I have found a piece of art that I am absolutely in love with. I may purchase that piece of art for $100,000 and, if I were to sell it, I may put the reserve price for that piece of art at $20 million. The fact that I put the reserve for that artwork so high, may cause a controversy or stir in the art scene.

Now, more than likely, that piece of art may not sell for $20 million, yet is a testament to how passionate you are about your art and shows collectors that the artists’ painting that you are selling is one that deserves the respect of an amount of money that is far beyond what most people are willing to pay.

So, imagine that this painting is commonly displayed in auctions all around the world, and it never sells because it is so expensive. Then, because all of the buzz around this artwork, an investor that wants to have that prestigious art hanging from his walls decides that he wants to actually purchase the art for $20 million, making a name for himself on the art community and a powerful statement that really resonates with the rest of the world.

First thing that will happen is that the artist gets a huge amount of recognition that he may have never had before. This recognition could be something that drives people to pay more for his art, eventually making the artist a very rich man. The second thing that could happen is that the person who bought the $20 million piece of art will gain the status and notoriety of people who know that he is willing to spend $20 million for a piece of artwork. Thirdly, the original investor in the piece of art gets the satisfaction of knowing that he helped build the career of an artist that he greatly respects and admires.

Does Yeonmi Park Intimidate The North Korean Leadership?

Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector who left the country as a teenager, but she has not kept silent about the life she led while she lived in North Korea. No one in the world can properly imagine how terrible it is to live in North Korea, but Yeonmi has started speaking out about her experiences. The North Korean experience is a terror wrapped in a mystery, but Yeonmi is pulling back the veil with her speeches, videos, podcasts and campaign.

#1: The North Korean Leadership Fears Her

The North Korean leadership fears the truth, and Yeonmi speaks on youtube about the truth every time she is featured. Her book is nothing but the truth about what it means to escape North Korea, and her speeches continue to make the North Korean leadership nervous. Other dissidents have been assassinated in the past, and North Korea spends quite a lot of energy trying to discredit her.

#2: Would North Korea Make An Attempt On Her Life?

North Korea is not above making an attempt on the life of Yeonmi Park, but they have no tried yet. Security measures around the world have gotten stronger over the years, and the last assassination was back in 1997.

#3: North Korea Shouts Back

North Korea spends a lot of time shouting back at Yeonmi, and the energy that North Korea puts into discrediting Yeonmi makes her argument that much stronger. A country that is scared by a small young lady is a country with something to hide, and the world knows that North Korea is retreating into an ever deeper hole that they cannot escape from. This is an indication that Yeonmi is incredibly good at what she does.

#4: Spreading The Word

Spreading the word about North Korea is easy for Yeonmi, and the North Korean people are being held back by a government that seeks to conceal the truth. The truth about the North Korean dictatorship is spreading slowly because of work done by people like Yeonmi, but she has the highest profile in the world out of all the people who are speaking out. There are many white people around the world that are fighting against North Korea, but there are only a few Koreans who are brave enough to spread the word.

Yeonmi Park is a master of spreading information about the people of North Korea who suffer to this very day. She knows the suffering that she left, and the people that she is trying to save will be forever in her debt because she has made something special out of her life. Her words make a difference in the world today, and the people that are suffering the most will be saved because Yeonmi is brave in the face of a government that seeks to silence her.


Social media has become an active and influential communication tool over the last few years. There are literary hundreds of new social media sites being rolled out by web developers every day. The prevalence of mobile communication gadgets makes it possible for users to download and register on limitless sites.

Step forward Skout. A social media application that facilitates the interaction of users all around the world. The Skout Company developed and programmed this platform in 14 languages and now boasts of a user profile from 180 countries. The Skout website operates more or less like a typical social media site where a user signs up and provides their bio-data. A user also provides accurate customization information such as personal tastes and preferences used in searching for friends with common interests. Skout automatically links with a user’s facebook and email account.The Skout mobile application is available on App Store and Google Play.

The site Skout is designed to connect people from all parts of the world. It recently received an added travel feature that uses Gps to unite tourists and adventure seekers in an area. The travel feature has elevated the popularity and client rating of the app with a cool 10 million members signed up in a year. The travel feature helps users to take a virtual excursion to a site of interest through Gps before an actual visit is set up. The custom Skout screen displays users in proximity to the account holder’s area or users with similar interests.

Skout is now one of the fastest growing social media application in the world. Like all other social media, applications is widely being used by teenagers and young adults. A close social examination reveals that teenage years are that period of self-development. Social relationships continue to grow, and Skout has therefore become a platform for expanding social circles. A significant percentage of teenagers are users on Skout. However, parents are less likely to lose sleep over their children’s indulgence in the app since its rated one of the safest dating sites for teens.

The growth of social media has led to the erosion of some fundamental values, norms, and etiquette. Globalization and the influence of celebrities take the blame for it. The developers of Skout have laid down the law and discouraged anti-social behavior by banning the sharing of graphic, nude or semi-nude images. The site also profiles, groups and places users in respective age groups. Teenage users have their circles while adults in their late twenties have autonomous circles. Ideas and the general context of information, therefore, remain within a peer group.

The company just recently launched another exciting app known as Fuse. It allows users to create their social circles with an insider network. The new app is also gaining popularity with about 1.5 million users registered per month.

How Skout Makes Users Love Its Website

There is one very important issue that one needs to look at when it comes to creating a website or a program that is successful. That issue is whether or not the customer enjoys the site. For experts, the problem is an easy one to fix. However, it is understandable how many website owners could have a problem in this area.  So one has to wonder how sites like Skout manage to create an enjoyable experience for the user.

One thing that Skout focuses on is not just on how to get people to their site, but also how to get the visitors through their site. Some sites offer a tour for the visitor so that he could get a feel for the site and know where to go for the different types of information that he is looking for. There is also the site map that the webmaster could offer that would help people figure out the site. This will help the user learn how to work the website in a way that benefits him.

There are tools tha

Skout to Launch New App Fuse

Skout is a social networking application that has been in developed for the better of the past three years. Though the app isn’t a house hold name yet, on the same wave length as something like Facebook or Instagram, it is still shaking up the foundation for users who love to socially connect on the digital platforms. At the time of this writing Skout has already connected over 500 million people in almost 200 countries. The app itself is almost misleadingly simple but it attacks a niche that has been surprisingly ignored by other developers: connecting strangers to one another. Creating friendships is harder the older you get so it was nice to see the people at Skout take a swing at the task.

What is Skout?
Skout on huffingtonpost is also the name of the company behind the popular app. The company was founded in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Nik Lindstrom. A few years later their self titled app got some serious investment cash flow and this allowed them to push the app on a whole new level. We quickly saw Wiklund and Lindstrom hire developers to gear up the release of their app. Before long it hit the market and has since been growing.

Skout is a simple iOS app that is completely free to download. It initially started out on the internet but transitioned over to mobile usage, presumably so that it didn’t compete with Facebook and Twitter and the like. The app is made profitable by in app purchases as well as customer engagement through advertisements. Users can perform various actions on the app and it requires them to use their ‘points’. Not unlike ‘gems’ or what have you in game apps, these points are made with the intent to get users to keep on purchasing them to do more activities.

Registration on Skout is easy as you have the option to link to your Facebook account. Once inside of Skout all you need to know are a few basic engagement techniques. The home page is grid after grid of online profiles with their pictures displayed which makes the aesthetic very easy on the eyes. You tap a users profile image in order to bring up a list of options and from there you can begin to create actual relationships. The goal here is to contact people you never would have otherwise and to start propagating real fruitful friendships and relationships.

Skout to launch Fuse.
Fuse is a change of pace from the relative anonymity that the Skout app offers. This app works via your cell phone contact list and it cannot be used unless you know the phone number of the person you want to contact. Fuse is like a mixture of conventional texting, group chatting, and Snapchatting. You create a message or take a picture and then set a ‘time limit’ on it.

Covered in Lime Crime

While watching a burlesque show the other evening, I noticed something a bit different about the host. Her lipstick was extremely glittery. It was addicting to look at, I almost couldn’t look away. It was as if every word she said was magic and I watched her lips shimmer through her stories. Throughout the entire show, her lipstick stayed on point. It didn’t get on her teeth, smear all over her face, or appear to wipe off on the microphone. Even when she drank from her glass, there was no residue left to suggest that her lips were anything less than glitter perfection. I knew I needed this lipstick.

As it turns out, she purchased this from Lime Crime, an online based company on urbanoutfitters.com that is completely animal cruelty free. They don’t make their products from animals, and their company does not use any animals for testing. So, not only was their lipstick perfect enough to last a burlesque host an entire evening, but it was from a morally ethical company as well. So I was now officially convinced, I needed these lipsticks in my own personal collection.

Lime Crime advertise themselves as make-up for unicorns, and I can only imagine that this is because their product is purely magic. I definitely went to this page for their lipsticks, but ended up buying their eye care products as well. Mixing their Carousel Gloss lipgloss with the Zodiac Glitter is like a dream come true. I felt like I was a Lisa Frank art work for adults.

So far, I’ve used these products on a few late-nights out with my lady friends. True to my expectations, both the lip gloss and the eye glitter made it until I came home. When I saw “made it” I don’t mean that I came home with creases in my eye shadow and the inner of my lips bare from ware throughout the day, I mean I came home looking flawless, as if I was ready to head back out on the town again. I was pleasantly surprised, and knew that this was something special.

Even after investing the CEO of the company, I was even more convinced. Turns out, the owner is a female, which is rare in the cosmetic industry. She supports small business that want to move up in the world and sets an example for all the younger fashionistas to follow within her very successful footprints. Clearly, that burlesque host had some great tastes for cosmetics.

Finding A Successful Lawyer In Brazil

There is one basic question that you need answer for about your legal case in Brazil. Why a good, reliable lawyer? Well, a reliable lawyer is essential because he or she can handle your case well. According to a report, only 1 out of 5 cases in Brazil is handled by the right lawyer. Now, you generally have a choice between leaving your case in the hands of someone who offers law service for too good to be true price versus having a lawyer with great credentials by your side. Which path do you choose after knowing the above fact?

Selecting the right lawyer is in fact the best investment that will last a lifetime. But before selecting, you need to position yourself carefully so you have many options. This means, you need to know how well the lawyer has dealt with cases in the past and his or her credibility. You also need to make sure that the lawyer is not far from handling your case type. Successful lawyers have the ability to score high among the clients. They anticipate problems before they arise and take preemptive steps to avoid them. This can be identified during your initial consultation with the lawyer. They also take the time to think through the case. A successful lawyer is all about managing good relationship with you or other clients. If you don’t think you can handle a particular lawyer in terms of discussion, you shouldn’t select the lawyer in the first place.

You will want to know more about his credentials. How will the lawyer react when your case isn’t going as well as expected? An optimist will believe in the law and keep going, while a pessimist may close the book. Successful lawyers are those professionals who can deal with winnings, disappointments and setbacks equally. One best example of such a lawyer in corporate world is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He has won many awards and accolades for his impeccable service in litigation law. His clients are mainly corporations, multi-national companies, celebrities, politicians and other notable figures. Finally, a successful lawyer is well organized, possess the gift of greatness and will not overlook even the minor details of your case.

Use the above tips to assess a lawyer’s own capabilities. Identify the area in which they excel and pinpoint the one that they are strong in. Learn their traits and special skills. They are usually in a position to understand that their clients are looking to them for answers and direction.

Hedge Fund Managers Are Studying The New South African Investment Regulations

Most investors have been cautious of the South African hedge fund market because it has been an unregulated market. Citadel LLC has been studying the South African economy for years, and the company now believes that the new legislation that the South African government has put in place will open that market to investors that are considered retail investors. Citadel is not a retail investor, but thanks to founder Ken Griffin, the company keeps a close eye on all prospective investors. The new South African regulations are designed to protect and even grow value in a weak economy like the economic conditions that exist in South Africa today.

Mr. Griffin is an expert in high-risk investments, and the assets in South Africa have always been very high-risk investments. Griffin says many investors including Citadel have been waiting for the new legislation to be finalized. Once the new law is in place and is running smoothly, hedge funds will fall under the Collective Investment Schemes Act, and that would classify hedge funds as a type of unit trust. The South African market has several unit trusts like fixed-income unit trusts, money-market unit trusts, property unit trusts and equity unit trusts, and before the new legislation was passed hedge funds were in a different category of investments. Now that the legislation is passed, hedge funds will be able to follow all types of investments such as short/long equity investments as well as a variety of other hedge fund strategies, according to Citadel managers that focus on the South African market. That’s good news for hedge fund managers because the South African stock market is in the sixth year of a bull market.

The South Africa unit trusts protect investors from market corrections, and that has never been available before. The unit trust industry has more than R$1 trillion assets under management, and the hedge fund market is a small portion of that figure. Griffin estimates the hedge fund part of those assets is around R$55 billion. Citadel managers think the new regulations will increase the demand for South African hedge funds because retail investors can play an active role in the funds, and the risk factor is much lower. Institutional investors like Citadel were the prime investors in South Africa, but now that other hedge funds can participate they have 12 months to comply with the new regulations. That means more investors will get involved in South African investing even though the country is facing a recession.

There’s no doubt that local hedge funds will try to combat the vacillating fees and minimum investment rules by using liquidity and pricing strategies, transparent fee structures, and different retail offerings that have lower entry minimums. Overall, South African investments offer hedge fund managers a lot of profit opportunities thanks to a stable government, increasing export trade and slight economic growth, according to Citadel managers.